Friday, July 29, 2016

Happy National Lipstick Day!

Hello, Friday! I thought you'd never get here!

I mean WHAT is with you people?  No one has figured this out yet?!  Ha ha! My crock pot's broke, so that's my excuse!

So yea!  It's National Lipstick Day! All power to the women who wear it well! What more reason do you need to go out and treat yourself to a new color?! Try a new brand, even. 

Here are some of my favorites from the week!


I came home from a long day of work on Monday and decided to turn on the evening news.  I hardly ever watch the news anymore, but this story made me smile. Alright. Cry.  I cried. What a gift!  And I loved his sign! Our world needs more love.

And incase the video doesn't show up on my blog, here's the link: Heard Urine Need of a Kidney from Claire McMillan on Vimeo.


Y'all! I got this awesome product last week in my Ipsy bag and I'm in love!  I could tell a difference the first time I used it!  My face just looked different.  It looked "fresher" and dewey {I told S a few weeks ago that she looked "dewey" in a pic she sent me and she looked at me like I was crazy.  She had NO idea what I was talking about!}. My makeup just looked better.  That's the only way I can describe it, so yes!  I think this is a product that I'll be splurging on and the fact that it's one of my favorite brands is also a plus!


It's not really a "favorite question," but something that I get asked about an awful lot - especially recently - and so I decided to just address the question here as much as I can. Everyone wants to know the story about S. The truth is, I wish I could tell you more, but for several reasons, and to reserve her privacy, I simply can't {I've probably shared too much in previous posts}. If you've been reading my blog for very long, or know me personally, then you know the struggle was real with this kid, as far as knowing what I needed to do and how much I needed to be a part of her life. A whole lotta prayers were sent Heavenward and the only thing I can say is that "It's a God thing." That's it.  I simply can't explain it any better than that. She calls me, "Mama" and drives me absolutely crazy! Ha! She is NOT a Southern Belle like me and has not been raised in "the Bible Belt," so that alone says that alotta prayers are still going upward. But when she tells me, "I made a scene {today}" or "I was ugly {to someone}," it makes me realize that I really am having an influence on her and I might just turn her into a Southern Belle one day after all! I'm also asked if she and Alise get along and I find that so funny because of course they're jealous of  each other and of course they fight like real sisters do, but it makes my heart smile when Alise says, "I love you, S" before we drop her off back at her apartment or S offers to do something Alise likes to do without her asking. I know this probably doesn't answer all of your questions, but it's all I can say right now.


I love y'all, but these Nordstrom sale posts are giving me hot flashes! Seriously!  Every time I see someone with a pic of a cardigan or boots on from the sale, I began to sweat! My skin gets prickly and I think, "did I put deodorant on this morning?" I am a fall/winter girl at heart - love the layers, love the boots - but right now - in JULY! - I just can't take it. I'm wearing tank tops so I don't melt, so it's hard for me to get interested in the sale.  My loss, though.  Guess I'll be paying full-price later. ANYWAY....I was SO excited to see this picture pop up in my FB feed this week! Bring on FALL & FOOTBALL!!


These girls - including my BFF, Leigh, who isn't pictured - are my tribe. Girls Night Out had been planned for several weeks and because of an awful week, I texted to say I was backing out and to pray for me instead. At the last minute, I decided to go and I am so glad I did! I feel so blessed to have such awesome friends! A few margaritas and cheese dip may have been involved, too!  I love the back drop of this picture, if only the patio umbrella hadn't been in the way!

Okay, y'all!  I'm all out of favorites for the week!  Hoping your weekend is wonderful!  Mr. Horton and I are headed to Shreveport to see a singer by the name of Garth Brooks!  I'm so excited to be seeing him again!  It was kinda a last minute thing since we just saw him a year and a half ago, but I don't care!  I'm breaking out the cowboy boots!  And I'm sure I'll cry again during "The Dance."

Peace out!

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Weekend I Made 7 Minute Frosting

So yea!  I made 7 minute frosting this weekend!  It only took me twenty minutes!  Here's the recipe I used in case you wanna try it, too!

Wayne wanted a home made birthday cake for his special day on Friday.  White on white.  How BLAH is that??  But what's a good wife to do? However, he was very specific about the icing and wanted the kind that, "you know, you can taste the sugar in it."  Say what? WTH was he talking about? To be more specific, it was, "the kind that you can still taste the GRANULATED sugar in it." I still had NO idea what he was talking about and took a wild - a$$ guess that it was 7 minute frosting. I happened to be right, spent twenty minutes making it, texted Leigh to see if it had to be refrigerated {It doesn't!}, and my husband ended up with a VERY sweet birthday cake.  All was right in the world Friday night!

