Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday Confessions ~ Take 12

Welcome back!  Here are my confessions for Thursday! I'm peace out until next week! Y'all have a great weekend!

I confess...If you've been keeping up with me via social media, then you know my man and I celebrated 21 wonderful years in Memphis this past weekend.  It's our secret little get-away.  We love everything about Memphis! We had dinner at Ruth Chris on Friday for our special day.  There were rose petals on our table and the sweetest card from the staff. On Saturday morning, I had the best 90-minute massage at my favorite spa. We shopped, we ate, and unfortunately waited too long to get tickets to the minor league baseball game that evening.  That was our only disappointment. Oh!  And the fact that our favorite restaurant, The Melting Pot, went out of business last summer.  Totally bummed about that one, too.

I confess...Lavender and I are in a relationship this summer. We will be looking hot together!  Every. single. thing. - with the exception of my two new Kendra Scott pieces - that I bought this past weekend in Memphis is lavender.  Purple has always been my favorite color.  What can I say? I bought this swing tee from J.Jill and I love it so much I'm wanting this color, too!

I confess...I told y'all about Jack knocking the mirror over early one morning about three weeks ago and scaring the be-jesus out of us, right?  Yea, that's HIS seven years of bad luck!  But I do need another mirror.

I confess...I nearly thought I had lost a whole six months supply of contacts!  But I found them.  In the drawer in the bathroom. Contacts aren't cheap.

I confess...I haven't been in Target since the whole transgender bathroom debacle last week.  It's not like I'm boycotting Target or anything, but as a customer, I am disappointed.  I mean, think of our little girls and the mean people in this world that could be sharing a space with them and the awful things that could happen. But if I find that flamingo welcome mat I saw a picture of on IG, y'all better back away! It's mine!

I confess...My kid snapped her pencil in half right in the middle of standardized testing this week! #whatthewhat Yea, she told her teacher she was "stressed" {Insert eye roll}. She also didn't finish one of the sections. That deserves a #whatthehell.  I mean, seriously, a straight A student with a 101 average in reading and a 100 average in science can't finish the science section of the standardized test?  I swear, my kid can't read!! She'll never pass the ACT! #momaainthappy She'll never get into college and never find a job and I'll be stuck at home with her for the rest of my life! Ha!

I confess... S called me Tuesday at work begging to get off campus and go out to eat. Of course, I couldn't say no. She asked if a friend and teammate could come, too, so Alise and I picked them up after cheer practice and headed to a sushi restaurant that we've never been to {I don't eat sushi!} and it was a hit!  I'm just thankful there were other things on the menu other than sushi.  The girls had to-go boxes for another meal so they were happy and decided to come back to our house to ride the 4-wheeler while Alise and I studied,  Well...they ran out of gas and so we had to go pick them up. It was all rather comical - I guess you had to be there - and we were all in hysterics! C is a VERY nice girl and we loved her the first time we ever met her. She's very down-to-earth and a great friend to S, as well as a great basketball player, too. She plays point guard, so, of course, Alise already thinks the world of her! We were all kinda winded from our 4-wheeler excursion in this pic, but S insisted on putting a pic up on my Snapchat.

I confess... Of course I found the Kendra Scott store in Memphis!  As soon as we decided to get away for the weekend, I was googling to see if there was one there.  Yay me! It was the very first stop we made on Friday morning!

And my very first purchases for the weekend! I bought the Benning Necklace and these gold earrings!

I confess...Now, I'm being a little caddy, but there was a lady in the KS store who was buying hostess gifts and spending an astroNOMICAL amount. It's been so long since I've helped host a bridal shower that I truly have no idea what kinds of things brides give their hostesses these days.  In my hey day, the gift was a little bit above "a happy." So when I heard this lady talking to the clerk about matching pendants and earrings for all her hostesses, I was like, "Damn!  I'm gonna hafta buy a Mercedes for all Alise's hostesses by the time she gets married!"

