Friday, May 22, 2015

5 Things About a Taylor Swift Concert

Before I left work on Tuesday, I reminded my secretary that I would be off on Wednesday to take Alise to Shreveport to see Taylor Swift {Ok. Yeah, I'll admit, I was a little pumped about it, too!}! As I was walking out the door, Diane said, "You know she's kicking off her world tour, too?"  I said, "Yeah, right!  Outta all the cities in the world, she's kicking it off in little ol' Shreveport?"  So I decided to google it when I got home and lo and behold, my secretary was right!  Taylor WAS kicking off her 1989 World Tour in little ol' Shreveport and Baby Girl and I were going to be there to see it!! Unbelievable!!  Rule #1: Never doubt your secretary!  Because even if she would never go to a TS concert herself, she DOES have three triplet granddaughters that are eight years old!

Alise and Claudia in front of Taylor's 18 wheelers behind the Century Link Center (where we had to park).  Not sure why there are so many pallets?

If you've been reading my blog lately, then you know that Wayne bought the tickets over six months ago and we had decided to surprise Alise with them Tuesday night.  Some people have asked why we waited to tell her, so I thought I would explain our reasoning behind the wait. We debated giving the tickets to her at Christmas, but I really didn't want her to have to wait so long for her to enjoy her present.  Then, at the last minute when we decided to surprise her with a puppy at Christmas, we made the decision to give the tickets to her for her birthday because it would be a special "double-digits" present, even though her birthday is actually six days after the concert. I've said before that I couldn't wait to give them to her and nearly caved a few times, but it was SO worth it on Tuesday night!

{one.} Surprise! I wrapped the tickets in a box and put it on the kitchen island in front of the bar stool where she normally sits.  I then took a picture and posted it on Instagram because I wanted to see how long it would take her to see the picture and come running into the kitchen to see who/what the present was.  Alise LIVES on IG so I figured she would be in the kitchen shortly. Would you believe I had to end up calling her into the kitchen for supper and that's when she noticed the gift?!  Long story short, she cried, she screamed, she gave me and her daddy lots of hugs and kisses and "thank you's" and "I love you so much!"  She. was. ecstatic!

One very happy little girl!!  She could not believe she was going to see TS!  I think we all cried that night!

{two.} Go with the one who brought you into this world. After all, I carried her for nine months, didn't I? I like to think I'm a pretty cool concert mom!  I mean, I DID spend thirty minutes in front of the full length mirror trying to decide what to wear!!

I decided on brown, coral, and leopard at the last minute only because Alise wouldn't wear what I had in my mind for her to wear.  I had planned for us to both wear our lace/crocheted skirts and cowboy boots, but she wouldn't have it. Ugh!  And believe it or not, I didn't freeze to death!

See what a great concert mom I am?  I let her wear red lipstick!!  But the highlight of my night was when Alise reached over for my arm during one of the songs and said, "Mommie, thank you so much for bringing me here tonight!"

I asked her this morning, "Alise, did I embarrass you during the concert at all?" And she said, "Well, mom?  You started dancing during "Shake It Off" and it kinda embarrassed me."  Say what?!  And I just thought I needed to work on my "gangsta lips."  Obviously I was going for a kiss pucker up!

{three.} Go with friends. We originally bought four tickets and due to some drama this year at school, we decided to invite a friend that Alise doesn't get to see very often! The girls had a BLAST!

{four.} Listen to Taylor's latest CD no less than two weeks before the big show.  I hate to give too much away because I know some of my readers are planning on going with their girls when Taylor comes to their cities, but please! Whatever you do!  Make sure you get the arm bracelet that they will give you when they scan your ticket at the door!  It's the highlight of the whole show and a very, very AWESOME idea! 

I also can't say enough about the rising and rotation of "the cat walk."  But if you're going to hear her "old tunes," you will be disappointed {like me!}.  She even puts a new twist on my favorite song, "Love Story."  

