Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tubing, Painting, & School

We had a GREAT weekend!  How about you?

On Friday night, we spent the evening with some friends who just purchased a new house on the bayou.  Now, you can't live on the bayou in Louisiana without a pontoon boat!  So Tom and Jennifer invited us over so Alise and A could spend some time tubing before dinner.  We all had so much fun!  Cruising the bayou is so relaxing and the girls had a blast!

I don't think I have ever heard Alise laugh so much!  It took her a while to get the "scared look" off her face, but soon enough, she was fine.  We did have one small cap-size, but that's because the girls were sitting too close to the front of the raft when Tom took off.  They did end up in the bayou and it unnerved Alise a little bit, but she was wearing a life jacket and climbed right back on the raft and helped A back on, too.  They were fine and so disappointed when the night of tubing ended.

On Saturday morning, I had an appointment for a highlight and cut.  Remember my new Alabama friend that cuts hair?  What was suppose to be "the usual," ended up turning into a near return to my natural color and some low lights {I had been perusing Pinterest last week for hair styles and color and had originally thought about going a tad redder, but when I mentioned to Anna that I kinda liked my natural color, that's the direction she decided to go in.  I think the color is darker than I've ever been - I really don't believe my natural color is this dark, maybe it's the low lights that makes it look darker - I've never had low lights before -  but she told me it would lighten up in a few weeks.  We'll see.  Anyway, Anna and I hit it off again and talked non-stop the entire time!  She's as much ready for Alabama football season as I am!

Last Wednesday, after I picked Alise up from half a day at school, she wanted lunch at McAllister's.  There I ran into the girl that hosted the painting class that Alise and I took last Fall. She showed me a picture of what most of the painters would be painting this week - an LSU door hanger and when I asked if she thought I might do a Bama one, she was all for it! So Thursday night, I had a fun evening of painting!  Here are some pics of my progress.

I'm nearly finished.  I didn't stick around the class to finish with the bow, raffia, and hanger. I figured I could do that myself.  Wayne had a nice surprise waiting on him Friday morning on the island when he went to work at 2 AM!  He is so funny!  I sent him pictures of my progress in the class and at one point, he told me that my "crimson" looked more like MSU's color, so I had to go back and add more red paint!  I can't wait to finish it and hang it on my front door!

On Sunday, we went to church, to lunch, and then came home for naps.  Alise said she hadn't slept good all weekend, so I was concerned about her coming down with a migraine.  After she woke up, she and Wayne watched a movie in the theater room while I ran to the mall to try and find her some shoes.  Don't ask why I didn't take her.  Sometimes it's just easier that way!  I really hoped that I would be able to find her a nice chevron dress for a Fall portrait, but I had no such luck!

I found this in Alise's backpack last week and it made me smile.  She's still loving her teachers.  This week will tell, though, with the first full week of school.  I'm still hoping and praying for a great year!

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  1. You did so good on your sign. Very good job!!

    Can't wait to hear the school stories for Alise. :)

    Have a great great weekend.