Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Two Shades I'm Loving This Fall

 Have you checked out Pantone's fall and winter palette? I personally do not let New York Fashion Week dictate the colors of my wardrobe, but it is nice to see what the trends are. 

I'm very surprised to see all the bright colors in the collection. They have more of a "spring" feel to me and I have yet to see these trends in the stores so far this season. 

However, two colors that I am IN LOVE with this season are navy and rust. And not necessarily together. My obsession with navy began a few weeks ago when I went to visit a friend and see her new home. She had decorated in shades of navy and gray throughout and I just absolutely loved it! As for rust, I loved the pieces that Cyndi Spivey and Jo-lynne Shane wore in this post and it has motivated me to add more of this color to my fall closet. For me, as a blonde, this color can be very tricky since I am not a warm toned person, but I ordered a sweater in this shade just a few minutes ago. 

What are your favorite colors to wear in Fall?


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  1. I also love navy, especially paired with gray or white. Thank you for reminding about these two fashion bloggers that I had apparently unsubscribed from. Now I look forward to checking them out again. Have a great week!

  2. As far as wearing this fall, I am loving burnt orange or deep cranberry. Love the colors you chose!