Monday, October 06, 2014

Why You Wanna Kick A Man When He's Down?

So a VERY disappointing loss against Ole Miss this weekend.  When I left Wayne and his friend in the theater room to go downstairs and fix Alise something for supper, we were winning.  And then Ole Miss scored and so I chose to watch the remainder of the game in our bedroom in case a few choice words decided to escape my mouth.  I was jumping up and down at one point, hoping against hope, for a come back and charge down the field, but it didn't happen.

So about the goal posts.  I LOVED it!!  I watched it all and googled later that night to find out what happened to them.  The students took the goal posts to The Grove, and then about an hour after that, they took them down the streets of Oxford.  Awesome!!  First of all, Bama is a team to be reckoned with and when we get beat, it's almost like a feeling of pride because we're so good you think you gotta tear down your goal posts.  And pay a fine for doing it! And let me just say, Ole Miss, you are a mighty classy school with your chandeliers hanging in The Grove and all that - you're my favorite school to tailgate at - but don't get your A.D. asking for people to pay the fine.  Come 'on.  Just include it in next year's tuition!  But truly, I love it!  The last two teams we've played, they've torn down their goal posts.  Keep it up, Bama!!

Secondly, and the thing that infuriates me THE MOST about this game, is the player that stomped on Kenyan Drake when he got hurt!  WHAT IS IT ABOUT THESE PLAYERS KICKING AND STOMPING ON THE OPPOSING TEAM?!?!  So we have the 'No-targeting rule,' do we need a 'No-stomping rule,' too?  To me, stomping IS targeting and just like the Mississippi State player - who is from my home town - he needs to be penalized.  And I'm not talking half a game, either, peeps!  Good gracious!!  Have you any shame??

Kenyan and I are tight.  He follows me on Twitter.  I show him love every Saturday just like I do my local boys Cameron Sims and Cameron Robinson (and Kenny Bell before that.  I will be these guys' biggest cheerleader until they do something stupid and then y'all KNOW how it ends from there!!  I've preached that sermon before!). When Kenyan went down, I knew! I just KNEW it was bad!!  Gosh, I wanted to cry!  And I nearly did!  My heart just fell.  And then to HEAR HIM CRYING OUT IN PAIN ON NATIONAL TV!!  I saw our players running away from him and I didn't understand it.  HELP HIM!!!  But I later found out that the reason the players were running away was because his break was so gruesome!  I refuse to show it on my blog out of respect for him.  

So why you wanna go kick a man while he's down?!  It doesn't freakin' matter if you knew about the injury or not!  What's the point of kicking!  Be a man!  Be a PLAYER and PLAY THE GAME!!  If you wanna HIT somebody, then HIT them (in football terms do I mean, hit), but you don't freakin' STOMP on somebody!!!

Kenyan is still my favorite RB since Trent Richardson.  I LOVE to watch him play!!  And from what I can tell, he seems to be a very down to earth and likable guy.  He's humble (which I love!) and talks about God, which is even better in my book.  I hate that this has happened to him.  Several Bama players have broken their leg.  Tyrone Prothro - another favorite player of mine who had an amazing tweet to Kenyan after the accident - broke his leg, but did not return to football.  Kenny Bell broke his during the Auburn game and returned the following season.  

I'm praying and asking God for healing for this young man.  If you would like to send a card to Kenyan, here is the address:

Kenyan Drake
c/o Alabama Athletic Department
PO Box 870393
The University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

Other websites:

Kenyan Drake
Do You Think Kenyan Drake Was Kicked
Kenyan Thanks Fans

And a message to ALL Alabama fans everywhere click HERE.

This family supports Alabama.  Always have.  Always will.  We win with class and we lose with class (because I threaten Wayne about replying to his obnoxious friends!).  Our friends are learning, if you don't want to know, then don't ask.

Roll Tide!!

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