Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Tuesday Talk: Pinterest Recipe Surprises

You may remember a few months ago, I shared some Pinterest disappointments. And because I don't like being the bearer of bad news, today I thought I would share some Pinterest surprises when it comes to recipes that I've recently tried. I don't know about you, but I love it when a new recipe is a yummy family pleaser. 
Baked Honey Hot Chicken Sandwiches || I'm not big on chicken sandwiches, but Wayne has a friend that supplies us with boneless chicken breasts and they're just thin enough to be perfect for sandwiches and that's why I decided to try this recipe one Sunday for supper. I served these on Kaiser buns and they were delicious! Totally surprised by the flavor of this new family favorite!

Cajun Caviar || Have you ever tried spreading pepper jelly over another thick layer of complete cheesiness? Let me just say that it isn't easy. This dip did not look all that pretty but our guests literally inhaled it while we waited for our crawfish to boil. Perfect app for a large crowd and the men especially like it! 

Cherry Cheesecake Dip || If you like cherries, then this is the perfect dish to serve as an appetizer or dessert. This recipe is so easy and I served it with graham crackers for dipping and it was a huge hit. 

Philly Cheese Steak Crescent Braid || I'm not sure why this recipe was a surprise because doesn't everything taste better wrapped in crescent rolls? I mean really! If you're a Philly Cheese Steak fan, then I highly recommend this filling meat braid.  I cut a little of the onions and it was still delicious.

Sopapilla Cheesecake || So I've mentioned this recipe before when I made it for our Cinco de Mayo party. And, yes, it calls for crescent rolls, too, so of course it's yummy! My kitchen smelled amazing as our guest arrived. There's just something about cinnamon and sugar.

I hope you're having a great week so far! I'm ready for a long weekend, aren't you? We're headed to Texas later this week and it is "officially" Alise's birthday weekend! We've been so busy - or either it's raining! - that I haven't even gotten the chance to enjoy our pool yet! My pool float is calling my name! Hopefully it will happen soon enough!  Have a GREAT Memorial Day Weekend!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Twinning With Andrea

I am beyond thrilled to be joining my friend, Andrea from Living On Cloud Nine, for a twinning collaboration today. Y'all know that I don't consider myself a fashion blogger, but when one of my favorite fashion bloggers and best friends makes a delightful suggestion (I think I've been binging too much of The Crown this weekend, but of course it is a delightful suggestion!) to share these great comfy wide leg pants from JC Penny's, I simply could not say no. Any time I get to twin with her, it's such a treat! 
I honestly can't remember how Andrea and I both ended up sporting these colorful striped pants because it certainly wasn't planned. Great minds think alike, maybe? When I was younger and ended up wearing the same outfit as someone else, my mother use to say, "That just means you have great taste." Yes! I think that's it! Andrea and I have great taste! Although I truly believe her taste is better than mine. If you don't currently follow her blog or IG stories, you are truly missing out! Andrea and I finally got to meet last October in Nashville, along with our friends, ShellyChrissyKellyann, and Lisa. As with all these girls, it was like we had been friends forever and that is one of the best feelings in the world. I love this Girlie for her genuine friendship and kindness to others. She makes me laugh so dang hard and gives the best advice. We love the same books, she's an 80's girl, too, and her recipes are out of this world delicious! 

So here's my story of how I came to own these cute pants. I actually saw another blogger wearing a similar pair of striped pants with a cute t-shirt and I thought they were just adorable. I happened to be in Penny's around Easter when I saw a pair on an aisle rack. I nearly passed them up.  They are the brand a.n.a., which is one of my favorite JC Penny brands.  I have several pairs of a.n.a. dress pants that I wear to the office, and once I tried these soft linen pants on, I was in love. They are office worthy and even the nuns would approve (inside office joke).
I just love how Andrea styled hers with the gold cropped tank. So cute and perfect for the hot summer days ahead. And I especially like that fact that even though we did not plan our looks, we both styled our pants with a jean jacket since we both tend to get cold in restaurants (or the office for me!) during the hot months.
This is going to be a GREAT week, Loves! My busy season at work has come to an end, so I can enjoy our summer break and slower, laid back routine. I hope your summer is off to a great start, too! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Show Us Your Books ~ May 2019

I recently made a new friend while we were at the beach for Easter break. Each day she arrived around 11:00 with her chair, her umbrella, and all her "luggage," and she would sit close to our cabana and read her book. Her husband would join her around 1:00, stay for a few hours, and then leave again. I thought I noticed that she was reading Something In The Water, and once when Wayne and I were coming back from a stroll, I stopped and asked her if she was enjoying it. From our conversation, I got the impression that we both felt the same way about the book and it was fun having an enjoyable conversation with a fellow bookworm. 

