Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Style Six ~ Take One

Welcome to The Horton Family Blog! 

Well, today's THE day, Friends! It's the very first take of The Style Six linkup and I oh-so hope you're here to link up with us or browse other blogs for fashion and beauty ideas. For those of you that are stopping by for the first time today, my name is Laura and I've been blogging since my daughter was one year old. She's fourteen now and a little bit on the sassy side. I honestly have no idea where she gets it (Ha!). I've also been married to my college sweetheart for nearly twenty-five years and I wouldn't change a thing! He's simply the best! 

But I have a confession to make. 

I'm nervous. Do I look nervous?
See, I allowed some of my closest girlfriends to talk me into this Style Six gig. And although I love them to pieces and I think it's a really great idea, I've still got some butterflies. For thirteen years, my blog has been about our family - with my crazy and sarcastic thoughts thrown in from time to time - and so now, throwing in the fashion link up changes things up a bit. Oh, don't worry. The blog will still be our family scrap book, but now the pressure is on to bring you a fashion or beauty post once a week. Sharing pictures of myself is definitely taking me out of my comfort zone so we'll see how it goes! I would LOVE for you to leave me a comment with any fashion or beauty ideas that you would like to see on my blog in the future. 

So with that in mind, I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this blue boho blouse thanks to my friend, Kellyann! She featured it in another color on her blog mid-summer and since royal blue is one of my favorite colors to wear, that's the color I ordered.
This flowy tunic is made of a soft, silky material, contrary to what the website refers to as "polyester." The style I'm wearing is definitely not polyester. The embroidery is so unique, too. I thought about styling it with some shorts, but opted for white jeans and leopard platforms instead. 
I wore this beautiful blouse for the first time this summer in Alabama at a book signing with my favorite author, Beatriz Williams. It just so happened that we were in town the same day, on our way to see Wayne's family. I received an autographed tote for traveling the farthest to see her. Beatriz is a wonderful author and if you enjoy historical fiction, I highly recommend her books. 
This look has also become a favorite for church and work, which you'll come to know that I refer to the office as "The Mother Ship." I've paired it with wide white palazzo pants AND I love this tunic so much that I just recently ordered it in another style and color, but you'll have to wait and see because that's another post to come.

And now it's your turn! 


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Monday, September 09, 2019

Confessions ~ August 2019

Sharing some school related confessions today that are coming at you with an August title simply because I didn't get to finish this post in August and they are not my September thoughts.  Just wanted to clear that up in case there was any misunderstandings. September has her own thoughts and confessions! See, I've been sick and not feeling well and I also had another breast scare, my two bosses are out on FMLA, so yeah. The blog has simply taken a back seat. So without further adieu, here are my confessions for August! Happy September, by the way! Are you confused yet?
I'm a huge fan of school supplies, but there is no reason that a box of chalk should cost more than a box of crayons. Maybe it's because chalk is nearly obsolete (because of white boards), but still. 

We are SO excited about our school's new girls basketball coach! A few years ago, we became neighbors and friends with one of our local college's most famous women's basketball players. She reached out to Wayne earlier this summer about the head coaching position at our private school and fortunately, for our struggling girls basketball team, everything fell into place. Alise and her teammates have been working really hard this summer with Coach and they are steadily improving. I can't wait to see them play this season in our recently remodeled gym! Coach was also a point guard player and the encouragement and patience she has given Alise is just remarkable. 

I was saddened to read that my beloved eleventh grade English teacher passed away a few weeks ago. I absolutely loved Ms. H and our friendship. She was the teacher that encouraged me to return to AP English class my senior year (I had sat out my junior year). I visited her a few times after I graduated high school and we kept in touch for a while. She was 94. 

I recently saw that First Baptist Church of Orlando's congregation supplied local elementary kids with 2,500 back packs! Isn't that amazing?

