Friday, December 09, 2016

Velvet Crush

A little over a month ago, Jennifer and I went to Mistletoe Market and we saw crushed velvet everywhere!  What can I say? I'm a fan!  I ended up buying a blouse that I am forever in love with.  Hoping to show it to you soon.  In the meantime, here are a few velvet finds that I'm hearting!

Is this blouse fine or what? Would love to have this and pair with my faux leather leggings for a date night! So holiday-ish, too!

Y'all know how I feel about dresses and tunics with leggings!  I could so see myself sporting this dress to work! Or even to a Christmas party minus the leggings and add a cute pair of heels! Target has a similar skater dress right now in black velvet, if you're interested!

Look at these shoes, y'all!  Too cute and too fun! Love them styled with the cut-off jeans!

And speaking of velvet shoes, look at these babies!  Ha!  My favorite color, but I wouldn't step out of the house in these.  Would you?

And, of course, one could never go wrong with a velvet robe, right?  Hey Santa!

It's no secret that I'm a fan of the chokers this season! Swoon!

I totally think the '80's blazer is making a come back, y'all!  I've seen them in quite a few store this season.  I'm loving this black velvet blazer with the tie front. So me!  Reminds me of my preppy days!

And speaking of jackets, I have a similar barn-style jacket as the one below that I've had for years from J.Jill.  I've been sporting it a lot lately to work with the cooler mornings, but I think I'm about to have to trade it in for my wool coat.  Winter has finally hit Louisiana!

Happy Friday, Loves!  More B-Ball and getting the rest of the house decorated for a girls party next week are on the agenda for the weekend! I'm also craving a big bowl of soup since the weather had gotten much colder here. Just haven't decided yet what kind to make! Hope you have a good one!

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Currently ~ December 2016

Hey, Friends!  I know!  It's been a while! I totally suck this Christmas season. Life is speeding by and I can barely hang on!

Today I'm linking up with Anne to share what I'm "Currently" up to. For those of you that hang out with me in IG and SC world, we'll, consider yourselves fortunate!  Ha! If you want to call it that! I simply have not had time to blog or even read my favorite blogs lately. Alise swipes the laptap as soon as she's finished with homework to go off to play with her "gamer" friends and it's like pulling teeth to get it back from her!  It is MY computer though!  Geesh! By the time she goes to bed and I recover what's mine, I'm simply too tired to post anything.  So I go to bed.  Sorry, but it's the truth. Here's what we're currently doing:

doing// I lost a filling this weekend and due to the changes in the weather, my teeth have become whaaay over-sensitive.  I mean, to the point where I'm popping ibuprofen. I called the dentist on Monday, but since I was behind on my cleaning, they would not see me to fix the filling. Can you say, TICKED OFF!! And we have great dental insurance, too! So anyway. I would rather take a beating - or a Xanax - before going to the dentist, and what this actually has to do with "doing," I have no idea!

enjoying// I'm enjoying what little Christmas decor I have up this year! I have yet to finish! And a part of me feels bad about that and then another part of me is like, whatevah!

Not the best picture of our tree - my topper looks so tiny and it's actually nice and BIG, of course - but I snapped it one night after everyone had gone to bed and I was enjoying a glass of wine and the warm fire. My favorite evenings are in front of the fire with only the Christmas tree. But back to the decorating.  I have a party at my house in a few weeks, so I better get my hostess with the hostess mojo on soon! Lights have been a real issue for us this year. Half the lights on the house didn't work and my outdoor tomato cage trees didn't light up this year, either. Gotta get all that fixed ASAP!

cooking// Well, I certainly didn't cook our turkey and dressing for Thanksgiving and it was a total flop! Not that I would ever even cook turkey and dressing to begin with, but I wanted to give my mom the year off, so I ordered it from a local catering business. Horrible!  Absolutely horrible. Never again. Threw out both the turkey and the dressing the next day! Money wasted. But what I AM cooking these days are lots of sweets! I made a chocolate cake, and as if THAT wasn't enough chocolate, Wayne and Alise begged for some brownies, too. I'm trying to keep our meals simple and easy during the holidays so not to add anymore stress with our schedule. We're sticking to our family favorites and eating out of the freezer as well. Hoping to getting around to some holiday baking though, soon!

wrapping// A few weeks ago, I shared a post about some Christmas ideas for tweens and twenty-somethings and made it into a little contest!  I am happy to announce that the WINNER is AMY HORTON!!  No relation to Amy that I know of, but all Horton's are winners in my book!  Amy, send me an email with your address and I'll send your happy out this week! Since that post, I have found even more great ideas, so I may decide to write another post with gift giving ideas soon. Stay tuned. And to answer the prompt, I may just be wrapping some of those gift ideas up for Santa for my girls. Thank goodness Santa doesn't do fancy-shmancy wrapping for Christmas morning!

playing// One word: basketball. Can't get enough of these ballers!  Alise had her first two games this past Saturday and I snagged this picture when she got substituted for a break!

