Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What's Up Wednesday ~ May 2016

It's so hard to believe that May is nearly over!  Gosh, it's gone by so fast! Today I'm linking up with Shay at Mix and Match Family for What's Up Wednesday. I totally thought about skipping out this month, but I was in a blogging mood and decided to go with it!

What we're eating...S asked me this past weekend if I've ever heard of Honey Bun Cake.  Honey Bun Cake?!  Have I heard of it?  Well, thanks go my BFF, Leigh, I have and it's delicious!  S asked if we could make it and so I bought all the ingredients and we did. She loved it!  I think I'm slowly but surely turning her into a Southern Girl!  Ha! Here's the recipe I used from pinterest because I was in a bit of a time crunch. Tuesday nights are family nights and so these slow cooker chicken fajitas were on the menu last night. They have quickly become a family favorite! I also shared a rib recipe last week that Wayne found on Facebook and wanted to try.  I made a new chili mac recipe because S sent me the link and wanted to try it and we really enjoyed it this weekend, too! I'll try to post the recipe soon. I love it when my family makes suggestions for dinner.

What I'm reminiscing about...By the time you're probably reading this, I'll be in our school gym - either freezing or burning up! - watching my Baby Girl at her final elementary school awards ceremony! These past seven years - from Prek-4 to 5th grade - have gone by so quickly and I'm sad to see them go. 

I also got to reminisce this past weekend with Wayne and his ex-girlfriend!  Ha!  So funny!  T messaged Wayne a few weeks ago that she would be in town for a tennis tournament this past weekend and wanted to know if we could get together for dinner while she was here. Okay, okay. Wayne would want me to clarify here that T was actually never his girlfriend - they only went out one time, but I knew her because we had classes together and because I know it drives him crazy, I call T the "ex." I pick on him about having a thing for girls that like numbers. Ha! Needless to say that after we left one restaurant - because of the horrible service - and headed to another, we had a great time catching up and hanging out afterwards.  We may have even visited an old hang out from our college years!!

What I'm loving...I feel horrible about this, but nothing actually comes to mind at the moment.

What We've Been Up phone fell in the pool on Saturday. Yea, you read it right. So now I'm back to my old Note 2. Sooooo sad, too!  We were out by the pool for most of the day on Saturday and my phone was in the house until Alise asked me to go get it so I could video her doing cannon balls. After videoing, I put my phone between the beach towel and the cushion I was laying on so it wouldn't get over heated.  Later when it was time to come in, I picked up both the cushion and the towel not thinking about my phone.  After about five steps, I heard heard, "kapooth," and looked in the pool to find my phone STILL ON at the bottom of it. It's toast. It's ovah.  The fat lady has sung.

What I'm Dreading...The summer humidity.  Ugh. Yuck! Our local meterologist posted this on Twitter earlier this week.  Can any of my natural curly girlfriends relate?!

What I'm Working On...Getting the final details ready for Alise's birthday party this evening.  She has invited her cheer squad over for swimming, pizza, and ice cream cake to celebrate her special day.

What I'm Excited About...Alise's birthday tomorrow!  My Baby Girl will be eleven and knocking on the door of another decade of her life.  Here she is at three blowing out her candles on her strawberry poodle cake!  This was such a sweet and special birthday!

What I'm Watching/Reading...I'm STILLLL in a reading slump.  This has been going on for nearly six months. I even decided to borrow books from the library and give my kindle a rest, but no luck. My secretary suggested Dr. James Dobson's book, Preparing for Adolescence, when I was telling her about some of the things that Alise had been dealing with at school and about how sometime this summer - heaven help me! - I need to have "the talk" with her in greater detail.  She has older children and recommended it, so I downloaded it to my kindle, but I only made it through the first chapter {Sigh}. However, I was happy to see earlier in the week that the author of The Good Girl has a new book out called, Don't You Cry. I loved Kubica's first book and so my interest is piqued. I plan to give it a try in a few weeks.

I have been watching scary movies with S just because.  I don't like scary movies, but it means I get to spend time with her, so I do. We've seen The Witch and The Darkness. Do not waste your time. We also started a new Netflix series called, Slaughter. Hmmm....the verdict is still out.  Wayne and I are still sticking to Friday Night Lights and sometime this summer, I would like to pick back up with Parenthood.

What I'm Listening To... Nothing. I missed the Billboard Music Awards and I plan to google Brittany Spears' performance.  Oh, and Celine Dion's, too.

What I'm Wearing... Still haven't broken out the iron for this dress yet, but I plan to very soon!  So excited about my new LWD from Sammy Dress.

What I'm Doing This Weekend... We honestly have no plans for the weekend.  I had thought about asking my parents to come over to grill hamburgers or steaks and enjoy a nice afternoon by the pool. I also thought about taking Steph somewhere fun for the day, but I haven't come up with a place yet. We'll see, but personally, I'm just thankful for a nice, long weekend.

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month...We are slammed for the month of June! Alise leaves for cheer camp next Tuesday for the week. Wayne and I are planning to drive to Dallas at the end of the week to see her squad perform on Friday. She also has basketball camp, art camp, and church camp in June, too.  A busy start to our summer! By then, S will be back in her apartment as well, and Wayne and I will have some time together as "empty nesters" for a few nights.

What else is new...S got a job!!  She'll be working on campus, but it's weekend hours due to her athletic schedule.

What are you looking forward to this summer....A slower schedule/routine, family nights, no tests, and lots of pool time!

Enjoy your summer!!


  1. Your phone in the pool, so what would happen to me!!! I want a Honey Bun Cake, yum!! I'm sorry if the "ex" reads this but you ARE the woman made for Wayne!! Yep, I said it!! Happy Birthday tomorrow to your beautiful Alise, may you stay calm, cool and collected in the gym today!! Love ya!

  2. Celine Dion was amazing - as usual.
    Frizz Forecast - that's about right! I'm at the point of the year where I'm going to wrap up my straightner & tuck away. Why bother.

  3. The humidity is crazy here in Houston. I always forget how bad it gets, and it has definitely been ponytail weather lately. Love seeing all your updates, as usual. The weekend can't get here soon enough!

  4. Love that dress! Wishing Alise a wonderful 11th birthday. I can't remember that far back. :o)) Happy mid-week!!!

  5. Hope Alise has an amazing birthday!

  6. I did that to my phone last summer, too! I actually thought it was my husband's and said to myself, "Ha ha, serves him right for not paying attention to his phone" and then...oops, I realized it was mine. I stuck it in a bag of rice for 3 days and it was as good as new!