Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wordless Wednesday Part 2

Back to yesterday's Wordless Wednesday!

I mean seriously!  Would you let your daughter out of the house dressed like that?

What can I say?  I was having a weak moment.  Or at least picking my battles.  I did TRY to dissuade her.

I'm hoping when Alise looks back on that picture ten years from now, it will be a "MOOOOM!  Why did you let me out of the house looking like that?!?!" and not an, "Oh cool!  I had it going on that day!"

Ha!  What if I use it as one of those pictures they flash up on the big screen during graduation?

Another story.  Same day.  

The first thing Alise said to me yesterday morning when she woke up was, "Mom!  Did you know the s-word is in our science book?"


Time out.

Talk to the hand.

(For you dear readers, I'm not going to spell the s-word out because then I will have a bunch of "offenders" paroosing my blog and that's something I certainly DON'T want.  However, when Alise did ask me the question, she spelled the word out; she didn't say it.)

My mouth fell open.  But before I could say anything she was like, "Mom, it has to do with female and male s-word parts." 

My mouth was still open.  But before I could say anything yet AGAIN, she said, "Like in plants mom.  You know.  Like girl plants and boy plants?  Like female s-word (spells it out) chromosomes and male s-word (spells again) chromosomes?"  And she said it in her, like DUH!, attitude (my eyes musta been really big!).  

Like, what was I thinking?


Okay.  Back up.

First of all, was she dreaming about this crap, because I mean, literally, those were her first words.  No "Good morning, Mom.  Glad to see ya!" Nothing.  Just BAM! hits me with it first thing at 6:30 am.

Second of all, so THIS is how they teach it now, huh?  OMG!  What's next?!?

We had the "girl talk" earlier in the school year - and I nearly dry-heaved through the whole thing - because some of her friends were talking about it.  She got in the car that day wanting to know what something was.  And Lord knows I tried to steer that conversation in another direction all the way home - and even when we GOT home, but there was no way around it. She wanted to know.

So I told her.

But only about what happens to girls.

And it kinda went in one ear and out the other.

I mean, she thought about it; asked if it hurt and then moved on with life.

No big deal, Mom.

"Sure" says me, while I'm picking myself up off the floor.

Hold me. 

(And all this to the exact DAY I found out I was pregnant TEN years ago!!)


  1. I am dying over here!!

  2. It's crazy the things they throw at you sometimes! My daughter always tells me random tidbits right before she goes to bed so I end up not getting any sleep!