Thursday, June 22, 2017

Pinterest Five

Can y'all tell I'm in a writing rut? I mean, no offense, to my BFS - that's Best Friend Snapper! - Amanda over at Cardio, Cabernet, and a Keyboard who came up with the swell idea for this linkup, but I'm struggling with writing as of late. Summer is in full swing and we are living the easy life. What can I say? Last summer, I took a small break and then right when I decided to do it, the writer's block vanished and I was back in business. So who knows...? But probably for the remainder of the summer, I'll be popping in and out of Blog Land.

So, yes!  Back to Amanda!  She came up with this awesome idea to give us monthly prompts and have us plug them into our Pinterest search engines and see what pops up! I wasn't sure if we should search our personal boards or just throw it out there in general, so I decided to go the personal route.

This month's search term: Summer DIY

Here are the top five pins that popped up from my own Pinterst Boards when I typed in Summer DIY!

So I'm pretty proud of the first one!  Look,  I have no idea how long ago I pinned this, but obviously fidget spinners have been around for a few years. And so on point for that "bored" kid that still nearly has over half their summer left and wants to complain that they have nothing to do (sound familiar?)! I just threaten with more chores and the boredom tends to cease. For a while anyway. This pin is from Perfection Pending.

And from Frugal Coupon Living, THIS post of some ah-mazing ideas!  I think if I get REALLY desperate, I'll show Alise the paint tattoos. 

I love absolutely EVERYTHING about this watermelon birthday party! So girlie and pink! And perfect for that little one's day in the sun! I wish Pinterest had been around when Alise was younger! What a fun twist for a watermelon stand for summer instead of lemonade! You could sell ice cold watermelon by the slice! AND lemonade!

Forget the art and projects.  Just give me the food and drinks!  This pin was posted for Labor Day originally, but I believe the reason I chose it was because of the this wonderful looking dip that I haven't tried yet! Shame. on. me. One for the summer bucket list! 

There are no words.  I have no idea why I pinned this Fired Ink Art other than the fact that it is so pretty! 

And those are my top five pinterest pins for Summer DIY! I hope maybe these pins will give you a little inspiration for those moments when "summer is boring" and "there's nothing to do." Of course, there's always the chore route, too! Alise is actually cleaning windows this week.  There's nothing wrong with a little child labor in my opinion!

Enjoy your week!


  1. Yeah so this is weird that we're like looking at the same things and like - oh cool yeah ok. HA! Great minds, girlfriend! Sorry my stupid blog and my linker upper provider hate each other but I'm going to showcase you and anyone else who links up ASAP. XOXO (Let's drink and eat smores!)

  2. Sounds like fun. I might need to see what comes up on my feed.

  3. Love that fired ink art! And YES to child labor- there's no way I should keep this house clean on my own when the majority of the messes are from these little people!

    1. Double YES to child labor and making them independent, functioning grown ups!!!

  4. Smore Dip?!?!?!?!? Oh my gosh!!!!
    I so love the watermelon glass. So cute!

  5. I just saw this prompt somewhere yesterday...crazy! I totally feel ya' on the writers block and then throw in the business of summer...aye yai yai! Love me some Pinterest and the watermelon stuff. Adorable!

  6. Cute ideas! Happy summer!