Until Alise got a migraine, started throwing up, and we had to postpone lighting the candles and singing happy birthday to Saturday afternoon.  Yea, I know.

On Saturday, we slept in and then headed to not one, but TWO of our local farmer's markets to stock up on Oak Grove tomatoes for the week.  Ya know, to go with our BLTs.  I also got some purple hull peas, one egg plant and one yellow meat watermelon.  You'll have to ask Wayne about the egg plant and watermelon. I know nothing. I wanted to go specifically for blueberries, but unfortunately, no one had them.

S came over Saturday night to celebrate with us. Wayne smoked ribs and I made home made baked beans and potato casserole. The food was delicious.  However, S wouldn't eat any birthday cake since she's in workouts and conditioning for season.  So glad she came over!  Great family night and thank goodness no yucky jelly beans were involved on this birthday weekend!  Ha! She was actually fighting a cold and wasn't feeling good.

On Sunday, we went to church and enjoyed a quiet afternoon as a light rain fell. It was wonderful. Perfect sleeping weather!

OH!  And I made fresh sweet corn this weekend, too! Here's the recipe I used. I had to add a little more water, though. Now I understand why my mama and grandma use to say that sweet corn was alota work for so little reward!  I bought four ears and hardly even had a "mess" of corn for supper!  But they would both be proud of me because I made purple hull peas, fried okra, cornbread, and fresh sliced tomatoes to go along with it! A true southern supper for summer! 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Favorites

July is nearly over and I'm just now posting a Friday Favorites post!  What is wrong with me? It's called, LIFE, y'all and I'm enjoying it so much! However, this week has been extremely tough and stressful, but my faith has been strong and I trust that God will continue to fulfill his plan for my life {Jeremiah 29:11}. Thank you for your prayers.

{one.} I've been using Mario Badescu's facial spray for a while now and I love it! It's the perfect finishing spray for my makeup routine. I also keep a smaller bottle in my purse for a nice afternoon pick-me-up and although I'm not a fan of rose fragrance, I really like this smell because it isn't over-powering at all. Last week, I was in Ulta picking up a few things - including another bottle of the spray - and I got a FREE gift of the Cucumber Cleansing Lotion with my purchase that day. I have to say, that the cleansing lotion is a win, too!  It makes my skin feel so soft and I love the fresh smell, even though, once again - you guessed it! - I'm not a fan of cucumbers! Ha! I would love to know if you girls have tried any other products from this brand.


{two.} Last weekend when we were celebrating S's birthday at home, she asked to see some old pictures of me. By then, I was a glass of wine in, so I - being the one that never wants to show someone old photos of myself - headed off to the spare bedroom to my "stash" of old pictures. And looky what I found!!  An OLD Glamour Shot photo from when I was about 19! Maybe you saw it on Instagram. Just for laughs, I decided to compare it to the most recent picture of myself - taken in NOLA this past weekend and this is what happened!  What do you think? Look at those eye brows, y'all! And my hair!  Somethings will never change, though. Ha! I am much happier being a blonde!

{three.} BLTs. Y'all, the farming community that my husband and parents are from {I'm a city girl!} grows THE BEST tomatoes. EVER. Seriously, everyone buys Oak Grove tomatoes in our town!  My aunt and uncle dropped some of these wonderful red jewels off at my parents and of course, Mama brought me some, so we're living the good summer life right now and enjoying delicious bacon and tomato sandwiches. We probably have them three nights a week and it's becoming a tradition for Sunday lunch.  After church, of course.  If you've never had a bacon tomato sandwich, you don't know what you're missing! Oh, and don't forget the Hellman's mayonnaise, too!

{four.} Last week, Alise and I went over to help Baby Girl decorate her room. She found a beautiful tapestry - the picture below just doesn't do it justice - online for a very reasonable price and it matched her bedding perfectly. Then she saw a picture on the internet with the lights and so I decided to treat her to an early birthday present and we went to Hobby Lobby to get them. Although she decided to hang the lights differently than I would have, the finished design is stunning! I have to say I think we did a great job!

{five.} And last but not least, I want to wish my favorite man in the whole wide world a VERY Happy Birthday!  You are my best friend, my rock, and my biggest supporter. Love you to the moon and back, Babe! You're the best! Roll Tide!

Happy Friday, Peeps!  Hope it's a good one!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What's Cooking In My Kitchen This Summer

Image result for lazy dog days of summer

We're totally in the lazy dog days of summer around here in Louisiana.  And it's HAWT, y'all! Can I get an, "amen"?

