Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Favorites: Posts

Hello Friends!

How was your Valentine's Day?

Remember all the stuff I said about staying home and celebrating as a family? Whell....I might have changed my mind when I saw the PWAT Vday option pop up on my FB feed`. And so, we DID still celebrate as a family, and stuffed ourselves with tacos since, of course, it was Taco Tuesday, but the girls and I also enjoyed a fun night of painting, too!

This Friday, I've decided to re-share some of my favorite posts so far this year. Maybe you've read them already; maybe you haven't; and maybe you really don't want to and that's okay, too. I simply haven't had time this week to pull together a list of favorites, other than the fact that my family will always be my #1!


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My Loves

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Loves

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all and welcome to Show & Tell. Today's topic is to reintroduce you to my loves.  Y'all already know that I share alot about our family life here and so I find myself really at a loss to tell you more about the three most important people in my life. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I'm not sure. In case you missed it, though, you can check out a post I wrote recently highlighting three things about Wayne and the girls. And so now on to why I love them.

The love of my life. This man treats me like a queen and I know there isn't anything in this world he wouldn't do for me. He has been my rock through out our {almost!} twenty-two year marriage and can read me like a book. We definitely complement each other: he's the extrovert and I like to stick to myself. I am at my happiest when I'm with him and he makes me laugh hysterically. Wayne has never been lazy and has always worked hard and tirelessly so that "his girls" can enjoy the things we like to do. And we won't mention how many ledges he's had to talk me down from. Ha! Love you, Babe!

Forever my Baby Girl. When I was younger, I remember making a list of all the great things my daughter would do one day. She was going to dance and cheer and make good grades. She would have blonde hair and blue eyes and we would be the best of friends. And guess what! All those things came true. This past weekend, we had a "sleep over" and we piled up in my bed and stayed up late watching Gilmore Girls and eating popcorn.  She told me, "Mama, this is the best sleep over ever!"  Night made! Lately, I've been struggling with trying not to just "brush off" the things she shares with me about school or how her friends treat her because I'm busy at the moment. I need to remember to take the time and use these opportunities as talking points with my tween. But I am SO proud of her! Alise really is a great kid and I love her very, very much. Now if we can just make it through middle school!

My second chance. Oh, this girl!  Where do I begin? From the first day I saw her on the court, there has been this bond between us. We both fill voids in each others lives that neither of us ever really knew we had. And twenty-two years to the day almost, I get to be the mom she never had. One word: blessed. Our relationship is hard sometimes for so many reasons, and just like all daughters, she drives me crazy, but we never give up on each other. She is learning the value of family and what it means to put those you love first. Stephanie is a true "Millennial" in every since of the word and not a southern belle  - but I'm working on that part! She will always be my favorite college women's basketball player, my favorite #25, my favorite rebounder and blocker (I can say that because Alise plays a different position!) and I will always be her biggest fan! I love her so, so much! Praying we can make it to college graduation in May!

So these are my peeps, my family, my loves, and I can't wait to celebrate with them today! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day with the ones you love today, too!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Favorites: Valentine Date Night Ideas

Hello, Loves!

I knoooooowwwwww! I've been MIA in Blog Land this week and I do feel like such a failure but I am just so freaking busy and tired. Those gummy vitamins I mentioned last week ain't helping all the drama in my life this week AND I've managed to take them five days in a row #thankyouverymuch. I think I need a gummy xanax instead! 

Sorry to bust the mood so early in my post because this one is for all you romantics out there - including myself! - that hate fighting the Valentine Day crowds at the local restaurants. And granted, yes, you could probably make a reservation at your favorite restaurant and get in and out without any problem, but on this special day, I just like it to be me, my man, and my girls. What normally happens at our house is Wayne and I will celebrate together one weekend during February, but on the 14th, we spend it with our girls. We get them goody bags filled with candy and gift cards and maybe something small that they've been wanting and then we have dinner at home with food that we've ordered and picked up. Later we play games or watch a movie. It's family time together and that's what makes me very happy.

But like I said, I want to have a romantic evening with my husband, too, so today I thought I would share some fun ideas for date night on Valentine's Day for moms and dads.

Make Dinner For Him.  I have to admit. When we were newlyweds, this idea did not appeal to me at all {because I wanted to go out to dinner}, but the longer we've been married, I love this idea more and more.  One year, when Alise was much smaller, I put her to bed early on VDay night, got my Betty Crocker thing going in the kitchen and turned on the satellite radio. I had candles, and wine, and I will never forget the look on Wayne's face when he walked through the door that night. I knew I had pulled off the best VDay surprise! We had spaghetti and slow danced in the kitchen. If you need a little menu inspiration, check out Shay's ideas! And if an Asian flair is more your thing, I found this yummy-looking recipe this week!

Think back. Years ago, my mom had our wedding DVD converted to a CD.  I should really get that from her and watch it with my love. We've done this before on our anniversary - the DVD version - and of course I always end up crying, but it really is a nice chance for the two of you to look back and to remember. And I can't help but always think, too, geez, look how far we've come! We laugh, I cry, and it makes us feel so happy to still be so much in love after all these years!

Relax together. Schedule a couple's massage together! We've had massages together before, but never on VDay.  Call around and see if any spas or massage therapists in your area are offering deals for the day and go relax! We never talk about finances or "household topics" while we're celebrating our day. We also try not to talk about the girls and their lives, either, and just concentrate on the two of us.

Unplug. I hate this one. We never unplug. There. I've said it. But we don't have a problem with our phones when we're together. We're considerate of each other when it's just Wayne and I and we don't answer our phones when it's date night. Having said that, Valentine's Day is pretty darn special and even the ding of an email can be tempting to open when what you really want to do is spend time with your man. Turn your phones off for a few hours.  But if you're like me, and begin to twitch at even the thought of pressing the on/off button, silence your phone instead. For an hour. But only an hour! Ha!

