Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer Grilling In Foil Packets

Have you ever grilled in tin foil?

I'm talking about an entire meal, folded up in a foil packet and either baked in the oven or grilled outside?

When Wayne and I first got married, I bought a Weight Watcher cook book with some pretty descent "point-wise" recipes and one of our favorites became a chicken meal that was entirely baked in foil! Complete with onions, peppers, seasonings, and a little BBQ sauce {if I remember correctly!}. This concept was so new to me, yet, when I tried it for the first time, I couldn't get over the the prep time and clean up. It was SO easy and the food was tasty enough that I wondered why my moma hadn't taught me better about cooking with tin foil!  I mean, really, Moma!

Some of you may be familiar with this style and even refer to it as "Hobo Dinners" because of the simplicity of having a complete meal in one packet. For all you "low carb" peeps out there, this is the cooking/baking/grilling style for you!  I promise!

So a few weeks ago on Memorial Day weekend, Wayne was wrapping some ears of corn in tin foil to put on the grill with our chicken and ribs and it made me think about the "chicken packet recipe" from our newlywed days.  I haven't made that recipe in so long and I got to paroosing Pinterest and we ALL know what happens when I start paroosing Pinterest!

A post is born!

Today I'm sharing four recipes that can be made in tin foil and would be perfect for your next bar-be-que with friends!  I can't wait to try them myself.  Or, better yet, get Wayne to try them for me since he's the Grill Master in our family! Enjoy!

The first recipe I want to share reminds me of a good ol' fashion shrimp boil like we love to have here in Louisiana! And what better - and easier! - way to have a little bit of Louisiana cooking for a tasty meal? I can't wait to try this recipe!  I think it will be the first one I try!

These Cheesy Chicken Hobo Packs look delish! Not sure about the ranch dressing, but I'm definitely trying this recipe, too.  Steph is trying to stay away from red meat due to workouts and training, so we've been eating alot more chicken this summer. And just about everytime I see broccoli, I think of Angie's daughter, Maddie, who refused to eat it because she said she felt like she was eating "trees." Ha!

What about a new side recipe? These Grilled Foil Ranch Potatoes look yummy!

I'm usually not a philly cheesesteak kind of girl, but this recipe is different and - putting my own preferences aside - something I think the family would enjoy! Philly cheesesteak in tin foil could definitely make a busy evening so much better! I bet this would be great on hoagie-style buns!

I don't know about you, but I'm all about easy suppers and if it means not having to turn the oven on, then I'm all for it.  I guess my favorite Grill Master needs to show me how to turn on our grill so we can enjoy these great recipes! 

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  1. Be still my heart and my tastebuds!! LOVE me some foil packet grilling' and I think I'm gonna try ALL of these, whoohoo, there is 4 meals crossed off my list!! Happy Monday marvelous friend!!

  2. Yum! These look good. My husband and I were thinking about doing a little shrimp boil dinner this week. I'll have to try this recipe. You know the best thing about a foil packet? Less dishes to clean! Woohoo!
    Here's the link to one of my favorite foil packs meals:

    1. I totally agree! Thinking about doing the shrimp boil packet this weekend to celebrate my dad for Father's Day!