We've had several soirees and pool parties with our friends and coharts over the last month and a half and today I thought I would share some new recipes that I've tried this summer. We love to entertain and have friends over and so far, summer 2016 has been no exception! Here are a few things that I've tried recently:

S found this Chili Mac recipe on Facebook and begged me to try it one night for family night, so I caved. Some of you may call this a traditional goulash and I swear it kept growing and growing!  Ha!  We had leftovers for several days. I think she liked it more than anyone, simply because she was missing some comfort food. The chili mac was good and I would definitely make it again.

I made this Chocolate Cheese Ball when the girls came over to hang out one night in June. I served this dessert ball with animal crackers and graham crackers and we literally could NOT stay away from it.  The only ingredient I left out was the marshmallows, because I'm not fond of them.  I think it's a texture thing with me. But anyway. Minus the marshmallows, it is still any chocolate lovers dream!

Oh yea!  And now would probably be a good time I guess to mention two adult beverages that went along with "girls night in" last month, too. I made Hippie Juice and a strawberry lemonade concoction that I seriously can't find the pin for right now. I added fresh strawberries to both drinks and maybe even a little more vodka than what the recipes actually called for.  By the end of the night, the two beverages were gone and we were all playing bartender.

And just to vent a little bit...I have NO luck when it comes to internet or Pinterest beverage recipes. I'm better off at GNO just serving a full bar and letting everyone fix what they want.  That's pretty much the route we've decided to go from now on.  Any comments about that?

I am SO excited about having a breakfast alternative with my family!  Introducing "breakfast sliders," and they are the bomb dot com. So, so good, even without the egg {because my family is weird like that!}.  I made these one morning and even S was asking for the recipe to make them for her team mates.  And she actually made them, too! So yummy!

Alise loves fettuccine alfredo!  The girl takes after her moma as far as being a carb queen! Although I'm not fond of a white sauce and after buying a brand name sauce in the store, I was like, Alise, we've got to do better than this! And we did!  With Pinterest's help, of course!  I tried this recipe and Alise loved it! Minus the broccoli, though.  I served it on the side.

Happy Wednesday, friends!  I hope you're having a wonderful week! 

Oh!  If you have a Sonic in your area, but sure to check tomorrow to see if they are offering cheeseburgers at half price tomorrow. You can thank me later!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Birthday Weekend

I totally took advantage of having last week off from work and was a true #blogfailure. Except for a few scheduled posts, I really didn't do much in Blog Land, so this week, I'm trying to play catch up.  Our week was great!  We slept late, spent a lot of time out by the pool, went to the movies (I actually saw three!), grilled late suppers, and just spent a lot of time together as a family of four.

Mine and Wayne's weekend started early on Thursday when we headed south to New Orleans. I had a conference on Friday and we decided to take S with us because other than a quick trip with her juco, she had never been. Besides, it was her birthday and I wanted it to be special since she didn't have much of a twenty-first birthday last year. We took her to one of our favorite restaurants, The Bourbon House, for dinner. We had drinks at the bar and watched as the guys shucked oysters while we waited for our table. We enjoyed getting to sit in front of the huge windows in the dining room and watched all the crazy people walking on Bourbon Street. I thought S looked so beautiful that night. She insisted on wearing a pink birthday sash for the occasion.

After dinner, we spent the remainder of the night - until 1 AM! - on Bourbon Street. We danced and listened to lots of different bands. She was a lot more obliging than I thought she would be with listening to "our type of music," but she took it all in and had a fun night. The next day, while I was at the conference, she and Wayne went to the aquarium and Cafe du Monde. Unfortunately, things didn't work out for S and her friends to stay the remainder of the weekend, so she came back with us on Friday night.

On Saturday night, we ended her birthday week with steak, twice baked potatoes, green bean bundles and a 4-layer home made birthday cake!! WHICH her teammates inhaled later that night at her apartment when they all played that nasty jelly bean game (We played three rounds at the house and it was hilarious! I laughed so hard!)!! 

I have yet to understand why she feels the need to stick her tongue out in nearly every picture, but little sister is following fast in her footsteps! 

This picture makes me smile so much! Oh, to see that beautiful smile! If y'all only knew how hard it use to be to get even a grin out of her! I was so thankful for our church service this morning! After being out for several weeks, and with all the chaos that is happening in our world, it was so refreshing and encouraging to be back among friends and believers. Both our pastor's sermon and our life group lesson was about making a difference in someone else's life and about how as Christians, we need to go out an DO, and I left church today with the confidence of knowing that I'm right where God wants me to be. And there is such a peace in that, y'all! S is in our life for a reason - or a season - and it's up to us to help plant the seed of faith in her life. Of course, the guilt tried to settle in - that I wasn't doing enough or that I wasn't doing it right - but then, that sweet peace came to me and I just knew. I knew that no matter what, everything was going to be okay.