Friday, October 07, 2011

What I'm Lovin' Friday

I wanted to show you a pic of our Halloween ghosts that Alise helped me put up last weekend! She was quite the little helper!Day
And night

Now for more Halloween and Fall ideas....

Have you ever heard of a Halloween Tree? You may think it's overkill {Ha! No pun intended}, but I kinda like the idea. After all, it's giving added use to that Christmas tree that you put up one time a year! I am lovin' the third Halloween tree in this series . I think the witch's hat on top is why I'm loving it!

And speaking of witches, these two sassy ones had a fun play date last weekend! Complete with my favorite homemade chocolate cake!
I LOVE Apothecary Jars and these are no exception! The neat thing about jars like this is that they are so versatile for the seasons. They come in all different styles and sizes. If you're interested in buying a set, I recommend browsing the ones at Hobby Lobby. They have some with fleur de lis lids that I've had my eye on for a while.

How about an easy peasy craft for that class Halloween party? Check this out. I bet you could find some Sassy Witches to help put those together!

Okay. So now I have a question. Pumpkins. Does anyone still carve pumpkins? Or do you buy the fake pumpkins and carve those so you can reuse them every year? There are real pumpkins. There are fake pumpkins. There are orange, white, black and red pumpkins. So how do you choose these days? The Horton's are traditionalists, I guess. For Alise's first Halloween, we carved a pumpkin and we have every year. She loves it!

Here are some of my favorite Halloween Pumpkins:

Mardi Gras Pumpkins
Pottery Barn Light Up Pumpkins
Monogrammed Pumpkins
White Pumpkins
Pumpkins Falling Out of Fireplace

And my absolute fav: Bling Bling Pumpkin

And THAT'S what I'm lovin' this Friday!

I hope you have a Bling Bling Weekend!


  1. We were at Target last week and the hubs commented on the tree for every holiday thing. :)

    I love carving pumpkins! M doesn't, but he will participate if I scoop his out.

  2. We love this time of year! I love decorating for fall! You decorations are so cute and fun!