Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Wedding

Alise woke up with a smile on her face last Saturday morning. She knew it was the day that she would get to wear THE dress. THE dress that has been hanging up with a bag over it for nearly three months. THE dress that - when the day we bought it - she asked if she could put it on to go jump on the trampoline. THE dress that brought tears to my eyes when she tried it on for the first time because I felt like I was looking into the future of what a beautiful bride she herself would be one day.

The night before, during rehearsal, I got a little worried. We got to the church a few minutes late and the HUGE wedding party was already on stage. Soon after we sat down, the coordinator asked for the flower girl. I told Alise to go on up to the front {we were sitting on about the third pew}. She got up and made it to the pew in front of us and then began acting like she was scared and came back to me. I was like, "OH NO Sista! You aren't going to do this! If you can get up in front of a group of people and say, "Please stand for the pledge and remain standing for the prayer," then you can do this!" Of course, I didn't say that, but that's what I was thinking! Bride to the rescue! I started walking Alise to the front of the church and H met us. H walked her up the steps to her place and before I was back to my seat, Alise had already made friends with one of the bridesmaids. I was so glad! Whew!

Rehearsal went very well and she made fast friends with the ring bearer who was three years old and a sweet bridesmaid named C. C took Alise under her wing and was so nice to her.

H was so sweet to give Alise and American Girl doll that looked just like her! She came complete with a wedding dress and veil.
....Wayne, me, my flower girl, H, and her fiance, A. Oh! And THEIR flower girl, Alise. I was so happy I wanted to cry!

After the rehearsal, we had a Fiesta style supper at the church. The buffet was loaded with every kind of Mexican dish imaginable! The food was wonderful! There were "props" set up in certain places throughout the room and Alise took full advantage of them!
Alise and H with mustaches

On Saturday afternoon, after hair appointments, we joined H and all the bridesmaids at the Evan's home for rest and a light snack. Alise was in heaven to be a part of such a wonderful day!
A beautiful bride and her flower girl.

I absolutely love this picture of H looking at her new ring with all of her bridesmaids. The lighting was off, but the bridesmaid dresses were the most beautiful color of blue green!

Alise said something funny in this pic and everyone was looking at her and laughing. I love it!

My favorite picture!

My second favorite picture. Alise was the first one on the dance floor after all the "proper dances" had been danced. She had a ball with the band. Before we left, H asked Alise if she wanted to go dance. The groom joined them later on the floor. It was a perfect ending to a very, very special day!

I hope H & A live happily ever after!


  1. Beautiful pics!! I know this was such a special day for you!!!! I enjoyed the pics so much!

  2. What a special day! Alise looks just beautiful! How neat to have your daughter be a flower girl for your flower girl.

  3. What a sweet sweet story. I think the blue green colors are in style right now for weddings. Leslie's colors are called "Pool". To me they look like the famous Tiffany's color. I love Alise's dress, so pretty. She was just the belle at the ball. She made a beautiful flower girl. Katie can't wait to be a flower girl again for Leslie's wedding next May. She's so excited.

    Stay cool!

  4. Beautilful... And thank you so much for your sweet comments and prayers. I'll post later tonight for an update!