Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Summer 2020 Favorites With The Style Six

Today I'm linking up with my Style Six Sisters and showing you a few of my favorites this summer. My list - which is not all inclusive (just what popped in my head!) - is a hodge podge of things that have made me smile and or made my life a lot easier through this ever so bleh summer of Corona. Due to laziness, I did not include pictures of the products, but you can click on the links to see what I am referring to. It's the long, dog days of summer y'all, and to be honest, I'm over it.🙄
Earlier this summer, I came across Dove's Body Wash Mouse while I was waiting on Mini Me, who was browsing the cosmetic aisles in Target. I love this stuff, y'all! It smells so good and really foams up like you would expect a mouse to do. I even use it to shave my legs and it goes perfectly with Dove's Exfoliating Polish. I combine these two products everyday in the shower and my skin feels so smooth and soft and smells wonderful. 

You may have seen these on my Insta stories a while back, but I am loving these nails by KISS! I haven't worn nail tips in a while because I prefer gel polish at the salon. Blame it on watching too many you tubers and the rise in Corona because I ended up buying not one, but TWO, packages of these nails and they are fantastic! And so inexpensive, too! Totally worth it.  I've been wearing mine for about ten days and they are still on and looking lovely.

My ten year old Kindle decided to bite the dust early this summer and I desparately needed another for my rafting days in the pool. Wayne ordered me the new Kindle Paperwhite and it's perfect! And speaking of books, two of my favorites so far this summer have been, The Last Flight, and A Good Marriage. Totally recommend.

Alise dropped our vacuum cleaner from the top of the stairs last month, and so you can imagine what kind of noise THAT made! Wayne determined that it was toast, so we decided on this Shark vacuum from Amazon. It actually arrived on Wayne's birthday and he loved telling everyone that he got a vacuum cleaner for his present. 

I've heard about the brand, The Ordinary, for a while, but it wasn't until I saw a you tuber talking about their quality of products that I decided to take the plunge for myself. I ordered the AHA/BHA Peeling Solution and I've been using it for a week. It's an anti-aging product and I have to tell you that it leaves my skin oh-so soft! I just ordered Buffet and Niacinamide. The reviews on these Ordinary products are all pretty high as I haven't found anyone that hasn't liked them and had amazing results. I'll keep you posted. 

I feel like I have finally graduated to the runner's level with these Nike shorts. I've always wanted a pair, but they never looked right on me. And even though I am NOT a runner, I have lost some weight and inches over the last several months (Hello, goal weight!) so I decided to give them another try and who knew?? Dropping a size makes them look better! Ha! 

Since I have been working from home this summer, I have said good-bye to my daily makeup routine and started using concealer and a setting powder for foundation. Elf's Camo Concealer is the bomb dot com and so much so that I actually purchased two shades: one for foundation and one to use as a highlighter under my eyes. They are only $6! 

Alise loved this little halter top from Amazon and I have to say that it is oh-so cute on her! Takes me back to when I was 15 and SKINNY! Oh, well.  THOSE WERE THE DAYS!!


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  1. Oooooh friend, this was a good one! I want those products from The Ordinary! And heck yes to new concealer. I can only imagine the sound of that vacuum dropping - ugh! Poor Alise! I'll bet you look adorable in your new running shorts!

  2. You will love the Ordinary serums you ordered! I was convinced to try them after reading blogs and I'm so glad I did - I think they really make a difference to my skin and they don't add a lot of extra time or cost! :)

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From Blue

  3. Always love your Hodge Podge’s!!! That halter is cute! And that is so funny about Wayne and the vacuum cleaner as a birthday gift, LOL! I hope your day is wonderful and smooth!

  4. Oops for the vaccum! I do want to upgrade mine but I need to wait till it bites the dust. Maybe I should drop it down the stairs lol!

  5. I have not heard of The Ordinary products so will have to look into those for "anti-aging" as being over 60 the wrinkles in my neck are terrible and I've been on the hunt for something that will help with that issue. And...can you please share what you are doing to loose weight and inches as I have done the opposite during COVID with being around food all the time and baking more because of not being out and about. I love the hint about using Mouse for shaving!

    1. Thank you so much for the stopping by and your comment! You may have just given me an idea for a future blog post about my exercise routine! Have a great Wednesday!

  6. My kindle is so old too & every day I get nervous this is the last day it's gonna survive

  7. Those Nike shorts are my favorite. I add a new pair about once a year. They are so comfy and come in such cute color combos. Hope you're having a good week. XOXO

  8. Thank you so much for all the recommendations. I always trust your picks and have clicked over to all of them. This summer was definitely on the "blah" side, wasn't it? Congrats on the goal!

  9. I'm intrigued with those Ordinary products you've shared! I need to check them out. I've been doing some running since Covid started (getting outside and hitting some pavement helps me to stay sane during all this!) and I need to check out those shorts, too! I could use some new ones. Oh wow! I bet that did kill your vacuum. Yikes. Hope it didn't do any other damage to the house on the way down!


  10. I love those Kiss Nails and have a few packages myself too! I am going to have to keep an eye out for that mousse and body scrub. I LOVE body scrubs and how they make my skin feel.

  11. Lots of great tips here, but especially the book recommendations. I'm an avid reader and have been looking for a couple new reads. I just bought both for my Kindle. Thanks, Laura!

    xx Darlene

  12. With all this craziness, it's pretty rare for me to wear makeup too but my kids go back to school in 2 weeks so we need to start working on a routine.

  13. Hey, just want you to know that I always, always check out your book recommendations. I have pinned the 2 mentioned in this post. Your taste in books seems similar to mine. Am about to finish Jen Hatmaker's book and I am trying to remember if it is you who read and recommended it? Have SO enjoyed it!

    About the shorts - do they have the built in panty thing so you don't have to wear undies with them? Sure are cute. I like the pink with the flowered piping around them. Yay for you and your weight loss. I have gone the other direction. UGH. Which means these shorts might not be nearly as cute on me!