And then I remembered.

She's won't be getting married.

Because she can't read nor complete a section of a standardized test in the fifth grade!

I'm joking.  Don't send me hate emails.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday ~ April 2016

So today is the last Wednesday in April and you know what that means!  I apolojize if some of this is on repeat, but it's our life lately!  Thanks for joining me!  Linking up with Mel at The Larson Lingo.

What We're Eating This Week...Let me start off by saying one of THE funnest {Ha! If that's even a word!} cooking memories I've had this month is getting S in the kitchen to show her how to make tacos and brownies for her roommates and some of her teammates. It was a fun Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago and even though it doesn't take a "rocket scientist" to follow the directions on the back of a box, I promised our next cooking lesson would be a little more "involved." Since then, she and some teammates have gotten together for what they call "dinner and a movie" and have actually cooked together. I think it's awesome! Last week, when Wayne and I were out of town, she was blowing up my phone to walk her through the chicken fahita recipe I tried recently and that she loved.

Later this week, our Life Group from church is coming over for a Taco Bar and chicken fahitas. It will be Mucho Mexican for everyone this Friday night!

What I'm Reminiscing About...I know I sound like a broken record, but I'm still missing Hawaii. For us, it's like no vacation or anniversary will ever compare to our 20th. We celebrated twenty-one years just the past weekend in one of our favorite cities, Memphis, and we had a great time because we were together {although Baby Girl was quite miffed that we left her at the grandparents for the long weekend!}. I love this man so much and I'm looking forward to many, many more years of happiness!

What I'm Loving... Life in general.  Life is good and everyone is happy.

What We've Been Up To...Well, since last month at this time, S survived Miami. I really thought when she left to head that way, that Miami would never be the same without her, but I seriously think it's the other way around! Miami-1, S-0!  Ha! I'm just glad she made it back "home," even though I know it was hard for her to leave her beloved Sunshine State! In other news, I lost my mind one Wednesday night and the whole Horton clan played hookie from our nightly routine and went to watch the ULM softball team take on La Tech.  Great game and great family night for us! About a week ago, all the girls and I went to the zoo and spent the afternoon laughing and having girl time.

What I'm dreading...Nothing actually.

What I'm working on...My woman cave is still hanging over my head like a huge, dark cloud! I was making progress and then life happened. I WILL do this! Wayne is also working on getting the pool back in shape for the summer.  Can't wait to see sparkling blue water again!

What I'm Excited About...I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I'm excited that the school year is only about three weeks from being over for us.  In three weeks, we'll be saying good-bye to elementary and in three months, we'll be saying, "hello" to middle school.  Maybe I should have saved this one for what I'm dreading? Ha! Either way, I'm excited about the beginning of summer.

What I'm Watching/Reading...Absolutely nothing.  I picked up a smut book at the library, y'all, IN the "new books" section just because I had the will to read, but no luck with finding a book.  I can't even get into a smut book! Don't judge. It's actually not that smutty. My reading rut continues to linger.

What I'm Listening To...Back to my 80's & 90's stations on XM, I AM. If you follow me on Snap Chat, then you get to see the "Song of the Day."  Sometimes there's two if they're playing some really good music on my way to work. S use to ask if she could change the station when she got in the car. Now she just changes it.  If Wayne is in the car, he won't let her change it to her hip hop, but makes her listen to the Hair Nation station.  Alise thinks it's hilarious! OH!  And Wayne and I did some serious jamming to Prince's old hits this weekend while we were away.  Good times!

What I'm Wearing...Leopard and mint for Spring! A little lavender and lace inspiration, and white palazzo pants and turquoise for church!

What I'm Doing This Weekend...A mani/pedi is on the agenda for first thing Saturday morning and I can't wait!  I recently had the shellac polished removed so my nails could "breath" for a few weeks and I haven't had a pedi yet this season, so I'm definitely looking forward to my "me time." Like I said earlier, our Life Group will be spending time at our home this Friday and I'm excited about spending time with my close friends that walk through life with us.

