Thursday, October 09, 2014

Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Roll With A Boxed Cake Mix

No offense, but when I think of coconut cake, I think of older people eating it.  I guess that's because I remember my Grandmother making it and carrying it to family reunions.  And no one wants to go to a family reunion but old people.  My mother never made coconut cake when I was growing up.  Except for the time my brother's birthday fell on Easter and she made him THE rabbit cake - you know what I'm talking about - and sprinkled that disgusting grass (coconut) over the icing.  I was thinking, why did you have to go and ruin a perfectly good rabbit cake??

This year, I'm totally sucking in my Mustang Mom duties.  Every year for Grandparent's Day, we're suppose to call two moms in our class and ask them to send a dessert to school that day.  I normally take something myself every year, but this year, I've been slacking and so I haven't made any phone calls yet NOR have I thought about what I would take.  That is, until ANOTHER MM texted me last week and asked if I would bring a cake.  Now, that's sad. But she's a friend of mine and so I said yes.  Which got me to thinking about what type of cake I wanted to take.  I got on Pinterest to try to find something different - some days you just want to be different - and this stupid coconut cake kept popping up.  And since it's Grandparent's Day and grandparents like coconut cake, well, that's what I decided to make.

Or so I thought.

Yea, it finally hit me late Thursday night as I was laying in bed listening to the winds howl and the storm roll through that there was no way under Heaven that I was going to be able to make it to school in morning traffic with a three layered coconut cake.  I mean, you'd have to be Wonder Woman, right?  So I started pinteresting (slang for googling on Pinterest) for 9 x 13 cakes because, ya know, SURELY I could make it to school with a pan!  And then I pinterested (slang for googled on Pinterest) poke cakes and I even looked for stupid COCONUT poke cakes, but all those required some type of frosting that had Cool Whip and I was worried that if I made something that had to be refrigerated, it would be forgotten.

And Lord knows that if I go to all the trouble of fixing a cake it BETTER NOT be forgotten!!

So finally, I just called it a night.  Alise & I went to the grocery store the next day and I let her pick out a boxed cake mix.  Of course, we had an argument right there in the middle of the baking goods aisle.  But it's what I do when I'd rather spend the weekend decorating for Fall and not baking a cake that I won't even get a bite of!

Do I sound bitter?  Because I don't mean to be.

Sometimes ya gotta just roll with a boxed cake mix.  Know what I'm saying?

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