It was a slow reading month for me, even at the beach. I enjoy people watching so much that I didn't spend as much time reading as I thought I would. Here are the books I read in April.
And Then You Loved Me ||  Such a sweet romance book with lots of depth and character development. Even thought I did not like it as much as Cooper's last book, A Month In Tuscany (one of my favorite books!), it was still an enjoyable and heartfelt read. Becca and Matt are long lost loves that, once a tragedy strikes, are drove apart until Matt's grandmother dies nearly twenty years later. This book is full of surprising secrets and sad moments, but the ending is worth the read. Three and a half stars. 
The Storyteller's Secret || This book kept popping up on Amazon. If you're a Jodi Picoult fan, then you know that she wrote a book called, The Storyteller, and it is one of my favorite books, so I was little wary about reading another book with a similar title. Well, I ended up enjoying it so much more than I thought I would. Jaya returns to her grandmother's India in search of her family's history after suffering from her third miscarriage. A beautiful story of love, heart break, and resilience. Five stars. I highly recommend this book. 
Daisy Jones & The Six || Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Go straight to Amazon or Barnes & Noble or your local library and get this book! I have been telling everyone I know about it so make sure you read it at some point this summer! I absolutely LOVED this book! So much so that I'm considering listening to the audio version since so many people have been talking about how great it is, too! This was the first book I read on my summer reading list and if the rest of the books I chose are this good, I'm in for a ride! Totally 5 stars.
Be sure to stop by Jana and Steph's blogs for even more posts for bookworms!

Monday, May 13, 2019

3 Things ~ May 2019

I so hope you've decided to write with me for the last time this Spring and before all the summer fun starts. Our last day of school is Tuesday and this Mama is ready for some RE-laxation and downtime. My new pool float is calling my name! 

1. If April showers bring May flowers, what 3 kinds of flowers are you planting this spring?
Y'all know the little tags that come in the potted plants that tell you whether or not they need sun and how far apart to plant them, etc? Well, I actually saved those so that I could specifically tell you what flowers we've planted this spring.  I think the maid threw them away. That's okay, though, because I'm here to tell ya that this Mama does not have a green thumb, nor am I the flower planter in our family. Wayne is. I know he's planted a hibiscus tree in a pot and a bunch of other flowers in beds and other pots around the pool. We spent a small fortune on caladiums in our front flower beds and those suckers haven't bloomed yet. But my daylilies look so beautiful around our fleur de lis fountain. 

2. Cinco de Mayo. End of the school year. A long Memorial Day weekend. How are you celebrating the kick off to summer?
Well, we partied last Sunday for Cinco de Mayo because the Horton's just can't pass up the perfect opportunity to entertain and share tacos with our friends. THIS weekend, we celebrated Baby Girl's 14th birthday a little early so that she could include her friends before they skipped town on summer vacations. Her actual birthday is Memorial Day weekend, so I'm sure we'll be celebrating again with our family and her best friends. 
3. What 3 qualities make a great mom? Or show us a picture of you and your mom and tell us why she is so special to you.
I went to visit my mom yesterday afternoon and since the sun finally decided to spread some sunshine, we sat outside on her patio and watched the hummingbirds swarm and fight with each other. It was such a peaceful afternoon and I loved just being still and having one-on-one time with her. Oh, the fun times we have had! We're actually laughing at each other in this pic! She is my best friend and the first person I turn to when I finally decide I need help with something. She is my rock and I certainly do not give her enough credit for all the happiness she has brought me in my life. I love you, Mama! And you were always right. You're the best!

And this Baby Girl made me a first time mother nearly fourteen years ago. She is the joy of my life and brings me so much happiness. When I was pregnant, I prayed for a blonde, curly headed, blue eyed little girl and God answered only one of those prayers! Ha! Alise will never admit, but her hair is wavy and she doesn't hesitate to tell me that she hopes her hair isn't like mine when she gets older. Whatevah. She's bossy and sassy and likes her cell phone a little too much. Ok, waaayyy too much, but I could not imagine a world without my Mini Me! I am so blessed to be her Mama!
I'm teaming up today with some of my favorite bloggers to wear PINK to show support for this precious little girl. You can read more about Andi's diagnosis at Jessi's Design. Please continue to lift this sweet family up in prayer. 
Happy Monday, Friends! May the joys of motherhood follow you wherever you go and as always, thank you for reading.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Friday Favorites ~ Post Cinco de Mayo

