Saturday, June 11, 2016

Basketball Camp 2016

Week 2 of summer had Baby Girl involved at our local college's women's basketball camp. Alise went with some of her teammates from school and of course, my big Baby Girl was there helping and coaching her way through a bunch of little girls excited about basketball! I think she enjoyed it as much as the littles did! Here are some pictures from the last day of camp.

Four of our girls with Dani and Steph

Alise with the assistant coach who is a Hall of Famer at the University.  She made Alise's day by telling her she plays good defense!  I think her daddy was a little proud about that, too!

Alise with the head Coach

My Girls!

My girls acting crazy! It was so funny on the last day because my phone started blowing up at work. Dani and Steph were texting me wanting to know if Alise had anything on under her t-shirt. Apparently her shirt was so big that it looked like she didn't have any shorts on and well!  Mama nipped that in the bud!  I called Wayne and told him to tell Alise to tuck her shirt in! Glad they were looking after their little sister!!

On the last day, the team signs the girls' t-shirts.  Of course, my daughter had to be difficult and didn't want her shirt signed, so Steph and Dani signed her hands instead!

It was a great week!!

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  1. Summer camps are the fun living in a town with a university.