Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favorites

I hadn't planned to write a FF post, but we had such a GREAT week that I wanted to share it today! I'm linking up with Andrea and April and Susan.

{one.} Cinnamon French Toast Bake. I'm not sure when I pinned this recipe on Pinterest, but last week I was going back through some of my boards to find new things to try while Katie was here this week and besides, I got my cooking mojo back - even with Felicia! So when I found this recipe that called for CANNED cinnamon rolls, I was like, "Gee!  How hard can this be?" And that's just it! It was SO easy! A perfect casserole for brunch or when company stays over.  We loved it! Click HERE for the original recipe {I quartered the cinnamon rolls instead of halving them}.

{two.} Parenthood. Ok, I'm new to the Parenthood bandwagon and I realize that the show is like, totally over, but I'm watching it on Netflix and oh, how I love, love, LOVE this show!!  Why, oh, WHY didn't I start watching it sooner!!??

I mean, I wouldn't say that I've been living under a rock or anything like that...I KNEW the show existed...I just didn't know how WELL the show existed! THIS SHOW should be your next Netflix binge watching session! I watched the first season this week and I cried and I smiled and I just felt so good about life, ya know?

{three.} Ryker is here! You may remember me mentioning a few weeks ago that some close friends of ours were expecting a baby boy just any day!  Well, Ryker arrived earlier this week and I was so excited that my very own OB doc got to deliver him {she was on call and I just absolutely think the world of her!  No one compares to Dr. Shep!}.  Wayne wheeled me to the hospital because, of course, I had to get my hands on him!  And I'm happy to report that all is well with this new family of three!  Congratulations Chad and Jannah!

{four.} A mini vacay. On Tuesday, we headed out bright and early with Katie and Alise's friend, Kate, and drove over to Dallas to spend some time at Great Wolf Lodge, the American Girl Doll Store, and ice skating at the Galleria. It was a quick over night trip and we did not stop the entire time we were there! Lots and lots of girl time and they loved every minute of it!

I was SO proud of Wayne for donning his swim shorts and spending some time with Alise and the girls on the slides {Especially since I couldn't because of Felicia!}. I believe he got a workout just climbing the steps to the slides, but I think he enjoyed it as much as they did! Needless to say, we were all very tired Tuesday night!

{five.} Being content. Last Sunday in our Life Group, we talked about learning to be content.  So when this popped up in my Instagram feed this week, it put a smile on my face.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Enjoy these long, hot days of summer! 


  1. A busy overnight trip for sure. Those are my favorite little getaways. Have a fun weekend.

  2. Looks like Dallas was a blast!! That cinnamon roll breakfast is coming to my kitchen ASAP! Parenthood is one of my absolute favorite shows, I was so sad when it ended. I would tell Mike all the time that I wish I was a Braverman, I just love that family :) Beautiful baby and message at the end. I need a reminder to be content in the moment every once in a while! Have a great weekend!

  3. I am soooo glad you did a Friday Favorite post because it WAS a great week!!! Look at your gorgeous pictures!!! You and hubs are adorable, boot and all!!! Those girlies look like they are in heaven! What a fun time and priceless memories! I will now drink my coffee and wish I had some of that French toast!! Happy Weekend beautiful!!!

  4. Great round up of the week! The girls look like they had a blast in Dallas, and go Wayne! What a trooper. Have to laugh, Alise looks like she is doing Sic 'em Bears in that one picture (Katie would be proud). I didn't realize Lysa had an IG, duh?!! I love her books. Need to follow ASAP.

    1. Ha ha, Lauren! She was trying to make "a wolf" face! I'll have to tell her what you said! Hope you're doing great and enjoy your weekend!

  5. Thank you for that wonderful quote! I am so glad you are enjoying your summer!! Other than your friend Felicia, you look like you are having a ball!! Happy weekend! Susan

  6. All good favorites! There's a Great Wolf Lodge in WA...I had no idea it was a chain until now! I need to make that cinnamon roll french toast bake! Two of my favorite things! My fiance and I were late to the Parenthood bandwagon too but it really is SO great! I was so sad when we finished it.

  7. Great post Laura. I'm always a little afraid to come to your blog because you post such decadent and tempting recipes. OMG that casserole looks good. I love me a good warm cinnamon roll. I've been meaning to catch up on Parenthood as well. I've watched it here and there, but never stuck with it. Sounds like a great little getaway to the lodge and cute cute baby.

  8. I can't get past the french toast bake - oh my gosh!! How delicious!?

  9. Umm..yum! That looks delicious. And Ryker...precious!! You guys packed in a LOT for one day!!

  10. I cried when parenthood was over! I loved loved it! Only you could make Felicia look good!!

  11. Seeing those pics from Dallas makes me miss home. I can tell you had a great time!

  12. Wow, that was a quick, action packed trip!

    You do know that Tonya Shepperd is a Bastrop gal and we are sure proud of her and I don't know anyone that doesn't love her as a Dr.

    And, I've already printed out that recipe, looks like ooey, gooey goodness!

    Happy week Laura!

  13. Oh there is just nothing better than a brand new baby!