What is happening to me? TWO back-to-back Friday Favorites posts?! It's only fitting that this weeks would be the "post" post to last week's post. Ha! Is that enough posting for you? Honestly, I feel like I'm losing my blogging mojo again (sigh). I haven't had the time lately to catch up on my favorite blogs or leave comments like I normally do and so I'm sorry about that. Our world has been fast and furious for the last few weeks with end of school functions and my deadlines at work, so there hasn't been much time for blogging. So having said all that, here's my favorites for the week!
Our Cinco de Mayo party was a huge success this past Sunday afternoon! So much so that I was in the bed by nine o'clock with a major migraine. And don't think it was because of the margaritas because I did not have a single drop of alcohol. It's absolutely CRAZY how these things just sneak up on you and I was smack in the middle of entertaining our guests when I found myself eating Excedrin Migraine instead of tacos. Despite my head, the taco bar was popping with all the fixin's and my very first sophaphilla cheesecake was an even bigger success (and so stinkin' easy, too)! The weather ended up turning out perfect and so most of us were able to eat outside by the pool. 

This was a quick pic I took on Saturday after the preliminary decorating. I made some tissue paper flowers to go on either side of the chandelier and you'll just have to imagine all the food on the island because unfortunately, I never got a picture. 
So glad I was able to give everyone a laugh last weekend on my IG stories when my mustache took a plunge! Oh, the comments! Lol! Here's a fact: I've never seen Wayne without his mustache. And Sunday, he sported TWO just for fun!  I love that man! 
This is what I wore for the party. You may remember I bought this off the shoulder tee from Shop Bash and I absolutely love it! So comfortable and perfect for the weekend. I'll be wearing it alot this summer with my Cabi cut off jean shorts and Michael Kors flip flops. 
I am in love with this sopapilla cheesecake! The first time I ever had it was at a Mexican themed bridal shower a few years ago and it was so darn good. I thought it would take alot of work to pull something so good off myself until I found this recipe on Pinterest! There were NO leftovers! I had a sliver of a piece and Wayne and Alise are already asking when I'm going to make it again! 
Y'all know that I'm a #royalwatcher so I was very happy to wake up Monday morning to the news of Meghan and Harry's new bundle of joy. But I will admit that I was a little disappointed with the name they chose. Archie? Really? Don't throw your computer at me! I actually had a great uncle named Archie, but for a prince? Again, I say! Really? I had heard that names for the choosing were Albert and Alexander, so yes! I was surprised to wake up Wednesday morning to, Archie! 
And speaking of social media and all that jazz, what is up with the Met Gala? My best friend texted me asking if I'd seen Lady Gaga's eyelashes. I had no idea what she was talking about because I obviously do not follow alot of celebrities. I do, however, follow JLo and I DID notice this headpiece because it reminded me of one Liz Taylor wore once. I'm still clueless about the Met thingy and why everyone dresses so weird. I would research it, but I'm too lazy. And too old to really care. 
I mentioned these cute (and comfortable!) shoes last week from Amazon and warned y'all that I would be ordering another pair!  Well, I did! I ordered these and sized down a half size and they fit perfectly! I absolutely love both styles! 
You might remember that Wayne bought me a pair of Kendra Scott ice blue earrings a few months ago which inspired this post. I actually found a blouse in  my closet that blended with the earrings so I wore them for the first time this week to work and got so many compliments. They look more like a blue gray in the pic, but I promise they are a beautiful blue. 
My favorite podcast of the week was Melissa Radke's interview with Annie F. Downs.  I'll link it here. Also, her conversation with Amy Hannon last week was so good, too. I actually got the chance to meet Melissa last December at a John Crist comedy show and she was SO super nice (I'm too lazy to look for the picture now), and she and her family are actually coming out with a reality TV show in June on the USA channel. Can't wait to watch! 

Earlier this week, I shared my summer reading list and I was so excited that some of you added a few of my choices to your to-be-read list. Someone mentioned starting a summer book club. Who wants to head that up?! I'm game! In the meantime, on Monday, we'll be sharing our last 3 Things for Spring. Write with me on Monday and then we'll meet back up again in September. 

We are super busy this weekend with a certain soon-to-be 14 year old's birthday party. Long story short, we had to change restaurant locations and when I walked into a local bakery with said soon-to-be 14 year old to order a cookie cake for the shin-dig, I had no idea that I would be walking out nearly $100 poorer and with an order of a small wedding cake! Not one of my finer moments for sure, but at least there will be plenty of cake to eat because I won't be able to afford real groceries for the week! And y'all KNOW how much I love cake! 

Happy weekend, y'all! Make it count!