Wednesday, January 07, 2015

This Is Now: Bible Study Opportunity

Confession time.

The Lord has been speaking to my heart about spending time with Him.

I'm just gonna say it - and I hate to use this word and it's not a word that I use hardly ever - but it describes my mood and how awful I really feel about this, so here goes: My quiet time sucks!

My quiet time consists of reading the next best novel or newest release when it should involve reading His Love Letter to us.

And I go through this every. single. year. at this time.  I do really well for a while and then it just peters off.  I lose focus.  Life happens and my quiet time is the first thing to go.

Why is that?

So the other night, I was on Pinterest and for some God appointed reason, I searched for 'Womens Bible Studies.'  Y'all!  There's alot of stuff out there!!  So many fun things to do besides just read the Bible and pray!

In a nut shell, I found an online Bible Study that I am going to do for the next eight weeks.  Eight weeks.  I can do this, right?  And I wanted to mention it to you here on my blog in case I'm not the only one suffering from a sucky quiet time!

Here's the scoop!

The name of the website is called Love God Greatly and you can get to it by clicking HERE.  I think one of the things that drew me to this site is simply in the title: Love God Greatly because that's what I want to do!  I'll admit, I've fallen out of love with my First Love.  To join is FREE and all the materials and study guides are provided for you!  You just need to print them out before next Monday.  The study if five days for eight weeks.  Forty days.

To get started, I suggest clicking on the 'Info' tab and reading "How Does This Work" and "FAQ."  The reason this appealed to me so much was because the study involves a community of women and I feel like I'll have that accountability to stay true and focused.  I've joined a private Facebook group for the study and I think I'm really going to like that because we can TALK and SHARE about what we're learning and how God is speaking to us.

Go to the website.  Check it out.  If you're interested in being in the same Facebook group that I'm in, let me know and I'll be sure to let you know which one it is.  There is still room left {groups are small 10-15 ladies}.  And even if you decide to do the study alone or with another group, please let me know.  I'd like to know that someone is walking this path with me.  I do encourage you that if you want to try it, registration closes THIS Friday!  

Ya know, and I can just hear the devil in the back of my mind saying, "You'll never make it forty days.  You've never been able to do it before."  

And then I hear God whisper, "It's one day at a time and right now, you're focusing on Monday. And the other times simply don't matter.  That's the past. This is now."


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I have been searching for a study. This one looks perfect. I signed up.

  2. It is easy to put other things first. But, on the days I do...things are just off all day. I have several great devotionals (and received a few more for Christmas) that help me stay on track. I received Lysa Terkhurst's new book The Best Yes. I highly recommend reading it. I am thankful to be in CBS as it holds me accountable. I have to do my lessons each week as well as the children's.