Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Fall Trends: Puffed Sleeves With The Style Six

Today's post is for all my 80's Dynasty fans!    

Puffed sleeves are making a comeback for Fall and this girl couldn't be happier!  

Question of the day: Who knows what came first: puffed sleeves or the infamous shoulder pads?         

CW Reboots Classic 1980s Soap Opera 'Dynasty'

Were you a fan of Dynasty with Joan Collins and Linda Evans? I preferred the show's spin off of The Colby's, myself. But, oh, the glitz and glamour of the 80s!

6 '80s-Inspired Fashions for the Dynasty Revival | Vogue

While Alise and I were doing a little back-to-school shopping, I saw this trend EVERYWHERE! I even saw a puffed sleeve t-shirt at Walmart! A t-shirt!

Here are a few ideas for puffed sleeves for the upcoming Fall season.

                 Puff-Sleeve Cropped Top

               Black puff sleeve square neck top | River Island

                 Working The Room Puff Sleeve Top - Hunter

           Dynasty 1x14 Fashion, Clothes, Style and Wardrobe worn on TV Shows ...

So what do you think? Is this a Fall trend that you can get behind? 

Can't wait to show you my latest puffed sleeve find in the coming weeks! That is, when I can convince myself to put a bra on again! 🙉 #keepingitreal


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Monday, September 14, 2020

August 2020 Favorites

I'll admit that August is probably at the bottom of my favorite months list. As in, the very bottom and especially this year! But I have to say, even through this time of Covid and Hurricane Laura, and despite the long six days with no electricity, the month went by pretty fast for me and for that, I'm grateful. We're one day closer to Fall, y'all!

I know the title, "August Favorites" is a little cliche', but in the absence of coming up with a better title, it is what it is. I'm planning to begin sharing my monthly favorites here on the blog. They will be a mix of anything from beauty, books, food, to happy moments with my family and friends. I hope you enjoy them. And if you have suggestions for YOUR favorites that you would like me to try, drop me an email or leave me a comment below.  I'm always looking to try new things!

So without further adieu, here we go! 

Podcasts// I hope this doesn't sound morbid, but two podcasts that I really, really enjoyed last month were The Killing of Jon Benet and The Killing of Marilyn Monroe. These are documentary podcasts despite their awful titles. In regards to the Jon Benet podcast, I couldn't get over the fact that this little girl was killed over twenty years ago. Despite the media's play that the parents were responsible for her death, apparently one of the now deceased detectives created a list of 10 suspects and that's what this podcast is about: delving into the possibility of one of these suspects being the killer. As for Marilyn Monroe, well, it's a documentary about Marilyn Monroe and the conspiracy theories about her death. Dare I say that I now may be reconsidering my own thoughts about JFK's assassination. I'm always looking for new podcasts, so if you know of any I should be listening to on my daily walks, please leave me a comment below. 

Books// I absolutely LOVED Elin Hildebrand's book, Summer of '69. I know, I'm a year late to the party, but I truly think it's my favorite Hildebrand novel. Like, ever. I loved each and every character, the family dynamics, as well as the historical aspects of the book, too (although I would not categorize this book as historical fiction). Speaking of books, Alise had to read, Lord of the Flies, over the summer for her English class. I actually read it my senior year for AP English. I thought that was kinda neat. 

Mobile Groomer// August was actually the second month that we used a mobile groomer for Jack and I have to say that we love it! I was a little worried at first at how he would be treated, but our new groomer is so sweet to him and spending the extra money is totally worth the convenience for us. Our baby is getting one-on-one attention and he's so happy!

Skin Care// I shared last month that I began using a chemical exfoliating peel from The Ordinary. This month, I incorporated the Buffet into my skin care regimen and even though I've only been using this product for about three weeks, I can already tell a difference in my fine lines. I am loving this brand of skin care! Definitely a favorite! My face feels amazing!

Fun Napkins// I don't know about you, but I needed something to celebrate in August and Shark Week in summer is always a highlight to do something fun. Although, I will admit, we did not watch a single episode. Ha! I picked up these cute napkins to go with our shrimp tacos that week.   