Seeing this made me cry! Not many little girls can say that their coach is their dad, too! They won both their games and it was pretty exciting to watch! On Sunday, we traveled to Northwestern State University to watch Steph put up some blocks and points, too. Unfortunately, the team lost by two measly points! The referees were absolutely horrible!  The good thing about the day, though, was that I got some Natchitoches Meat Pies!  Yummy!  Dani's mom and cousin made the trip with us to surprise her! I was absolutely exhausted from the weekend of being a baller mom!

So that's pretty much what we've been up to these days!

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Asking For Your Vote

We found out late yesterday that Steph has been selected as a candidate for D1 Women's Basketball Hero Of The Week and we couldn't be happier for her! If you only knew how much this meant to us and how far our girl has come! God is doing amazing things in her life right now and I hope that one day soon I will be able to share some of them with you.

In the mean time, as a favor to me, could you please spare a few seconds and vote for our girl for Hero Of The Week? It would mean so much!

Click HERE to vote! Scroll to the bottom and her name is last. You can only vote once.

Thanks so much, Friends!

Three Things

A few weeks ago, Kelly borrowed an idea and posted three things about each of her family members. I thought it was such a great idea - although I feel like y'all already know everything because I'm a "sharer" - what can I say? - and so I thought about doing it myself and trying to come up with something new that maybe you haven't read about or didn't know about them.  Here goes:


1.  Alise is a closet gamer. I didn't even know what a "gamer" was until she told me recently. She loves to play video games with several friends from school and her cousins in Alabama in her spare time. They face time each other while they're playing the video games. But she has totally outgrown the Mind Craft phase.

2.  She is letting her bangs grow out. Probably one of the worst decisions I ever made was giving Alise bangs, but her hair line was just a mess when she was a baby and it just seemed like the right thing to do at the time. With cheer, she has to have all her hair off her face so we've been growing out her bangs since this summer and they are finally long enough to tuck behind her ear. When her hair is straight and tucked behind her ear, I think she looks beautiful! Of course, I think she always looks beautiful, but sometimes she just looks beautifuler! Ha!

3. Alise hates to wear jeans. They aren't comfortable to her and God forbid she wear a dress to school! So she wears leggings most every day with shirts that cover her boo-tay so she doesn't get sent home. I don't know what we're going to do this Spring, but for right now, I've invested in leggings for winter.


1. Stephanie drinks an AWFUL lot of water! I swear she's a camel re-incarnate! Ha! I'm sure she appreciates that. She doesn't drink soft drinks or carbonated things like that. She has tried and tried to get me on her water bandwagon, but I keep falling off. 

2. Probably the most surprising thing about Steph is that she really is a girly girl, but you would never know it. The whole athletic look she has going on 99.9% of the time kills this southern mama's soul, but I get it. I mean, she's an athlete, but I love it when she dresses up. She loves make-up and products and jewelry and has expensive tastes just like her mama! Her favorite store is Pink, just like her favorite color. 

3. Steph is definitely a dog person!  She loves all animals, loves going to zoos, that kind of thing. She dog sits for some of her friends that are on the football team on the weekends when they are out of town. So if any of you were wondering what that pink mohawked dog was doing with Jack on my SC a few weeks ago, that was a football player's dog and he was "pinked out" for breast cancer awareness, supposedly.


1. Wayne is always busy.  The man never stops. He is always piddling or doing something around the house or running to Home Depot or coaching basketball practice or doing something for somebody else.  He is like the pink Energizer bunny. The only time he is still, is when Alabama football is on. And even then, his phone is dinging off the hook because nobody ever lets us watch in peace.

2. Wayne likes his sweet tea!  He comes in second place, just right after Uncle Si when it comes to sweat tea drinking!  I refuse to let him carry around a Tupperware cup, though. Wayne drinks his tea from Alabama game cups that we've acquired through the years.

3. Just recently, Wayne had to start wearing dollar store reading glasses. It kills his soul.  The man had perfect vision until he turned about 45. Luckily, he hasn't had to have actual prescription reading glasses. Every time he wears them and I look over at him, sitting in his recliner with them on, I think he looks just like his dad did. And I always have a pair of his cheap glasses in my purse for when we go out because he can't read the menu. My poor man!


1.  I don't eat shrimp.  I may have told y'all already.  But I love a good crab cake with hollandaise sauce.  Yummy! And when it comes to steaks, I think Wayne grills the absolute best! I'd rather eat a steak at home than go out to eat one.

2.  I'm already planning my birthday in January. Eek!

3. I wear a sleep mask to bed every night and if we go out of town, I have to have my favorite pillow. Recently, Jack has become obsessed with my sleep mask.  I usually keep it on the table beside my bed, but he began jumping up on the bed and getting it and ripping it to shreds! Bad dog! So now I have to remind myself to put it in the drawer every morning. I can't sleep without my sleep mask!

