Thursday, March 10, 2016

Confessional Thursday ~ Take 5

It's FRIDAAAAY EVE and that means it's confessional time!  Join us over at Jessica's blog for a confession session!

I confess...I'm considering contact implants. I had never even heard of them until last week when Alise and I had eye doctor appointments and my doctor mentioned them.  My prescription is too "high," or "bad" that if I had lasik surgery, I would STILL need glasses!  Isn't that crazy? My doctor told me that my retina is very thin and that's another reason I can't have the surgery. She had a friend in med school that had the contact implants and it was very successful {and her friend's prescription was higher than mine}. The closest place to have it done is Jackson, Mississippi.  I'm still researching it.  Has anyone heard of this procedure or know anyone that has had it done? Would love to know.

I confess...I made the absolute WORST pasta salad out of a box this weekend.  Time just didn't allow for me to make the pasta salad I was really craving so I improvised. #pastasaladfail. Do not buy the Hidden Valley brand pasta mixes.  Bleh!  Horrible! #dontwasteyourmoney

I confess...There are three absolute, positively, will-happen scenarios in my life. 1) If I talk about a migraine, either me or Alise will get one, 2) If I see Alise's pediatrician ANYWHERE, she will get sick, and require an office visit, and 3) If I go for my annual visit and my doctor asks about an illness I've had in the past and I'm like,"Naw, Doc!  I'm good!" - knowing full well I need to knock on wood somewhere - that said illness will raise it's ugly head within two weeks.  Every. damn. time.

I confess...I'm not a fan of knee-length gladiator sandals. But if you are, check out Target.

I confess...I hate to unload the dishwasher.  I'll load it all day long, but Wayne speaks my love language when he unloads it for me!

I confess...This picture made me smile this week! #royalwatcher #andtheylivedhappilyeverafter

I confess...that if this rain doesn't stop in Louisiana, I'm gonna buy a boat and paddle to nevah nevah land!  Pray for us! Some of our friends have had their homes flooded because of some serious rain fall in our area.  So far, we're fine and we've had D & S over with their entourage of dogs so it's been fun.

See ya next week!


  1. Hey lady, hop over to my link up today or tomorrow and link up an oldies post. Or two...even this one. Would love to have you. Open till Monday!

  2. I thought about you in La. when I heard the news this morning about the flooding. Pray that God will keep a hedge of protection around your home! Ditto on the dishwasher. I will even do dishes by hand to procrastinate unloading the dishwasher. It's so silly since it only take a minute! I love the royals pic. They really do seem like the sweetest family...and I can say that because I've seen Will and Kate in person. :)

    1. Lucky you! I'm so jealous! So far, we're fine. The bigs have been staying with us for the last two days, but one is going home today. Thanks for thinking of us.

  3. Well, glad to hear you and yours are okay with all this flooding. It has been horrible and we know so many devastated by it.

    I've never heard of contact implants. I had Lasik about 15 years ago and it has served me so well.

    Happy weekend!

  4. I despise rain!!! YUK!! Oh those pics from the royal ski trip made me smile...big time!! And so do you, happy weekend beautiful!!!

  5. Just sent you an email checking on y'all. Hope you still are dry!! I had lasik years ago. Best thing EVER!!! I had horrible vision, could not see the BIG E!!! Now my distance is 20/10, but am having to rely on my reading glasses more and more, UGH. The pains of getting older.

  6. I totally can relate about the dishwasher. Bad eyesight....something else we must have in common friend although I was able to have lasik 11 years ago. I was a negative 8 in contacts so it was pretty bad. Contact implants sound very interesting but definitely something you want to look into completely.

  7. Girl the gladiator sandals....I love them but don't think I can wear them. I want to though. So cute