Social Break// After taking a much needed three week break from social media in August, I found a fun, new Instagramer named Melissa. She wrote a fantastic blog post titled, How I'm Dealing with 2020, and as I read her post, I was mentally saying, yes, yes, YES! to so many of her coping strategies! Check it out!

Jewelry// I've bought several new pieces of jewelry this month, including these gunmetal earrings from Nickel and Suede, which were their earrings of the month for August. If you missed my Fall jewelry trends post, you can check it out here.

New Recipe// Wayne and Alise have been on a bagel kick for the last month, so I decided to try a new recipe using them. These breakfast bagels were a hit - Wayne had to have his without egg, of course! My only suggestion would be to eat them when they come out of the oven and not warm them up later like I did because the bagel gets hard and tough. I'll just blame it on intermittent fasting, WHICH I am still loving, btw.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I always love reading other bloggers' favorites to get new ideas and try new things. Wishing you a wonderful week! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, September 07, 2020

Sophomore Year With Corona & A Hurricane

Baby Girl started her sophomore year of high school last Thursday! Time is flyin' by, y'all!

This is the latest our small, private school has ever started thanks to Covid and a hurricane.  Maybe you've heard of her? Alise was suppose to start on Thursday, August 27th, but the first day of school was delayed multiple times because Laura decided to rear her ugly head, move closer to Funroe than expected, and wreck havoc on our area here in Northeast Louisiana. We went two days without water, and six days without electricity. So thankful for family and friends who loved us through it because it was hotter than the hinges of hell and this peri-menopausal mama was not a fan!  Special thanks to the Georgia Power boys that came to help us in our time of need. A neighbor posted this sign in their yard and Wayne may or may not have provided adult beverages to the linemen that FINALLY took care of our power line and electrical issues. 

Alise was so excited - dare I say, giddy? - about going back to school and seeing her friends again and I think she is looking forward to getting back in a routine. I'm a little anxious about her taking both geometry and Algebra II this year, but her math teacher assured me that she was totally capable. I need to talk to her about that $180 calculator, though. 

Before the hurricane, I would have told you that I've had so many emotions about this whole going-back-to-school-in-the-middle-of-a-pandemic thing. I know this year is going to look so different than all the others. The bottom line is that it's time to get back to the classroom. There's just something about surviving a category 4 hurricane and being in the hot and humid dark for six days that says, "You've got this!"

But last Thursday morning, while Alise was getting ready for her first day of school, I was having my quiet time and the devotion was on hope. I "hope" (see what I did there? 😊) you have Paul Tripp's daily devotional, New Morning Mercies. "True hope changes the way you live." The daily Bible reading was Psalms 20 and suddenly, I had a verse for the school year. 

I'm choosing daily to trust in God for protection for Alise, her teachers, and our school. God is so much bigger than a virus and I'm not going to live in fear. 

At least my refrigerator and freezer are cleaner than they probably have ever been before thanks to Laura!

Monday, August 24, 2020

My Recent Discovery: Doberge Cake


As a Southern Diva and Louisiana girl at heart, I'm ashamed to admit this little secret. I mean, seriously.  I feel like I have been living under a rock all my life. I've completely disappointed all my Southern Sisters. Please forgive me, but I've never had Doberge Cake. Gasp! 😱 I know, right?

My fascination with Doberge Cake came recently while I was reading Lisa Wingate's novel, The Book of Lost Friends. Other than bookworms claiming how wonderful this book is (as of this writing, I have yet to finish it), I knew nothing about it. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that the setting takes place in Augustine, Louisiana. Then I read that one of the characters had "brought a Doberge Cake" and my curiosity was peaked. 

Doberge Cake? What the heck is that? I literally had to put the book down and turn to my trusty friend, Google, for help. Pronounced "dough-bosh" in North Louisiana and "dough-bear" in South Louisiana, Doberge Cake is a multi-layered cake with a custard or pudding between the layers and topped with icing glaze or frosting. Sound delicious? Yes, indeed!

So then I got to thinking...have I ever had a piece of this decadent dessert? Surely I have, right? I mean, I AM from Louisiana! I found this three minute clip about a baker in Baton Rouge that is keeping Ms. Beulah Ledner's, the originator of the Doberge Cake, sweetness alive. 