So tell me something about yourself in the comments.  I would love to get to know my readers! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What's Up Wednesday ~ November 2016 Edition

Wow!  I haven't posted since the week before Thanksgiving! What the what?! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and got to spend quality time with those that they love. We had a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving filled with not-so-good food {more on that in another post!}, lots of naps, Christmas decorating, and Gilmore Girls. My parents came over for the day, but my dad wasn't feeling that great because he was still recovering from a sickness earlier in the week. Steph was out of town with her Dad, visiting her aunt, and she was greatly missed.

What we're eating this week... We're eating Slow Cooker Salisbury Steak - my fav! - with mashed potatoes. Total southern comfort food. I also see a chocolate cake in our future. I'm having a taco bar later in the week for Steph and her team mates. Alise has requested fettuccine alfredo, so I'll be making that for her, and that pretty much sums up our menu!

What I'm reminiscing about...These Girlies! It has been a year since we attended our first ULM ladies basketball game and was introduced to these two beauties. I had no idea how much my life was going to change that day! What started out as Dani and I having a close friendship transitioned into becoming the mother to a girl that I seriously can't imagine my life without. The two of them have taught me so much about basketball {of course!}, about friendship and loyalty, and how much the world has changed since I was in college {Smile.}.

And then, of course, there's my other baller. My Baby. Oh, how I miss those days when she "believed." Christmas was so much more fun then.  Enjoy playing Santa with your babies!

What I'm loving...Honestly, I'm just loving life right now. This nine weeks for Alise has been so much more relaxed and I am especially thankful for that!

What we've been up too...It's basketball season. And it's hard having two girls that play both sports and trying to make games and practices. Normally Alise has practice when Steph has a game on Tuesday nights. I made the ultimate mom mistake and promised Steph we would attend an important upcoming game, and then we got Alise's schedule, and now we won't be able to. Her feelings were a little hurt, but she understood. We traveled to Thibodeax, Louisiana, a few weeks ago to see the college girls play and we took Steph's dad with us. Unfortunately, it wasn't a good game for Baby Girl, but she bounced back against LSUA with a double-double {I just recently learned what that was}!

What I'm dreading...Wrapping all those Christmas presents!  Santa wraps at our house! Always has and unfortunately always will.

What I'm working on...Our family Christmas photo. My Nikon died and needs $198 worth of surgery. It is so old that Wayne and I decided to just buy another one, which we haven't done yet. So...not exactly sure I will even be sending cards this year.  I may decide to make a donation to a local charity in lieu of cards.

What I'm excited about...I'm just excited about spending time with my friends and family for Christmas. We have a few parties on our social calendar, but for the most part, we'll be home for the holidays.

What I'm watching/reading/listening to...I finished, A Certain Age, by Beatriz Williams and although I enjoyed the story line, I didn't care for the flow or the way it was written.  If the Roaring 20's aren't you're thing, you're better off skipping it. After that, I was craving some holiday reading, so I started with The Baxter Family Christmas by Karen Kingsbury.  It was an easy read, but keep the kleenex handy! Next I read, The Mistletoe Secret by Richard Paul Evans and it was cute. I decided to take a break from holiday reading and started Liked by Kari Kampakis after the book started popping up in my IG feed. I want to read it and then give it to my girls to read. And...I've been listening to the Holly channel on XM radio since November 1st. Wayne and I watched the first episode of "Crown" on Netflix and we're also watching Lady Mary Crowley in "Good Behavior," but good she is NOT, y'all! Alise wanted to stay up until 3AM to watch the new series of "Gilmore Girls" {surely you've heard about it, right?}, but I couldn't do it.  We watched the Winter episode around 10 o'clock on Black Friday.

What I'm wearing...Spent some time boutique shopping this month and grabbed a new leopard kimono and a great floral dress. Also bought myself a new, reversible tote that even the Big Girl likes! That's shocking! I've also found some great dresses at Target lately! I've bought three! Leggings, leggings, and more leggings.  They're my jam this time of year.

I recently wore this outfit during the week of Thanksgiving.  My besties and I were suppose to go out to dinner to celebrate a birthday, but two out of the four got sick. So....When I called Wayne to tell him that I would be home for the evening after all, he insisted that we keep the reservation and go out for the evening anyway. My man is the best!

What I'm doing this weekend...Putting up the last few touches of Christmas decorations. Alise has her first basketball game on Saturday and I am oh-so hoping that Big Sister will be able to attend! If ever there was any animosity regarding the girls, it's now during season because Alise feels like we watch Steph more than her. I get that, but Alise doesn't have as many games as her Big Sis, either. Having said that, we will travel to Natchitoches, Louisiana, {Steel Magnolias!  Eek!} to see Steph play on Sunday. Unfortunately, it will probably be our last road trip for her because from now on, her games are more than one day driving distances.

What I'm looking forward to next month...Christmas!!  Of course!

What else is new...Alise told me over Thanksgiving break that she doesn't want to cheer next year. Sigh. And I know why. Poor girl is tired! This Mama is tired, too, with all the running around that's involved. I'm fine if this is truly something she wants to do and not someone else convincing her to not do it. I want it to be her decision.

And that's about all that's going on in our world right now! How is your's?