Wednesday, October 08, 2014

All About School

I did something last week that I NEVAH do.

You wanna guess?

I dissed homework Thursday night.

And Alise had three tests on Friday.

Y'all, I am SO tired of homework and studying and it's only the first nine weeks - that technically ends this week! And I feel so guilty because this year is SOOO much easier than last year, but y'all!

I'm tired.

When Alise brought home science study notes with words that I couldn't even PRONOUNCE?!?! I was like, I'm done.  I just didn't have it in me.

Luckily for us, her average was high enough that even if she bombed the test, she would still be okay.

I'm saying all this I guess because I've got to get Alise in the groove of studying independently.  She doesn't get that and part of it is because she's never had too.  She still continues to get a lot in class.  HOWEVER...there is coming a time where she's got to learn study skills.  My dream is just to be able to call the information out to her, she knows it, we're done.

So I'm gonna work on that and get back to you.

In other school news, we had a project due this week.  Each student was assigned a U.S. point of interest.  We not only had to write about it, we had to "recreate" it.  All I can say is thank you, Lord, for the internet!  Here's Alise with her White House made out of Popsicle sticks!

Last Monday, Alise had an accident at school.  Her teacher was SO kind to her!  We are loving Mrs. O!  She and her husband attend the same worship time we do, so Alise is always looking for her and wants to give her a hug during the greeting time.  Even though her methods are not quite my taste, she seems to be an awfully good role model and example for our daughter.

And last but not least, we weren't able to attend the last Peewee football game this weekend (the Peewee Super Bowl) because SOMEBODY forgot her cheer leading outfit in her locker!  I texted the team sponsor, who tried to get a hold of our principal to see if she was close to the school, and if so, open up the doors, but alas, no can do.  Alise was so disappointed because she thought her Big Sis may be at the game (some of the older kids were asked to come and support the younger ones), but on SEC College Game Day when Alabama is playing the same time you have a Peewee football game to cheer at, you are overruled, Sista!!  She wanted me to take her to the game so she could watch her friends.  "Moma," she said, "I want to support my friends cheering and playing!"  Overruled.  She stayed mad at me most of the day.  I had every intention of taking her until she told me she'd left her uniform at school.  And it's not like I didn't try to get it for her.  You snooze, you loose sometimes.

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