Thursday, May 25, 2017

My Favorite Top 10 1980's TV Comedies

Last week, I read on social media that the TV sitcom, Roseanne, was making a comeback and I got to thinking.  First of all, Roseanne was never a favorite TV show of mine. Secondly, a blog post was born when I got to thinking about all the "good, ole" 80's comedies that I loved to watch while growing up in the 1980's. I've been telling y'all that I'm an 80's girl and so here's proof! Today I'm sharing my top 10 favorite 80's TV comedies - along with some memories! - in no particular order. Here we go!

One. Tuesday nights. 7:30.  If you missed cute Kirk Cameron in Growing Pains, you were stupid. That's all there was to it! EVERY girl in my school was in love with Kirk Cameron. True story: I had a poster on my bedroom door {because my mama wouldn't let me hang posters on my walls!} of Kirk rockin' a black leather jacket and pants. He was the second movie star that I ever wrote a fan letter to.  Ricky Schroder was the first (remember the show, Silver Spoons?). 

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Two. Facts of Life. Blair and Jo. Tootie and Natalie. And later on, George Clooney in the flesh! Loved the theme song..."Ya take the good, ya take the bad, and there ya have the facts of life!  The facts of life!"

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Three. Do y'all remember the brick that Zack carried around on Saved By The Bell? Remember it had an antenna? We've come a long way in cell phones since those days, haven't we peeps?

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Four. The Cosby Show actually reminds me more of my best high school friend than anything.  I liked the show, but Carrie was a DIE-HARD Cosby fan.  You couldn't even call her (on a land line!) from 7 to 7:30 on Thursday nights, because she wouldn't even answer the phone. Everyone knew not to bother her during Cosby. 

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Five. I, on the other hand, was more of a Family Ties fan on Thursday nights and everyone knew not to bother me from 7:30 to 8:00 on that night! Alex P. Keaton. He was a mess!  Such a prep, but we loved him!

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Six. In case y'all ever wondered, I'm more like Suzanne Sugarbaker.  This was probably my first "grown up" TV show to watch and I didn't really get interested in it until all the controversy about Delta Burke's weight hit the tabloids. I always thought she was so beautiful. 

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Seven.  Which leads me to this show.  I got hooked on the Golden Girls because of my grandparents.  They only had four channels where they lived and when we would go visit, there would be nothing else to watch on Saturday nights. True story: My grandmother loved what is now called WCW Wrestling.  It would come on after the news on Saturday nights and I would stay up and watch it with her.  Crazy! I miss her.

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Eight.  Who's The Boss was my mom's favorite show and we never missed it on Tuesday nights. I can still remember Michael and I curled up on the couch with her. The supper dishes waited until the show was over. She loved the dynamic between Angela and Tony and I loved to hear her laugh. 

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Nine. Seinfeld. Enough said.

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Ten. The Wonder Years. Kevin and Winnie. This show made me want to kiss a boy!

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So let's take a ride down memory lane, Peeps!  What shows am I missing? What are some of YOUR favorite comedies from the 1980's? I would love to hear about them in the comments!