{five.} One of the reasons I took Alise to the concert was because Taylor seems to be a good role model for girls, and I like that.  When she talked at her concert, she wasn't necessarily inspirational or motivating, but she "talked up" to the crowd. She talked about being a better person, even when bad things happen in our lives.  She said, {and I'm paraphrasing} "that we aren't defined by who people say we are."  She was very grateful to her fans for her recent eight awards and her music video for "Bad Blood" had totally blown away everyone when it debuted earlier in the week, too.  Taylor's outfits were not skimpy, but modest, and she never danced with her male dancers inappropriately.  For me personally, the concert was more about the experience with my {soon-to-be} ten year old daughter.  It was her first concert and I was just excited for her!  Excited that I got to share in her experience to see someone she admires so much for the first time.  When Taylor Swift walked out on stage at 8:30, I thought I was about to lose the hearing in my left ear from Alise's screams.  And I would take her back again in a heartbeat!

And dance to "Shake It Off" again, too!  Because I'm the cool concert mom!!


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Little Bit Of Coral

If Pinterest has done anything for me lately, it's encouraged me to shop my own closet.  And I like that.  I've figured out that if I want to style a particular item in my closet, I just google it on Pinterest to get ideas, keeping in mind what I already have.

I've been stuck on the color coral for a while. The color is so versatille that I can dress it up for the office or style it down for a more casual look.  About a month ago, I picked up a pair of coral ankle pants at Target {Sorry, but I couldn't find them on line}.  There were only two pair left and I knew that if I didn't grab them, I'd never see them again {And speaking of Target, I really hate that I missed the Target and Lilly Pulitzer collaboration a few weeks ago, but someone was on a ship in the Pacific}.

Here are a few pics I liked for Pin-spiration!

Coral pant and white t-shirt summer trend              9 casual work outfits for spring - Page 2 of 9 -                 cute spring outfit for work  We can spot a chanel clutch from a mile off. Those golden studs are set perfectly against the chic tan shade.$159 Want!
            (1)                                                        (2)                                                          (3)

  1. I love this blouse!  When I first saw this look on Pinterest, I thought, I have everything I need to pull this     off. Even though this style is more casual, I have several things in my closet to dress it up and make it "office worthy."
  2. Leopard.  Enough said.
  3. I really like coral and navy together! And I had several pieces in my closet to make this look work for me.
I posted this picture a few weeks ago on Instagram.  It was a casual day for me at the office and my friend, Jennifer, had given me this leopard tunic by Cabi. Because she loves me, I guess.  Ha!  She actually gave me the blouse last Fall and I just never wore it.  Well, shame on me, y'all!  I love the silky feel of this blouse!  It's going to be a very popular piece for me this summer!  I paired it with my coral pixies {although they look orange in the picture} and the look was born! I love it!  Notice my big hair!  The bigger the hair, the closer to God!

Love, love, LOVE me some coral and navy, y'all!  Wayne was my photographer in the rest of these pics, and he was making me laugh oh-so hard!  He is SO silly! I can't believe I got some descent ones, but it was a cloudy day and a storm was about to hit, so I've got the wind-blown look.  I'm not a perfectionist when it comes to these kind of posts {if you can imagine that since my OCD tendencies seem to come out in everything else}, so what you see is what you get!  I even forgot to accessorize, but I'm not sweating it!  I bought the navy light weight jacket from Dress Barn last year and my navy heels are so old they are actually falling apart!

I love this navy and white cardigan that I got at Target last year with these pants.  It makes for another nice office fashion outfit for days when I don't have meetings.  I normally wear cardigans unbuttoned, though.  I just got a wild hair that day.  What can I say?

And this?  I don't know what I was trying to pull here.  I walked out of my bedroom, and Alise said, "Oh, Mama!  So sexy!"  I turned around and looked at her and asked, "What do you know about sexy?"  She just grinned at me.  I wasn't trying to be sexy, but I do wear this blouse to the office - on my shoulders of course - but it's really made to wear either way.  Y'all know how I feel about lace and I love the turquoise and coral together, too!