Say I Love You and Mean It. Some people say it and some people don't. Our family says it all the time. Mostly when we're saying good-bye to one another. "Bye! I love you!" Can you imagine if that was the last time you ever got to tell your loves - your family -that you love them? Not to sound morbid or anything, but still. It's Valentine's Day. The Day of Love. Say it and mean it. Better yet, tell them why. I love you because.

And I love y'all!  Thanks for sticking by me. Life is hard right now, but I'm looking forward to Valentine's Day! I hope you are, too!

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Learning To Love The Dream

One of the hardest things I've ever had to come to terms with in my life is learning to love the dreams that God has dreamed for me. Doesn't that sound horrible? How could I possibly not want all that God has planned for me? But there have been so many times in my life when I've simply wanted to do it "my way." I'm not talking about little things.  I'm talking about big things like my career path, my relationships before Wayne, my family, and really, just my life in general. There have been so many times when I have literally agonized over a decision or a situation, and yet I always knew deep in my heart the choice I needed to make. And now, when I look back on all those times, maybe I really do love God's dreams for me after all. His dreams have brought me much more joy and happiness than I ever could have imagined.

As mamas, we have dreams for our daughters, too. Alise was going to dance, she was going to wear big bows in her hair and smocked dresses for the rest of her life. She was going to have blonde hair and blue eyes and she was going to do all the things that I was always too scared to do. And she was going to cheer.

And now she's not.

For some mamas, this is not a big deal. A part of me is relieved actually. This past year has been crazy with all the things that we cheer moms have had to do.  The carpooling back and forth from school to the gym, and back to school, the 6:15 am pep rally calls, the bullying, the lost bows, the right uniform, the no communication, the disappointment on her face, and all the other drama (and money!) that comes with being a cheerleader.  It's been hard and it's been tiring. For both of us.

Learning to love the dream.

It's not about me anymore.  It's about her. It's her dream, her decisions now. So when she told me last week, "Mama, I don't want to cheer next year," my heart fell. Was I disappointed? Yes. Did I cry? Maybe a few tears, but it wasn't a full-blown meltdown like I always thought it would be if this day ever arrived. I have to say, I even surprised myself. I simply said, "Alise, it's your decision. I love you and I want you to be happy. If you're not happy being a cheerleader, then it's time to stop."

Two things.  I never wanted her to keep doing something because she was afraid of disappointing me or her daddy. And I didn't want her to quit anything because one of her friends talked her into it.  I always wanted it to be her decision.

And so it is.

The other part of be is like, ok, been there, done that, now let's move on.

And I will. But it's hard when your dreams for your kids don't come true.

I've always told my girls, "You do you."

And I realize that's just what she's doing.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

First Friday Favorites For February

Hello Friends!  Welcome to Friday!!

It's been a rough week and I am oh-so ready for the weekend! Here are my favorites for this first Friday in February!

Vitafusion Women's Multi-Vitamin// I've never been a vitamin girl - except when I was pregnant. The smell of vitamins make me want to gag. I've also never been a gummy girl. So imagine my own surprise when I decided to try these bad boys! I have been so tired lately and when I mention this to my doctor, the first thing she asks is, Are you taking any vitamins? Really? So I decided to make a change and start taking vitamins and I've been pleasantly surprised by these!  No awful smell or feeling like I have this bad taste in my mouth all day. Can I tell a difference?  It would probably help if I took them consistently {I hate to take medicine, so I have to really work with taking them every day}.

Mrs. Meyer's Foaming Hand Soap// I decided to try something new when I ran out of hand soap in the kitchen. And since I was at Target at the time and didn't want to go to the mall to buy my usual Bath & Body Works brand, I reached for Mrs. Meyer's instead. I've heard of this line of cleaning products, but I've never used them. Gasp!  I know, right? I'm loving it! And I'm a foaming soap kind of girl. My hands just feel cleaner to me than when I use regular hand soap.

Taaka King Cake Vodka// I discovered this flavored vodka recently on the weekend of my birthday. Y'all know I love all things king cake, but I'm not crazy about flavored vodka. Except for this one.  I love it! I won't tell you how many bottles I've bought of this in the last three weeks!  Not for me, but as gifts! One was a hostess gift last weekend when we got together with friends and the other was for a friend's birthday. Okay. I may have bought another bottle for the house, but that's it. I like to mix it with Sprite.

Wendy's Frosties// Last December, we purchased a key chain from Wendy's to get free small frosties during the entire year of 2017. I don't remember how much the key chain was {it wasn't expensive}, but it sure has been nice going through the drive through and getting a free, cool chocolate frosty. And probably explains the reason why I can't lose any weight! Alise is always asking on the way home from town, can we stop and get a FREE frosty? Emphasis on free, of course. I'm not sure if you can still purchase the key chain, but it doesn't hurt to ask next time you're at Wendy's if you love frosties as much as we do!

Super Bowl Sunday// I'm pulling for the Atlanta Falcons for the Super Bowl. All because of one player that is a Bama alum - Julio Jones.  He's a class act, y'all, and the kind of athlete I can believe in. I know all my friends that are Saints fans can't believe I just said I was pulling for the "Dirty Birds," but it is what it is.  Got my menu all planned out and everything! If you're looking for some great menu ideas for the big game, check out my posts HERE and HERE.

So...take your vitamins, wash your hands, don't mix vodka with your frosty, and I hope everyone's favorite team wins the Super Bowl. And that's a wrap for this Friday! Oh, and enjoy your weekend!