What I'm looking Forward To Next Month...Baby Girl turns ELEVEN next month!  Oh my goodness, where has the time gone?  Please slow down!

What Else Is New...Our school is sponsoring a Powder Puff game for the first time ever this Thursday night and Annie has asked us to come. Our prom was this past weekend and Annie was chosen as Queen.  We are so proud of our Big Sis! Alise has had problems recently with a classmate cheating off her and I encouraged her to have a talk with her teacher about it.

Stop by tomorrow for my weekly Confessions post!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide With the Letter P

Happy Monday, Peeps!

It's nearly May, which means it's almost Mother's Day.  How do you like to celebrate your special day? We usually invite my parents over the Friday or Saturday before and Wayne grills steak or chicken and we spend the rest of the afternoon just visiting until my dad decides he needs a nap! I like to call Sunday "my" Mother's Day" and Alise likes to "surprise" me with breakfast in bed. Of course, I already know about it because I have to buy all the ingredients the day {or night!} before! My perfect Mother's Day is just hanging out with my family, maybe some quite time by the pool with a book, or a late evening walk in our neighborhood.

Today I'm sharing some ideas for Mother's Day and it just so happens that they all begin with the letter P.  I love doing these little collages, but I simply just don't have the time to always make my posts as pretty and graphic as I'd like.  But when I started brainstorming this idea, it just so happened that as I began to list all the things that would make me oh-so happy this Mother's Day, they all began with the letter P. Weird or just coincidence?

//the Perfect card// Honestly, I've never really been a "card person."  But my mother is!  She sends a card for everything, which I know I will probably regret one day. Cards just always make me have a real, ugly cry and who wants to do that? However, when I read this article about cards for "cool" moms, not regular moms, I thought, I think I could actually read one of these and not have an ugly cry! Day made!

//a Pedicure// I am in SUCH desperate need of one of these babies!  Usually by this time of year, I've had at least two or three, but no such luck this year.  That's becaue my Baby Girl has insisted on keeping my toes in color herself lately!  She'll always be my favorite pedicurist! But I'm secretly hoping for a gift certificate to my favorite salon!

//Pioneer Woman dishware//  I'm embarrassed to admit that I STILL haven't gotten any of PW's dishware!  And I have FINALLY decided that I would like a set in the denim color. Some girls don't like getting dishes or cookware for special occassions, but I'm a "dish girl." They make me happy and I like having multiple sets to entertain with. Having said that, NO appliances please!  No toasters or blenders!

//Pandora charm// Love my charm bracelets!  I wear them every day and I'm very picky about what I put on my bracelets because I want them to be for special occassions. I recently lost a charm and I'm absolutely sick about it, but I would love a new one!

//Pinot grigio// I love this glass! Dang it!  Mommin' ain't easy and sometimes, this Moma just needs a glass of wine. Although I am not a fan of pinot grigio, it went with the theme!  Ha!

//Peppermint Essential Oil//  This oil is my favorite pick-me-up!  It is so energizing and helps me in the afternoons when I'm drowning in H2O and work.

//Philosophy Fragrance// If y'all know me or have been reading my blog for very long, then you know how much I love these products!  Amazing Grace and Pure Grace are my two personal favorites. Love, love, love this stuff!

//Pendant by Kendra Scott// I bought my first KS piece for my birthday in January and I wear it every. single. day. I absolutely love it and the extender so you can lengthen or shorten the necklace. Every girl needs at least one piece of KS and I love this necklace because it looks so dainty and feminine with the rose gold, which is quite popular right now.

//Purse by Kate Spade// It's been years since I bought a pink purse, but the bow was the actually selling point.  I love this!

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading today!  Would love to hear about your favorite Mother's Day gifts you've received in the comments. Wishing you all a terrific beginning to a new week!