I get emails from time to time about my hair.  I have natural curly hair and it doesn't like the 100% humidity we have here in Louisiana. The sides are angled to look longer than the back, which is "stacked."  I wish I had done something with it on this day for the pictures so it would look a little fuller, but whatevah. It is what it is.  And yes, I do color my hair. I'm planning to go blonder in a few weeks!

I wish you and your family a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  But please remember that freedom isn't free and that Monday means more than just BBQs and swimming pools. A part of me changed the day we visited the Pearl Harbor Memorial in Honolulu last month.  That day will stay with me, just like you and I will never forget where we were on 9/11.  A year ago this week, our family met some army brats when we were celebrating Alise's birthday at a local restaurant.  I can call them that, because that day, they became our friends.  I was never more proud of Wayne than I was that day because after we thanked them for their service, he also paid for their meal.  A few days later, they shipped out to Afghanistan.  Julia had a three year old daughter that she left behind.  We've kept up with them on FB and sent them care packages and a few weeks ago, those same army brats returned home.  We're hoping to meet up with them again soon.  Thank a vet or soldier this weekend.

20 Great Verses and Quotes on Freedom to Remind Us - It Is Not Free

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

School Projects and Taylor Swift

Have I ever told y'all about the time I wanted to be a teacher?  I mean, like a history teacher? I'm a history buff, what can I say?  But all that was before I took a bookkeeping class in high school and all historical dates and wars were replaced with debits and credits.  The point I would like to make, though, is that if my plan had worked out instead of God's, I would at least like to think that I would be a fair teacher and NOT SCHEDULE PROJECTS THE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!  I mean, WHO DOES THAT?!  So yeah!  For the last TWO weeks of school, we've had back to back projects!  And then the day before it's due, Alise calls me from afterschool on her friend's cellphone asking if we can change to a different option.  I told Baby Girl not NO, but you-know-what NO!  Had she lost her mind? Anyway, she made A's on both projects, school is over for the summer except for Awards Day on Wednesday and so somebody can stick a fork in me because I'm done, done, DONE with fourth grade!!

In other news, I can. not. WAIT! to give Alise Taylor Swift tickets tonight!! I have them wrapped up in a box with a sweet "Now that you are ten" letter attached to it (of course she doesn't "officially" turn ten until next Tuesday). We've had these tickets for nearly six months and she has NO idea!! I can't begin to tell you how many times I've wanted to just go ahead and tell her over the last two weeks! Friday morning, I needed to stop by the convenience store on the way to school to get some change, and while I was inside, the radio station announced that they would be giving TS tickets away on Monday and Tuesday at 8:00 am. When I got back in the car, I thought Alise was going into cardiac arrest telling me that we had to listen to the radio and could I listen at work so that I could win tickets! I said, "Alise?  Do you even know where this concert is?"  "Well, no. It's probably in Houston or somewhere like that." I said, "I'm not driving to Houston to see Taylor Swift!  She's going to be in Baton Rouge next weekend. Maybe they're giving tickets away to that concert." "Yeah, mom!  You're probaby right!"  Probably?  Really?  Sunday night, a friend of mine posted a pic on Facebook of Taylor's 18 wheeler trucks pulling into Shreveport. I showed Alise the picture and she got this very sad look on her face.  I feel guilty for building the excitement up, but oh, well!  She deserves it!  Because you don't know HOW many times I was ready to sell those tickets over her behavior and smart mouth!!

Just like this weekend!  I went in her room Saturday morning to help her find a dress for a wedding we were attending later that evening and every. single. one. of her dresses where on her closet floor wrinkled to no end!! Seriously. How much effort is required to hang something up?  Then she begins showing me where on the dresses they were dirty, so long story short, I got her butt in the car and we headed to town to find her a new dress.  We tried on and tried on and we argued until I nearly lost my religion right there in the Dillard's dressing room!  She already had a (dirty) green dress, but she was hell bent on getting another green dress!  So I bought it just to shut her up!  And then we had to buy shoes for her.  And then she was STARVING!  After all that, MAMA deserved a new dress!  So I bought me a new one, too! Here's a pic of the dresses we started out with for her.

