Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lookie What I Found

I know Wayne thinks I've gone on a shopping spree lately, but I really haven't.  It's been a while since I've bought myself anything and I'm SO stinkin' excited about Fall getting here and saying good-bye to Summer, that, ok.  Maybe I have gone a little overboard.  But I wanted to share a little bit of my "overboard-ness" with you today!  Here are some of my most recent purchases and what I'm loving these days!

First off is the cosmetic brand, Too Faced.  I am LOVING this brand of make up.  At the beginning of the summer, I tried the creme blush and I love it!  Since it wasn't a powder, it took a little getting use to and I know I have to use two coats because the first one seems to fade, but regardless, I'm sold!  Then I wanted to try one of their many eye palettes and finally decided on Boudoir Eyes just because I like the "cat eye" look.  Their newest palettes are Country and Rock & Roll.  I didn't mind splurging on eye shadow because you know as well as I do that it lasts forever and I personally wanted something different than what everyone else seems to be wearing these days, the Naked Eye palettes.
My next favorite thing was giving me a hard time to post a picture of, so I've decided to just link to it HERE.  Y'all know I am all about some leopard and I've been seeing similar slip ons in our local boutique stores.  However, I'm not really a shoe person.  I don't spend alot of money on shoes.  So I decided one day to just google leopard slip ons and wah-la!  Lookie what I found!  I can't wait to wear these with skinny jeans and leggins this fall!

I've mentioned before that I don't do alot with Facebook.  I mostly just stalk.  So one day last week while I was "stalking," I came across a friend who was asking if there was someone in our area that sold Alex and Ani bracelets and I was curious.  Come to find out, there was a local jeweler that sold them and I decided to check them out, but their quantity was low. They did happen to have my initial in the silver tone so I bought it {as a pick me up for Alise starting 4th grade}, but when I went to their website, just lookie what I found! 

This will definitely be my next Alex and Ani purchase!  Visit their website.  There are lots of designs and styles to choose from.

In school news, we have FIVE tests this week!  What a mighty fine way to say, "Welcome Back!"  For the last two nights, we've had 26 math problems for homework.  And I am oh-so trying to cut those strings, but it is so hard!  Alise has a reading and English test tomorrow and I'm trying to let her do some things on her own, but it's killing me.  Reading is not her best subject.  She had to read to her teacher - I guess for fluency and number of words - yesterday and she told me she didn't do well.  She said, "Mommie, I'm just not a good reader."  I blame myself.  She's overheard me talking to others about her non-existing reading skills and I guess now she has her mind set on it.  So I've been reading with her at night.  I read to her and then she reads.  I will be so glad when she can move on to other books beside Junie B. Jones and The Fairy Series!  She's killing me!

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  1. Sofia is NOT a fan of reading. UGH. So hard to make her do it. She's so picky with the books.