A few weeks ago, I shared that Alise is starting her freshman year of high school. All I can say is that things are SO different from the fall of 1987, which was MY freshman year. And I WILL confess this: (so far!) high school is SO much dang better than middle school!!  OH. MY. GOODNESS!! Maybe all the kids have grown up over the summer - having to read THREE books for Honors English over the summer will do that to ya! - I don't know, but I am SO happy about less drama. With the exception of homecoming, of course! 

Speaking of Baby Girl, my daughter's reign as Queen of Musical Chairs has come to an end. Several of my friends sent me videos of Alise going up against a senior football player in the game, Musical Chairs, at our first pep rally of the season. She has always won the game and on this particular day, beat out all the upperclassmen, except for this particular senior (who I'm told cheated), so I had to have the conversation with her that seniors are suppose to win the pep rally games. Of course, she thought that was the stupidest thing ever. 

Alise and I ran into my high school typing teacher a few weeks ago when we went to see the movie, Overcomer (which I highly recommend, by the way!). She told Alise I was the fastest typer in the class (which I don't think I was, but I'll take the compliment) and asked if Alise had taken typing in school yet. I thought that was funny, since now it's called "key boarding." I just remember that Ms. P would come around to our desks and watch us for about a minute to be sure we were typing with the correct fingers and my hands would sweat so badly.

I don't remember having as much homework as Alise does as a freshman in high school. Her social life has pretty much been put on hiatus due to all her homework, tests, and extra assignments. And as I've already stated on my IG stories, I hate Spanish! If you know why a foreign language is required to get into college, do tell. 

Okay. That's all the school news I've got for this month! Remember how I said on Friday that I was dreading this five day work week? Sigh. It's time to get this Manic Monday started! We got this, Friends!  Let's do it! 

Friday, September 06, 2019

Friday Favorites

I don't know about you, but even with the shorter, four day week, it's been a LONG week! I don't even want to THINK about having to work five days next week! So let's NOT think about it and just jump on in to this week's Friday Favorites!  Thanks for joining me!
Baby Girl needed a study break on Monday from a huge science test the next day, so we went to see the movie, Overcomer. I heard Priscilla Shirer talk about the movie on recent podcasts with Alli Worthington and Lisa Whittle, and I have been a fan of Alex Kendrick since he visited and spoke at our church many years ago. Let me just say that you really need to see this movie. It is SO good, but take a box of kleenex with you. On the way home, Alise and I had a great conversation about "divine appointments." 
For the baby shower that I mentioned on Wednesday, I had crunched up some Oreo cookies for a topping for the ice cream bar. I had so much left over, that I decided to find a recipe on Pinterest that I could use them in and it just so happened that I already had an Oreo pie crust in the pantry. This no bake recipe fit the bill for what I was looking for. It was the perfect dessert for a weekend of college football! This weekend, jambalaya and chocolate cake with peanut butter icing is on the menu. 
I purchased my first Victoria Emerson leather wrap bracelet last week and I. AM. HOOKED!!  I LOVE THEM!! I'm like Oprah!  Everyone's getting a VE wrap bracelet for Christmas! Ha! But seriously! Be sure to visit their website and see all the latest styles. I'll show you how I've been wearing mine in another post soon! 
In case you didn't know it, Ulta is having their "21 Days of Beauty" campaign right now. I ran in the store on Wednesday specifically to pick up these. I thought it was such a great deal, four pads for less than $9 (regularly $32 for eight pads). I haven't tried them yet, have you? I'll let you know what I think soon enough. On Thursday, our store was out of the MAC Creme in my Coffee lipstick, so I came home and ordered it online. 
Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels
True story: While I was in Ulta that day, I got a call from my bank letting me know that I had left my drivers license in the cannister at the drive through earlier. I was SO thankful that the bank teller called me to come back by and pick it up. Whew! 
Did you see my announcement last Friday? Well, in case you didn't, it's certainly worth mentioning again today! I simply can not WAIT for you to join us! 
Happy Friday, Loves! I hope you have a fantastic weekend! Wayne and I had plans to dash out of town, but since the heat indexes are going to be greater than 100 degrees here this weekend, we postponed our trip and opted for just a date night instead. I'm going to finish my fall decorating, and there is basketball practice and homecoming shoes shopping on Alise's agenda this weekend, too. 