Unfortunately, the closest I've gotten to this cake is my Great Aunt Irene's yellow cake with chocolate icing. She would bring it to our family reunions when I was kid and the adults would nearly knock each other down for a piece of that cake. Although it was multi-layered, it did not have pudding between the layers. Instead, Aunt Irene made a VERY gritty, chocolate icing by boiling cocoa with LOTS of butter and sugar! I remember sitting at the table with my mom, aunts, and grandmother as we listened to her describe how she made the cake. She told us that she used a long piece of string to cut the layers and as a kid, I thought that was just fascinating. What I would give to have that recipe today!

So now I'm on a mission. Although I could probably get a local bakery to make one for me, I'm planning to have an "original" piece of Doberge Cake the next time I'm in New Orleans since that's the birthplace of this sweet treat and I can hardly wait! 

Have you ever had Doberge Cake?

Monday, August 10, 2020

This One's For The Scrapbook ~ Part 2

Let's see...where did I leave off?

Whelp! The Mother Ship's plans for my colleagues and I to return to our offices on July 13th got extended a week and then extended indefinitely due to an uprise of Covid cases in our area. I was kinda ok with it because I have enjoyed the flexibility of working from home and just going into the office when I need to. 

Let me just say that the month of July and early August have been nothing more than dodging Corona and canceling plans because we "might" have been exposed to the virus. Unlike some people, we're choosing to show kindness toward others, wear our masks, and use common sense. We've had to say no to invites a whole lot more than we've been able to say, yes, and it sucks. Alise's social calendar has slowed this month, too.

Our 4th of July plans were pretty much canceled when we learned that a team mate on Alise's basketball team may have been exposed to Corona. Of course, practice was canceled, too. So instead, we stayed home and grilled. We went to see the fireworks later that evening at the top of the Mother Ship's parking garage. It's the best seat in our city to see the fireworks every year. 

Alise and I had a Mom & Daughter Day of shopping! We donned our masks and got out of the house for a few hours for lunch and to stop in at all her favorite stores. And let me just say, that shopping just isn't the same with wearing a mask.
I've gotten into intermittent fasting over the last half of the summer and I have no recollection as to why. It just sounded like the right thing to do and dare I say that I think I feel better. It's a game trying to determine when those long 16 hours end, but I truly do feel better. I actually hit my goal weight in mid-July! All that sweating and walking in the humidity at 5AM nearly every morning is finally paying off. 

Basketball practice was halted in the middle of July when another teammate of Alise's tested positive with the virus. I did not have Alise tested, but we quarantined as best we could and none of us ever showed symptoms. The team had just had a small little party after practice, too! 
My best friend recently got remarried to a guy I went to high school with. I am so excited for them as they start a new life together! 

Whelp! She did it! Wayne took Alise back to the DMV to get her permit and so now for the next nine months, she will be chauffering us around. So proud of her! 
We certainly could not let National Ice Cream Day or Wayne's birthday go by without celebrating! We went out to eat at a local restaurant and then had his favorite, Red Velvet Cake, for dessert. 
We waited in line for an hour for snow cones one Saturday afternoon, but it was so worth it.
I finally found a piece to begin decorating our kitchen wall. Wayne painted our kitchen last summer and this particular wall has been blank ever since. I've had the hardest time deciding on what I wanted to do with it. More to come. 
Alise got invited to go to the beach with some friends at the end of July. She had the best time and even used sunscreen this time! 
And now...? Now we're waiting on yet another friend's test results from Covid. Like I said, it's been a month of holding our breaths and sighing with relief. I'm not sure how much longer the virus will escape us. I'm pretty sure when school starts back, our number will be up and we'll come down with it. 

There have definitely been days when I've been ready to throw in the towel. I'm over Covid; I'm over racial injustice and protests; I'm over sex-trafficing and politics. And I'm certainly over the evil in this world. As Christians, our hearts long for Heaven and I've selfishly prayed that Jesus would just come back and take us  to Heaven with Him. And then someone in our Life Group posted this verse from John 17, "Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am, and to see my glory, the glory you have given me because you loved me before the creation of the world." This was the prayer that Jesus prayed in the garden the night before his crucifixion and it reminded me how much God loves us and desires people to come to him and be saved, even in the last days. 

So until then, we'll keep looking up and praying for better days.