Monday, September 29, 2014

Menu Plan Monday - September 29, 2014

Helloooooo, October!

Well, technically it's not October yet...but can you feel how excited I am about it!?  Alise beat me by wearing her boots first this year!  The temps dipped into the high 50's one night last week and the next morning, she was breaking out the leggings and boots!  I taught her well. She told me, "Moma, I'm over summer!"  Me too, Baby Girl.  Me too!!  So whether we have weather in the 50's or 90's this week, CHILI is on our menu!!

It's Fall, y'all!! 

Monday - YOYO

Tuesday -  General TSO Chicken with brown rice

Wednesday - Beef Enchilada Casserole & Green Beans

Thursday - Ham & Cheese Crescent Rollups & chips

Friday - Chili

Saturday - Swamp Bowl!  Eat at the game!

Sunday - Chicken & Dumplings

Ok, so I'm all over the world map this week with menu choices, but hey!  It happens.  Wayne is going to gag on Sunday.  But hey!  It happens.  For more ideas, visit  

Have a TASTY week!!

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