And then I went home and took a nap!

And then we all got gussied up for the wedding that evening!  Oh, how I wish I could have gotten a pic of the three of us!

Every time I look at the pic of Alise and I, I think we look like flowers!  She's the stem and I'm the flower.  Ha! And let me just say what a mighty fine hair day I was having!  Especially on such a humid day!  My dress is by Chelsea & Violet (I love this brand!) and it was on sale that day for $70!  I am SO in love with yellow this season, y'all!  I'm seriously considering wearing this dress with my cowboy boots and a denim jacket to TS!  A friend of mine saw our picture on FB and asked to borrow my pearl necklace to wear to her son's graduation last night.  I was so shocked and humbled, and of course, I said yes.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Hawaii - Part Two

You can read Part One of our Hawaiian Cruise HERE.

Canceled, y'all.  

Wayne and I were like balloons that had just deflated. The wind had been knocked out of our sails.  And for you, it may not have been a big deal, but we were flying out of very small airport to a connection in Houston.  We tried EVERYTHING y'all and I do mean EVERYTHING!  But the problem was that a huge storm had hit Houston the night before and they were trying to get those people out first. Without going into a whole lot of detail, the 8:00 flight was also canceled and we did not leave the airport headed west until 11:00 AM!  I told Wayne that if our delay and run-around was any indication of how our trip was going to go, we were in for it!

Veeeeeeerrrrrrry long story, we were able to make the last 3:00 flight from Houston to Los Angeles, then on to Honolulu.  The United airline person felt so sorry for us after she heard Wayne's story and UPGRADED US TO FIRST CLASS, y'all!! I think even Wayne shed a few tears over that one!  Everything was beginning to look great for us again!  I enjoyed me some first class service y'all!!

On the red eye flight leaving LAX to Honolulu

About LAX.  I have never been to Los Angeles, but I do read People so I know that just about all the movie stars travel through that airport.  Unfortunately, for us, we were just hopping off the plane and then getting back on, so we didn't really get to go "through LAX."  And let me just say that I was very disappointed.  I just KNEW Matthew McConaughey was in that airport!  He was looking for me, I just know it!  And because our layover was only like thirty minutes, I only had time for a quick cosmo and then we were off in the air again for six hours to Honolulu! Maybe next time Matt!

Palm Trees on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu

By the time we landed in Honolulu, it was about 11:15, which was 4:15AM our time.  We had been up for 24 hours and I was about to fall out on the floor of the Honolulu Airport!  Gosh, we were so, so tired!  

I knew our luggage would never make it with us.  With all the flights and delays we went through in Houston, no one probably knew where our bags needed to go!  So when the last few suitcases were looping, we sighed and made our way to the luggage claim service to find out where are bags were.  Finally, I heard one of the happiest things I had heard all day, "Why, ma'am!  Your bags are right over there against the wall!  They came in on the San Francisco flight right before yours!"  Yes!  Our luggage had been waiting on us!  Luggage through San Fran, us through LAX.  It worked!

Waikiki Beach in Honolulu

We made it to the Pacific Beach Hotel where I finally did sit on the steps inside the lobby while Wayne checked us in. I was just exhausted!  Somehow, someway, we ended up in the Penthouse Suite that night!  I'm not sure if she got our names wrong, or our travel agent was able to pull some strings after our bad day of flying, or if we even paid to have it, but we ended up in the Penthouse!  We unlocked the door, wheeled our luggage in, I took my contacts out, and we went to bed! Nothing but big ol' ZZZZs for us!

On Waikiki Beach, Honolulu

So many big ol' ZZZZZs that we slept through our Pearl Harbor Tour the next morning!

Stay tuned!

Lesson #1 About Hawaii: Fly out the day before your cruise leaves.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

So about now, our family who reads our blog would probably like to know if Baby Girl is still alive. And the answer to that would be yes, why, yes, she is!


Ha!  Not really, but y'all, what a week last week!!  GOOD GRIEF!!  I mean, I don't even know where to start!

