Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Top 5

Happy Friday, Everyone!

This week, I'm back to posting with my original idea of Friday Top Five!  When I came up with the idea a few months ago, I wanted my Friday post to be about my top favorite blog reads from the week.  That way, for those of you that read here, you might find some new blogs to read that might interest you!  I'm all about finding new blogs and making new friends!  Anyhoo, some weeks the idea works and some weeks it doesn't due to interest or lack of time, or whatevah.  But I think this week, I'm introducing you to some really fun blogs so READ ON! 

{one.} A few weeks ago, I found a new blog that I'm loving, The Queen in Between. Lately, I've really been wanting to find some bloggers that are more my age (no offense to the younger crowd) and like to write about some of the same things I'm interested in.  Shelly is so down-to-earth and likes to write about her kids, her passions, and fashion - same as me!  I just know we could BFFs!  It doesn't hurt that she's from my neighboring state to the left { the left...little Beyonce thrown in there!}. Last week, she posted this GREAT post with some amazing ideas for Christmas and I loved everything she mentioned.  Click HERE to check it out!

{two.}  Speaking of Christmas, after I read this blog post this  week, I was ready to get gussied up and head out to a PARTY!!  I loved all of Jo-Lynne's looks - right down to the OPI nail polish!  She suggested some really cute dress alternatives in modern fashion and design. Be sure to check out her post - especially if you have a fancy-shmancy party coming up for the holidays!  SOMEBODY!  PLEASE!  Invite me to a party so I can get gussied up!!

{three.}  I've been reading Confessions of a Cookbook Queen's blog for several years!  This week, she's teaming up with some other bloggers to host a reader's appreciation giveaway. The giveaway package includes a Le Creuset roaster and the total value is over $800!!  Take my word for it!  Go HERE to register!!  Hurry!  The give away ends tomorrow!

{four.}  This fav comes to you via a blog-of-a-blog.  Kinda like a friend-of-a-friend.  I was reading Get Your Pretty On  this week and she mentioned this great graphic from History in High Heels about mixing patterns and print.  I'm keeping this little jewel in a nice place! Although I am not very "bold" in my print matching, I do like to mix and match from time to time.  I'd consider myself a an "intermediate" - two prints together at max, and on a good day, I might be an "expert".  Ha!!  So what level of print matching are you?  And I love, love, LOVE Rule #3!  Leopard is always a neutral!

{five.}  Ok so this last fav isn't really a blog link, but it showed up yesterday in my Pinterest feed and I really did laugh out loud.  I know "Frozen" is all over the place in the stores for Christmas and a part of me wishes that Alise was still into it so it would make my Christmas shopping alot easier, but I hafta side with my daughter:  I'm over "Frozen."  If you have a little girl, ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN because when they turn about nine, the party and animation ends!  Just sayin.  But what I'm NOT over, is the cold temps.  What can I say?  I'm a winter person.  I like my fire, and blankets, and layers, and boots.

Hahaha frozen humor

I hope you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving week!  Gobble till you wobble, y'all!!

 photo db7528c5-a5c8-4eb0-9519-22997b018248_zps7d56832d.jpg

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Feast, Friends, And That Tree

Yesterday, Alise had a Thanksgiving feast at her school for lunch and parents and grandparents could come.  I felt a little sad when I left because I realized I only had one more year left to do this with her.  I know what you're thinking: that's 356 days away!  And you would be right!  I guess I was just feeling a little sentimental.  And seeing this picture makes me realize how horrible my hair looks, but I'll save that discussion for another day!  I would also like to point out, too, that I am wearing a scarf.  I hardly every wear scarves.  For someone that likes turtlenecks as much as I do, it's strange that I don't care for scarves around my neck.  But I tried something new and I liked the look.

Displaying 20141119_121059-1.jpg

And here she is with some of her cheer friends!

Displaying 20141119_121355.jpg

Update on the tree.  Here's a close up picture of the top.  I haven't played with it yet like I said I would, but I did add the glittery, red squiggly things.  Can you see them?  I got them on sale at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.  I have two poinsettias at the top, but I think they need to be bigger.  I found some bigger ones, but those things were $14 bucks a piece!  I decided to wait until they go on sale more.  I also bought some bigger green shatter-proof balls to help bring out the green a little bit more.  It's coming together.  I'll just have to add a little every year.

Displaying 20141119_183403.jpg

It's suppose to be cold and rainy here again this weekend so maybe I'll get some more decorating done!  Have you started decorating for Christmas?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Talk

Big Mama jinxed it for me.  She told us at Holidays Southern Style this past weekend that she had "the talk" with Caroline at age ten.  And if I'm not mistaken, she said she had the conversation at a Starbucks, but I might be wrong about that, so don't quote me.  But I remember the word, Starbucks, coming up sometime during her expounding.  And it was also during that expounding that I laughed and thought, yea, I still have a while {I mentioned earlier in the school year here that I had to have the talk with Alise about what happens monthly in female bodies}.

