Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Royally Waiting Wednesday

Good morning, Peeps, and happy Wednesday! How's your week going? Wayne and I are empty nesters this week while Alise is away at church camp (and, of course, Stephanie is out of the country!). I don't even feel bad with saying that we're enjoying some much needed togetherness. Here's a little bit of randomness for you this week! 


I finished Beatriz Williams' book, A Hundred Summers, and loved it so much that I friended her on Facebook. Stalking much? Ha! But I highly suggest this book for summer! It's been my favorite one so far! You may remember that I also read, Along The Infinite Sea by her, too, and I recommend it as well! I'm nearly finished with All The Best People and I'm enjoying it. My summer reading list is HERE


This past Sunday night, I tried a new recipe and we loved it! The sauce is so yummy and even Wayne commented that the broccoli tasted really good and he doesn't even like broccoli! Win, win for Mama! 

And, ya know! Since yesterday was #TacoTuesday, we enjoyed our share of them last night. Together. With no kids. 


So I thought, ok. Since he liked the broccoli and since Father's Day is coming up this weekend, I'll try THIS recipe and he won't have to cook! What are your plans for the weekend? Wayne has never been big about Father's Day or his birthday (that's coming up next month). He always says as long as he has his girls, his day is made. And since his own dad passed away 19 years ago this year, we usually have a low-key Sunday that day and just spend time together as a family. 


We went to see "The Mummy" and let me just say, don't waste your time or money. I can't believe that Tom Cruise would even star in something so ridiculous!  And to think that we were worried about taking Alise to let her see it because she is scared of EVERYTHING!  So it was no surprise that Wonder Woman beat out The Mummy this past weekend at the box office! We loved WW and we're even trying to schedule some time to see it again! I have to say that seeing movies as a family (now that Alise is older) makes me smile. 


I have to admit that I'm feeling a little lost lately. To go from a family of four back to a family of three is a little surreal. My phone doesn't ring as much and our gas and grocery bills are cheaper. My house is somewhat neater. I have a little more free time on my hands, and honestly, I'm at a loss about what to do! So I've been filling up this emptiness with more pool time, reading, and walking in the evenings. I'll update about Stephanie soon, but I will say that we mailed her a small package this week and the postage was $33! I think my UPS man nearly died when he paid for it at the post office. 


Last summer while Alise was at camp (and Steph was somewhere?), I guess I kinda started a tradition of an at-home date night with appetizers. I say, "kinda," because I had completely forgotten about it, until Wayne asked me while we were packing up Alise, "Are we gonna have the appetizier night like we did last year when the kids were gone?" And that reminded me that last year, we really didn't want to go out to a restaurant, so I made the executive decision to make a few of Wayne's favorite apps and we had an evening by the pool. So I'm gonna try and keep that tradition going this week as we "celebrate" a no-kids week! 


A few weeks ago when I made peach bellinis for the girls, I used this white wine. The recipe didn't require the entire bottle, so I finished it a few days later (there was only like a glass left!). It's cheap wine and if you like the bubbly, and enjoy sitting outside in the summer evenings, then I recommend it. It's light and crisp and goes well with a charcuterie board and fruit.


I "snuck" to Ulta this week without the girls because I needed to replenish some of my staple products. I can't take the girls in that store because they break the bank! MY bank! So anyway, I decided to treat myself to a new nail polish because I've decided to give my nails a break from gel polish this summer. I chose Essie's Ballet Slippers for a light, sheer color. 


I have fallen in love with Kate and her page, The Small Things Blog, and probably even more so with her Instagram snaps.  She is SO funny! I have no idea how I even found her blog, but she is so real and personable and at the very least, makes me smile every day! But there are definitely more days of laughter. Go check her out and follow her on IG! 


I didn't grocery shop this week because I knew I wouldn't be cooking. However, I need to stop by the store to grab a few things and here's what's on my list: velveeta, rotel tomatoes, crescent rolls, bread, and spinach artichoke dip. I'm serious. Cheese and tomatoes because I had leftover chicken from Sunday night and I was going to throw together a cheesy chicken spaghetti casserole and freeze it (didn't want to waste the chicken!); crescent rolls for pigs in a blanket for Wayne (yuck!); bread, because we can't even make a sandwich at our house right now, and SA dip just because I was craving it! Just keeping it real, y'all.

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  1. Oh how I like my bubbly and some peach Bellinis. I'm going to look for that! So I was really sad to see my Tommy was in a movie like that but we thought we give it a whirl but after my sweet sistas recommendation it's a no go, thanks for saving me 50 bucks at the movie theater sister, ha ha! Love you!

    1. If you just HAVE to see The Mummy, I would definitely wait for Red Box, Netflix, whatever. You could use that $50 bucks shopping, couldn't you?!

  2. I have been killing some SA dip. My favorite is Publix....super yummy! I areas that book last summer and LOVED it so much! I will have to check out the other one you mentioned. Enjoy your sweet week with your man in uniform! Xo

  3. I am going to have to add that book to my must read pile. I have seen it pop up on my Amazon recommendations. The appetizer night sounds like the perfect at-home date night. My husband would love that. Have a great day!

  4. As soon as I finish this bootcamp I'm on we are definitely having appetizer night and it just may carry over into the fall when Ms. Katie goes back to school. I just love that idea almost as much as I love appetizers. You know, I used to be one of the biggest Tom Cruise fans out there, but I just think he's a FREAK these days and can't even stomach him. Love all your randomness!!!

    1. Tom Cruise is a freak and I blame those two and a half hours of my life that I will never get back on Wayne!

  5. Mmm I love apps. They're my fave; I'll just come over. I love that you have admitted to stalking people; I do the exact same thing! Haha

  6. Ok I'm going to be a total copycat and make that same Father's Day dinner- We love flank steak, and that sounds delicious (and easy!) Thanks for sharing! Appetizer night should happen at least once a month! :)

    1. We're definitely having the flank steak for Father's Day! Let me know how yours turns out!

  7. I have seen these books on so many lists...I need to try this author! That flank steak looks so yummy. Those are my fave meals. Send some of your free time my way if you get too bored!!

  8. Such an enjoyable post! Those times alone are quite refeshing when kids are still at home, and it's good for them to have camp experiences as well. Happy rest of the week!

  9. Well thanks so much for telling me not to see the latest Tom Cruise movie. I am really interested in Wonder Woman and can't wait to see that one!