See ya back here on Monday for a confessions post!  

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Currently ~ September 2019

A few weeks ago, some friends and I doused another mom friend with all things PINK, by hosting a baby shower in her honor. Our friend is CURRENTLY a happy mom of three boys and now she is pregnant with that precious baby girl! So of course, we had to celebrate her and her bundle of joy! I say "doused" because despite the fact that we had just repainted the kitchen red (again!), I felt like the entire kitchen and dining area had been hosed down with Pepto-Bismol. Suffice is to say, though, the shower was pinky perfect!
making || I started on the decor a week ahead of time because I'm crazy like that. I had this idea in my mind of how I wanted everything to look and even though Pinterest had some wonderful ideas, I never found the exact decorations or background that I wanted. And even my finished design didn't turn out like the one in my head, but it worked and it still turned out oh-so cute. Everyone loved it! 
taking || Of course there was lots of picture taking that afternoon, especially between myself and the two other hostesses. Here are just a few below. I only regret not getting a picture of K with her mom and sister. We had quite the turnout and K received lots of sweet gifts and most of them were pink, of course! 
discovering || All the new things for babies these days! Oh, my goodness how things have changed in the last fifteen years! Swaddlers are all the rage for newborns and when Alise was born, I was lucky if I could get a blanket around her! The swings are so much smaller and the pacifiers look totally different. I discovered from a co-worker who I also helped give a shower for at work, that now the daddy has his own diaper bag (a more manly backpack) and the Mama has her own bag. Really? I have to admit, I always thought Wayne looked so cute carrying Alise's diaper bag, but hers were always more of a tote and of course, they always had her monogram. 

consuming || LOTS and LOTS of ice cream! I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to have an ice cream bar for the shower. It's August, it's hot, and our motto as hostesses was to to keep it "sweet and simple." I never thought the ice cream bar would have been as big a hit as it was, but everyone loved it! I pre-scooped the ice cream before the party and refroze it in muffin trays lined with cupcake liners (Thank you, Pinterest!). I served the scoops in a huge Arthur Court bowl that I had left in the freezer for two days to get really cold. My two friends supplied all the toppings for the ice cream. At the last minute, I decided that we could NOT have a shower without cake, so I ordered some petit fours from a local bakery and they were a hit as well! We also had a "salty" bar with dips and chips, and crackers. We planned well because there was just enough ice cream for everyone to enjoy a cone or bowl (or maybe two!).
saving || This wonderful ice cream cone wreath that my mom made for the shower. I hung it on the front door and even though it's late in the summer, I can't wait to use it again next year. She did an awesome job! Mama's crafty like that! 
Did you see my announcement last Friday? Just ONE more week until the girls and I debut our very first fashion link up!  I hope you'll join us!

Friday, August 30, 2019

Introducing: The Style Six

I know. It's been a while. And I have lots to share with you, but first things first! I simply could NOT let this three day holiday weekend pass without sharing the deets with you! Just LOOK at our oh-so BIG news!
That's right, Friends! I'm joining Chrissy, Lisa, Andrea, Kellyann, and Shelly for a weekly fashion link-up. I'm not gonna lie, I've got butterflies, but I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such a fabulous group of fashion savvy friends.  If you would like to know more about these special ladies in my life, click on this link for a post I wrote in July. It was one of my most popular posts that month!

All the FUN begins on Wednesday, September 11th, and we would love for you to join us by linking your FASHION blog posts. It's going to be so much fun! 

Have a GREAT Labor Day weekend, Friends! Is it just me, or does it feel like we just celebrated Memorial Day? Summer has definitely whizzed by, but I am officially ready for Fall. How about you?