{I'm being vague in this post for a reason.}

So yea!  Back to, I had a while.

On Monday nights, Alise has tumbling so we normally grab fast food and study for upcoming tests after I pick her up.  But not this past Monday night.  Oh, no!  We sat in a Wendy's and had "the talk."

Not the whole talk - because I really wanted to crawl up under the table and DIE - but probably about 55.375% of the talk.

Our conversation started out with her talking about boys liking boys and girls liking girls because one of the male coaches at her gym is this way - or so she thinks.  I was asking questions along the way to try to find out just how much she knew.  Then I turned on my preaching mode and explained to her that what she just described was not God's plan for us.  Marriage is between one man and one woman.  Somehow the three letter word came up.  I think Alise spelled it out in the beginning, but after a while, she just asked me,"Can I just say it, Mama, instead of spelling it?"  She said something like, "Pastor Bill says that {the three letter word} is for married people." And I told her that's right, meanwhile thinking when did she ever listen to one of his sermons?  And of ALL sermons!!  I told her that the three letter word was something a married mom and dad did when they wanted to have a baby.

And let me just say right here, right now.  Open mouth, insert foot!


"Moma?  Have you ever had the three letter word?"

THAT'S when I wanted to crawl under the table!!  Right there!  In a greasy Wendy's restaurant.

So after hem-hawing around for a while and Alise pounding me with "tell me, tell me," I answered, "Well, if I hadn't, how do you think you got here?"  She just looked at me.  The light bulb went off. And then she made a face.

Next question:  Did you have your clothes on or off??

I quickly told her to get her stuff together and let's go!  We drove to tumbling with her pounding me with clothing on or off questions.

FINALLY, in the tumbling parking lot, I made a deal with her.  I told her that I would tell her that I would finish the rest of the story when she turned double digits.  At first, that wasn't going to work, but when she realized she wasn't going to get anymore out of me, she grabbed my phone to see what day of the week in 2015 that her birthday fell on.  We have a three letter word discussion scheduled on May 30, 2015!  And Mr. Horton will be included as well!!

One good thing I told her - God forgive me for lying, but it COULD be true - I told her everytime you had the three letter word, you got pregnant.  Let's see how long it takes her to figure that one out!  I'm only looking ahead, Peeps!  Only looking ahead.

But not for May 30th of next year!

So that all happened on Monday evening.  Tuesday morning, we get in the car to go to school and I'm turning in the parking lot and she says, "Remember, Mommie!"  I said, "Remember what?"  "You know!" she said, "Our talk!"  Oh my gosh, the child is not going to let me forget about it for another seven months!  I could just see my nine year old telling everyone in school that her mother's done the three letter word!!

You may be wondering why I didn't take the opportunity right then and there to explain things.  Well, I'm sorry but talking about that in a restaurant with other people around just isn't the way I had it played out in my mind. I fully intend to have a sit down talk with her soon, but last night just wasn't the night.  We were rushed for time and she was acting a little giddy so I don't know how seriously she would have taken the converstaion anyway.  There is a time and place for talks like this, don't you agree?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Fake Tree That Keeps Growing


Let me just start off by saying - and I think I either Tweeted this this past weekend or IG'd it, but whatevah - my living room has shrunk!  At least that's what it feels like with this monstrosity of a Christmas tree I now have in my living room!!  Good grief!

Now's there's a story coming, so sit back and grab a cup of mojo or hot chocolate.  This may be a lengthy post.  But here's a pic of the tree that I IG'd on Friday night right after Mr. Horton got it put up {I may or may not have finished "fluffing" at the top.  Ahem!}  And I decided the same night to take down my curtains and wash them so that's why the pic looks so drab.  Excuses, excuses!

Displaying IMG_20141114_180410.jpg

Sometime this past January, I purchased this tree for $35!  It was regularly $299.99. What a mark up!  I was so excited about getting it up as soon as possible and Mr. Horton was so sweet to put it together for me.  It was up screaming BEHOLD before 7 o'clock Friday night! BEHOLD, indeed!!   Now, I have to be careful because our ceilings are not very high in our living room and I like to do all the shnazzy junk at the top, so I was worried that it wasn't going to fit.  Oh!  It fit alright!!  BEHOLD!!

