Thursday, June 02, 2011

My List of 7 Things

In order to collect my thoughts today and have this post make even the slightest bit of sense, I thought I would just make a list. Sometimes I just work better with a list!

1. My famous chocolate cake is baking in the oven as I type this post. I don't make this cake for just anybody, you see. It's kinda like a "special occasion" cake. Mostly because it takes two. freaking. days. to make {and I'm trying to squeeze it all in to one night}! I'm making it for an employee who is turning 40 on Saturday. We are decorating her office early tomorrow morning with nothing short of saran-wrapping her chair!! Fun times at the Mother Ship.

2. Wayne has started the Atkins diet with his friend Robbie. This is most definitely a MAN'S diet!! He's been on it since Tuesday and he is doing very well. The last sweet sugary thing he had was a bowl of Butterfinger Ice Cream on Monday. Oh! And a small piece of Angie's Mandarin Orange Cake {to die for, by the way!}! I am so proud of him!! He says the hardest thing for him is liquids. The man was addicted to Mt. Dews and the diet ones are horrible. So he says. The poor man was craving sweet tea so bad last night that he made some and used splenda. For some of you, the thought of using splenda may not sound so bad, but the after taste is worse than the bite! If anyone has any great Atkins recipes, please send them my way!

3. Tonight is "Date Night"! I get to go on TWO date nights in THREE days! Woo-hoo!!

4. I got stranded in an elevator today! And the phone inside of it didn't work, either!! I was trapped for about 20 minutes. Talk about scary!! I had to bang and holler on the steel doors. Trust me. It wasn't a pretty sight! It got hot in that little cubicle really quick, too! The Mother Ship is actually in the process of replacing all the elevators and of course, I was on one that hadn't been replaced yet. And to think! All I wanted was a grilled cheese sandwich from the cafeteria!!

5. Yesterday I got stranded at work because an employee accidently took my keys home thinking they were her husband's! Long story short, when I got back from lunch, I stopped by the employees office to show her what decorating supplies I had bought for employee in #1 above and I left my keys on her desk. I looked for those stupid keys for thirty mintues and ended up calling my dad to pick me up because I couldn't find them. Just as I was walking out the door, employee in #1 above hollered for me that yes, her co-worker had accidently taken my keys home. Are you confused?

6. Some of you have asked about Bo. He is growing, growing, growing!! He is really such a docile and pretty dog. He hasn't discovered his bark yet and he loves it when we get home in the evening and when Alise's friends come over to play. For a mom, it's really awful because the kids come in smelling like dog and I'm constantly having to remind Alise to wash her hands after she's played with him, but he is SO sweet! He no longer sleeps in his cage in the house at night and with the HAWT temperatures, I worry about him outside during the day, but now he has his own personal fan so he should be just fine! For those of you that have asked, he is a German Short-Hair.

7. I promise to return with "What I'm Lovin' Fridays" in a few weeks. I've been saving some things to show you in a future post, but I want to post pictures of the flowergirl first. I'm going to try, try, try to get the wedding post up on Sunday afternoon. I feel like I am doing a diservice by not showing you how beautiful she was. I didn't take pictures during the ceremony, but I got some great pictures of H & Alise.

So there you have it! All the things that are either running through my head or have happened to me in the last 24 hours!

I just have ONE question: Why couldn't I have been trapped in that elevator with Matthew McConaughey??

Y'all have a GREAT weekend!


  1. You know he doesn't shower right? It would start to smell really bad up in that elevator!

  2. You are so funny! I love reading your posts. Being trapped in an elevator isn't funny at all though.

  3. I am so jealous. Two date nights!