Sunday, August 14, 2016

Weekend Recap

It was a rainy weekend here in Louisiana. Some of you may remember the massive flooding we had here in north Louisiana this past spring. Well, it seems that the southern part of our state is now seeing the same type of weather pattern and catastrophe.

A slow, steady rain makes for great sleeping weather and so Wayne and I took full advantage of it and didn't even get out of bed until 10:30 on Saturday! And it gets better!  We had a day date and then he even went with me to Walmart for grocery shopping. He knows how much I hate shopping at Walmart. I guess he's a keeper!

Saturday night, the girls and I went to dinner and then to the movie "Bad Moms" and laughed so much! We're trying to convince Jennifer's husband to buy a plane so we can all take off for the day on a whim. I think we nearly have him convinced. Ha! We needed some girl time because I think we're all in denial of school starting this week.  None of us are looking forward to it. And I nearly cried in my margarita when they told me that I could not - under any circumstances - walk Alise in to the gym on Wednesday to get her class schedule.  I said, "But what about all the cute first day of school pics?" and they were like, "Laura!  Get a grip!  Those days are over!" Cue the tears, please.

While I was hanging out with my friends, Wayne and Alise had a Daddy/Daughter Date Night and went to the mall to eat and exchange the backpack that we ordered online. They ended up purposely running into a former Alabama football player that lives in our area who we have cheered for since Wayne held his signing papers in his hand (being a UPS man and all...), but never got the chance to meet in person. To say I was totally miffed when I got home and saw the pics on Wayne's phone would be an understatement. 

On Sunday, we went to church, came home and ate BLTs for lunch and then the Sunday afternoon naps commenced.  Alise and I binged on Gilmore Girls for a few hours and I finally pulled it together long enough to look over her reading assignment that's due the first day of school. Then I pulled it together a little more to make a banana pudding and fried rice AND General's TSO chicken because, ya know, S specifically requested Chinese cuisine. Oh!  And did I mention that Baby Girl got new hair color this weekend?  Yea, well, she's having "blonde withdrawals" and so I've got to make "amends" this week in time for roster pics!  #mamatotherescue Lord help me! But guess what!  Banana pudding for the win!  She loved it! Like I said, I may turn her into a southern belle yet! 

Love all my basketball girls!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Loving them smiles!! And wanting a bite of your banana puddin'!! Yay for sleeping in, day dates and seeing a Bama stud! It's gonna be a good week sweet friend!!

  2. Hope the flooding isnt near you and you all are safe!

    OMG banana pudding! I'll be down stat!

  3. Yes, they do grow up and sprout their wings and fly on their own. Really is hard on Mom's heart too. Happy week!