Alise spent the night with a friend Friday night and I promised her that she could help me decorate on Saturday.  But I ended up coming down with a migraine and so that didn't happen.  We stayed home from church on Sunday only because the weather was cold and rainy and I couldn't drag my fat butt out from underneath the warm covers.  When I finally did manage to get out of the bed, we decided to decorate the tree!  And that was after I made French Toast, too.  Here's a picture!

Displaying 20141116_093011-1.jpg

Notice the red curtains back up!  Newly laundered and ironed!  This picture was taken with the living room lights on.  The thing with this tree is that the lights are more "goldy" and so the decorations and over all look make the tree look "goldier," too.  With the same decorations, my tree in previous years was truly red and lime green.  Not so with this one. Kinda disappoints me because it's not the look I'm going for.  Even the red and lime green mesh garland looks gold.

Displaying 20141116_093145-1.jpg

Here's another picture.  From a different angle and with the lights off.  I guess I'm disappointed, too, because the tree is probably a little too big for our living room.  Our room is not huge, but it's open to the kitchen and in front of the window is the only place it can really go.  I've realized with an extra one and a half feet (my old tree was six foot) I need to buy more ornaments, but I swear with every ornament we put on the tree, it grows two inches!  I'm a cheapo when it comes to ornaments, too!  I only buy them on sale!  But look at this beauty I bought today at Hobby Lobby for 50% off!
Displaying 20141117_202845.jpg

The picture doesn't do it justice.  The ornament is really red, not coral.  But the beading and extra bling make it look like leopard!  Y'all know I'm all about some leopard!!  I'm hoping I can find some more when HL marks them down to 60% off in a few weeks!!

I apologize if this has been a boring post, but unfortunately, I think there's gonna be alotta "tree talk" in the future here on the blog!

I'm curious though!  What style do you decorate your Christmas tree?  Is it a traditional tree?  Do you have a theme?  Is it more rustic - which seems to be the style this year?  How many trees do you put up in your home?

Also, I think Boo Mama use to host a Holiday Home Tour in Blog Land a few years ago.  Has anyone heard if someone is doing that this year?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Holidays Southern Style

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 10.20.47 AM

Last night I attended I little shin-dig at First West featuring two of my favorite bloggers, Big Mama and Boo Mama!  I've been reading their blogs since I started blogging nearly eight years ago and if you're not currently reading their blog - or books - you are truly missing out!  I have a friend-of-a-friend to thank for even letting me KNOW about Melanie and Sophie visiting our area!  I had no idea they were even coming until my blog friend, Candy, messaged me to ask if I knew anything about it, to which I did not.  A friend had asked her about it.  So I went to the church's website and sure enough, the girls were coming!  I debated for a few days about going just because the weather was so bad here this weekend, but I just decided that I may never get to see them again and I needed to do something for myself, so I went!

And let me just say, these girls are a HOOT!  

Poor Sophie had broken her ankle the week before and needed helping walking up the steps to the stage.  She did a great job reminding us of the story of Elizabeth and Mary in the Bible and how this holiday season we need to minister to our friends and family that we welcome into our homes and not get caught up in the holiday rush.  Her new book comes out in February.
Melanie retold the Christmas story and "preached" about how we need to walk  in the awe that Jesus actually walked on this earth.  Her book comes out in April.  And just for the record, I know her best friend, Gully's, real name.  But I can't tell!  The picture above wasn't very good.  Melanie liked to stay behind the pallet while she talked.  But I noticed her purple jacket and I was in love!

After the conference, Sophie and Melanie signed books.  The line wasn't very long and I was bound and determined to get my picture with them!

Sophie was SO funny!  She drove over from Birmingham that morning and it was fun to hear her mention places like Meredian and Pearl, Mississippi.  She's a die-hard Mississippi State fan and y'all would be proud of me!  I just didn't have the heart to say, "Roll Tide!"  I held it all in!

Then!  It happened!  As I walked up to Melanie's table, I noticed the purple coat!  AND I REALIZED I HAD THE EXACT SAME COAT!!  Now, if y'all read Big Mama's blog, y'all know that every Friday is "Fashion Friday," so having the EXACT SAME COAT as a fashion blogger, well!  I felt I had arrived, y'all!!  When I walked up to her table, I said, "I'm SO pumped!!  We have the exact same jacket!!"  She said, "Oh, really?  Where did you get your's?  I got mine at the car wash.  We have a car wash in our neighborhood that's half car wash and half clothing!  And they have it in so many colors!"  I said, "Yea, I know!  I would love to have the bright red one!"  And then she said, "Have you seen the turquoise?  That coat is fine!  What color do you have?"  I said, "I have the purple!  Just like yours!  Purple is my favorite color!"  She was SO nice!!  And I loved the way she paired the coat with a denim shirt, leggings, and cowboy boots!

What a fun night!