Friday, September 17, 2021

Homecoming 1990

 Warning: Flashback post.

A few nights ago, I was upstairs in the attic with a glass of wine going through all my old high school stuff.  I kept everything, y'all. Every sports article, every football ticket stub, yada, yada. So our 30th class reunion got canceled because of Covid, but some of my closer friends and I have a private group and after a zoom meet up, all the memories we shared had me up in the attic digging through all my high school memorabilia. 

I came across TONS of pictures (I was always taking pictures), but this one grabbed me because this was me at 17, a senior in high school, at my last semi-formal dance. Close enough to Alise's age right now. I couldn't wait to show her the picture, especially since she will be attending my ala mater's 2021 Homecoming this very weekend!

Here are a few details about this picture:

1. I borrowed this dress from my best friend, Amanda. Her mother actually made it. She sewed so she made several of Amanda's semi-formal dresses in high school. Our group borrowed one another's dresses all the time so it blows this mama's mind that Alise and her friend group doesn't do the same. It looks teal or blue in the picture, but it was actually green. When I posted this picture on my IG story, I said I looked like I was wrapped in Easter foil wrapping paper. Ha! My daddy nearly had a heart attack over the spaghetti straps, but I loved the ruching, ruffles, and dropped waist. Alise was not impressed. She said, "You wore THAT?!"

2. Notice the matching podiswa heels. I have no memory of having these heels dyed to match, but I'm pretty sure they were mine because we may have borrowed dresses, but not shoes. And, yes! I am wearing panty hose. 

3. I am assuming this picture was taken in my date's home because the fireplace isn't my parents'. My date was a year older than me and we doubled dated that night with my best friend who was dating my cousin at the time. Carrie's dress was black and white. My date is now a cop in Dallas. 

4. My tan is from a bottle of self tanner from Avon. All my friends were laying in sunbeds and my mother wouldn't let me (now I own one! I showed her! Ha!). I was in the throes of an eating disorder during this time. Although my senior year was one of the best times in my life, I struggled inwardly. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, but best won out!

5. My hair was ombred before ombre was a thing! Actually, it wasn't. That was/is my natural color, although I don't remember it being quite so dark (in the actual picture, it's not). That was probably the longest my hair has ever been and probably ever will be again. The perm is real. It brings me joy that Alise gets her hair color from me. 


Class of '91


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  1. I loved when you posted that on IG! Times were so different then, and the styles too. I laugh because I got a perm during senior year (my friend gave it to me) even though my hair was already wavy. But we had to have those spiral curls. And yes - panty hose! I laugh now because panty hose were a part of our "dress code" when I was a teacher. If we wore pants, we had to wear knee highs or socks. Have a good weekend.

  2. My mom and I made all/ most of my formal dresses too! I don't think any of my friends and I ever thought to borrow dresses from one another but my two best friends were totally different body-types than me so I don't think we could have anyway.

  3. What a wonderful picture and story to go with it. You were (are) beautiful. None of the kids borrow prom dresses anymore and they are SOOO expensive. Some of the kids sell them outright after one wearing. xo Diana

  4. I just LOVE this post. I was Class of 91 too in CT. We shared dresses all the time. Looking at old pictures you can see them making their way around the friends. Same ‘tall’ permed hair. I saved a lot of pictures but wish I took even more. Good times!

  5. I have to show you the photo of my very similar dress! I had it made for a sorority formal in the late 80's. I thought I was the! You are precious Laura - then and now! And I am glad the good won out - it is not easy to be a teenage girl!