We had four tests last week - "only" four, but I think my world began falling apart when I picked Alise up at after school on Wednesday.  She told me they had been working on this "project" in class for reading.  I was like, thank GOODNESS!  "In class" means nothing for mama! So when I picked her up, she said, "Mama, I gotta finish my project tonight.  It's due tomorrow."  Which totally freaked me out because I was like, why didn't you finish it in class? You've been working on it since Monday!! AND we had three tests to study for that night!  So I started breathing.  Really hard.

Not ONLY did she have a project and three tests to study for, she had an ENTIRE project to complete and three tests to study for!!  To say I was LIV-ID would be an understatement!!  She has never pulled something like this before and I made it perfectly clear that I was not a procrastinast and she wasn't going to be one, either {Playing God for my kids, indeed!!}!!  Wayne and I were still COLORING DRAWINGS AT NEARLY 10 O'CLOCK THAT NIGHT!!  Ugh!  So I was not happy. And I have yet to figure out why she didn't finish it in class!

In other news, Alise nearly made a home run Thursday night!  I was SO excited for her because it was a rather good team we were playing!  She actually hit the ball and it ran right down the third base line.  She made it to first, but the ball was over thrown.  It was over thrown again at second base.  About the time she rounded second and headed to third, I was on my feet hollering like a wild woman!!  She rounded third and was headed home per the third base coach, but he called her back to third.  She got caught, headed back to home and the third base player tagged her on the back.  Alise is a relatively fast runner (in my opinion), but the other player was just too darn close to her.  If she had been just a few more feet away, I think she could have made it!  It was just a bad call and she rolled with it.  No upset feelings or anythng and it was a very proud Moma moment!  Most of the girls on our team have been playing together since t-ball, so we have become quite the softball family. So the Horton's celebrated that night at Zaxby's and got sick!  Never again!  Yuck, yuck, yuck!!

On Thursday, I woke up with a migraine and kept it until yesterday morning.  I tried my best to not let it interfere with our weekend and the plans that Wayne and Alise had made for me on Mother's Day.  Alise had a sweet friend over Friday night and they begged me to take them to Chucky E. Cheese (that was the worst pizza I've ever eaten in my life!).  Oh, the things we do for our kids!  I came home and went straight to bed!  On Saturday, the girls begged to swim in our still-cloudy pool, but Abby can't swim, so I had to sit outside in the gray humidity, so that didn't help my headache, either. Then I battled Walmart after we took Abby home and came home with tons of groceries and we ate leftovers. Go figure.

On Sunday morning, I woke up to breakfast in bed prepared by MiniMe!  And it was the best darn breakfast I've ever eaten (since last year, of course!)!

I had bought lots of fruit the day before, so she made me a "fruit bowl" with pineapple, blackberries, strawberries, and bananas.  She was so sweet!  Alise said, "And mom, I dipped the bananas in lemon juice just like you do so they won't get brown!"  I loved how she included a picture of just me and her on the side!  Breakfast perfection!  She got me a card and a fantastic art piece that she did at school - that I forgot to take a picture of.  I cried all morning! Gosh, I was just so happy to be her mom!  And I still am!  She pushes the limit of my insanity at times, and I know that I nag her constantly, but she's the best kid in the world (in my opinion)!!

I am so glad that I recorded my first Mother's Day thoughts here.

Wayne and Alise took me out to lunch at Olive Garden.  We waited an hour to be seated, but it was worth it!  The chicken parm was calling my name!

And then I spent the remainder of the afternoon that was suppose to be for me, shopping and buying for my daughter instead!  I think I'm going to deem my future Mother's Days as "Mini & Me" days instead.  When I told her that I was going to spend the afternoon by myself shopping, she poured it on THICK!  She said, "But, Mom!  It's Mother's Day! I'm suppose to spend time with you! And i want to go to Bath & Body Works!"  What was I suppose to do?  We had a great afternoon until the groomers called and said that Jack had nearly bitten them when they tried to get around his face, so that ended our afternoon of shopping! Oh, well!  At least I got a pair of new shoes!