Thursday, June 26, 2014

Five Things I'm Lovin This Summer

Well, so much for the red dress!  When I went online to order it, it had sold out in all sizes.  That's just my luck!  I guess I'll just wear something I already have while we're in New Orleans in a few weeks.  It's really no big deal now that the Mini-Me is going with us.  My mom can't keep Alise for us that weekend, so she's tagging along.  Wayne asked me last night, "So are we going to take her with us to that very expensive restaurant you wanted to go to?"  "Uh, no, dear!  I'm sure we'll have to find something more appropriate for children."  DUH!

So I thought I'd share a few things with you that I'm enjoying this summer.

1. Sunshine Grace Body Lotion.  If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know I've been in love with Philosophy and their products for a long time.  Some fragrances I like better than others, but this one has quickly become one of my favorites!  I love it!  It is the perfect scent for summer!  Light and airy, it shouts summer!  I wish they made the body wash, too!

2.  Stacked Bracelets.  I don't normally incorporate alot of "color" into my bracelet wearing.  I have my real bracelets like my Pandora and Vayhans that I like to wear "stacked" {even with my watch}, but I am loving this idea more and more.  Here is a great post about stacking bracelets.  An expensive place to shop for stackables is Charming Charlie's.

3.  Leopard, leopard, leopard.  Anything leopard!

4.  Wristlets.  I was in Charming Charlie's this week and finally broke down and bought myself a wristlet.  I've noticed alot of the younger girls carrying them and I think they're perfect for a quick gotta-go-where-ever kinda thing.  The one I bought is large enough to hold my phone, a tube of lipstick and of course, moola!

5.  GroopDealz.  I seriously cannot tell you how many cute things I have bought off this site!!  I'm hooked! There's a package for me nearly every day and it puts a huge smile on my face!  I've even gotten Alise a few really cute things, too!  Their prices are so reasonable!  I haven't been disappointed with anything yet.

6.  Instagram.  Love posting and seeing everyone's pictures on IG! Most of the pictures I've been posting here on the blog lately are ones that I've posted on IG.  I'm not sure exactly why, but I think I like it more than FB, too.  In my opinion, peeps put entirely too much on FB.  Maybe I put entirely too much on IG, but my account is private and if someone wants to follow me, I feel like it's more because they really want to and not to just build up their followers.  Does that make sense?

Who cares!

Have a great weekend, Peeps!

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  1. As if I didn't shop enough, now you go and tell me about Groopdealz. I'm totally addicted to and decor steals. Thanks. :)