Monday, June 30, 2014

My Day In Court

Disclaimer: This post was intentionally delayed until the completion of the trial.  Because of the nature of the case, I cannot go into much detail, but I can blog about my civic duty experience.

I survived a day of jury duty and lived to tell about it!

I've never been inside an actual court room before.  Never gone before a judge or needed an attorney. Thank you, God!

So Monday morning was a whole new experience for me and to say that I was a little nervous...well, I wouldn't be lying.  That's fer sure.

The first shocker was the questionnaire we had to fill out.  It asked our occupation, were we married, if we had children, what our spouse did, etc.  I guess I kinda thought the narrowing down process would be more like an interview.  You know, certain questions that you couldn't {or shouldn't} ask.

Right before eleven o'clock, the first group was called and how lucky do you think I was!  Yep!  Group #1! And what surprised me most, was that out of a group of 18 peeps, there were 3 men!  Something was up!

So they finally lead us like a funeral procession down some back hallways and into the courtroom.  I really enjoyed getting to see it!  It's like it is on TV except it was bright and the sun shone through the windows {most  court rooms on TV don't have windows and are dark}.  In my opinion, it was beautiful - as court rooms go {remember, I have no experience in court room decor}.

The judge was a cutie dressed in a bow tie and robe.  Both prosecuting and defending attorneys were present as well as the defendant.  I was kinda shocked by that as well.  Everyone in the courtroom stood for "us" - the "panel" they called us since we had not been officially chosen to serve - as we made our way into the court room and took our seats.  I wasn't expecting that, either.  The cutie in the bow tie explained the process and then both attorneys went through their rhetoric.  We were asked if we knew anyone in the room and how we knew them.  I admitted that I knew one of the attorneys.  The only questions I was asked was if I was married, did I have children {Uh?  Did you read my questionnaire, buddy?}, if I saw my husband or child in an altercation that lead to them being assaulted, what would I do, and did I think my judgement would be impaired in those circumstances.

Whether or not I was excused because of my answers or because I knew one of the attorneys, I may never know, but I was more than happy to be dismissed.  I felt like I had completed my civic duty and I was more than happy to run away from the court room and all it's beautiful decor.

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  1. I am very interested in the court system and was so excited when I got my jury duty card in the mail. I wasn't as excited when I found out it was a murder case than would require the jury to be bused and sequestered in a town 3 hours away. I had a low number and wasn't excluded so I was on the jury. It was an experience that's for sure!