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thursday Confessions ~ Take 11

Let's get started!  I have alot to confess! And even though Jessica postponed this week's linkup, I felt like I would really be letting my readers down if I didn't "confess something."  Ha!

I confess...I am a #blogfailure this week.  It's our anniversary week and I'm trying to do everything that needs to be done so my love and I can get out of town later this evening!  So excited about a long weekend away! Happy number 21 to us! You can keep up with us on IG and Snapchat!

I confess...I went to a co-worker's wedding this past weekend and didn't take a gift! Oops!

My beautiful friend, R, is from Nepal, and although she and her husband are technically already married {JOP a year ago}, they had an Indian wedding for her family AND an American wedding for his family this past weekend. All I can say is that the womens' dresses were absolutely gorgeous and everyone at the reception was mezmorized with their dancing. It was a fun night with friends from work. Oh! And I plan to get right on that gift thing!

I confess...The girls and I spent a great afternoon at our zoo on Sunday.  S is SUCH the animal lover and one of the first things she asked from us when we got to know her last fall was that she wanted to go to the zoo. We managed to pull D away from all her activities and she brought a friend to go with us.  We had SO much fun! S was cracking me up with all the Snap Chatting she did! Now she wants a pet monkey! After the zoo, we had an early dinner at Red Lobster.

Love these girlies!  And yes!  That's me in the backseat. D insisted on driving to the zoo. We had a car load of girls! S made sure we had lots of very loud hip hop music to listen to.  I forgot how loud I use to play my music when I was their age! 

I confess...The final verdict is in and I will not be getting eye lash extensions ever again. Although S's still look freakin' awesome {going on five weeks}, I'm worried that I have totally screwed up my real lashes - which I was perfectly happy with before I got extensions. On Saturday, I googled how to remove them and I think only two came off!  Argh! I can't even begin to describe how silly I look and may have even resorted to wearing strips - not individual - of fake lashes to hide the gaps I've got going on.  S thinks it's hilarious.  So I leave you with these words of wisdom: Don't do it!

I confess...The water thing is actually going pretty well these days.  I have one Diet Coke in the mornings and by 12pm, I switch over to water and drink it for the rest of the day. I haven't had any red meat and I'm trying to watch the sugar. I felt skinny on Friday. And then I blew it at R's wedding!

I confess...One of the best posts I read last week was my friend, Lana's post, about her meeting a very popular talk show host a few years ago.  You can read all about it, by clicking HERE.

I confess...If you read Cyndi Spivey's blog, Grace & Beauty, you may remember that she mentioned this necklace earlier this week. Well, I ordered it.  Can't wait for it to come in!

I confess...Speaking of jewelry, I've lost one of my Pandora charms off my bracelet and I'm absolutely sick about it! I think Jack may have eaten it!

I confess...That I nearly cried when S told me earlier this week, "I want a relationship like you and Wayne have." And just the week I needed to hear it, too, right? With our anniversary tomorrow? I know I talk alot about S, but she's had such a hard life and just when I think I've completely failed at showing her my Christ-centeredness, she says something that totally throws me off base and I think, "Okay.  Maybe she IS getting it!" She's been hurt again in the relationship department recently, but I am so proud of her for taking a stand about how someone treats her.  Please continue to pray for my friend.

That's all I've got today, Peeps!  Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you back here next week!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Another Pinterest Recreation ~ Leopard and Mint

Y'all know what a leopard queen I am.  And I have loved this pin since the palazzo pants came in style about two years ago - which is about how long ago I pinned this to my Spring and Summer Board. I searched the world over and was never able to find these awesome leopard pants, but even today, I love the mint and print together.

This is one of my go-to spring outfits. I love to layer the leopard cardigan on these cooler, Louisiana mornings.  But by mid-day, I'm shucking it for the lace empire blouse that I love so much!

Sorry I don't have a pink flamingo in my backyard to match!

Photos courtesy of my Mini Me.

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