Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thanksgiving Twist

If you've been reading our family blog for very long, then you might realize that I've been slacking in the "Menu Plan Monday" department.  And to be honest, I've really missed it, too.  The weekly planning of menus for my family and the grocery shopping really got to be fun each week {I still never made it to the coupon clipping stage, though}.  But with being out of town and the holidays coming up, I thought it might be best to simply take a break from menu posting for a while.  However, never fear!  The Horton's are by no means starving!  Ha! I plan to resume my weekly menu plan and linking up with OrgJunkie in January {I'm still cooking and looking forward to holiday baking.  I will share new recipe favorites and failures as I muddle through the next few months!}.

And speaking of the holidays, what's on your Thanksgiving menu?  My brother and his family alternate holidays with my SIL's family so this year, they will be spending Christmas with us.  Normally when that happens, I ask mom to just wait to make all the traditional turkey and dressing things for when they are here for Christmas.  Since it's just the three of us and my parents, we usually have gumbo or steak, and we've even had hamburgers before on TG! THIS year, we're having TG at our house!  Mr. Horton is smoking a Boston Butt and we're having an old fashion barbeque with a twist! 

Here's the reason for the twist!  I'm adding these two pinspirations to the menu!
The BEST Ever Cajun Corn Casserole - Unexpected Elegance

Ruths Chris Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe

When we were newlyweds, I made my best friend's corn casserole and Wayne didn't care for it.  Y'all KNOW Mr. Horton ain't a casserole kind of guy, but I refuse to eat corn out of a can for TG and since this recipe calls for "Cajun-style" {and because Mr. Horton puts Tony Chachere's on EVERYTHING...} I thought it might be a fun twist to our menu.  As for the sweet potato casserole, I'm adding this in place of potato salad.  No TG in our family would be complete without either Mama's candied sweet taters or sweet tater casserole, know what I mean?  This is actually Ruth Chris' recipe and since I've never been to their restaurant, I thought I would try it as well.

My cousin, Mirya shared some new TG recipes HERE {I could really eat that whole Minnie's Chocolate Pie about now!}.

In other news, I just can't seem to pull it together this week. I think this past weekend of being lazy and getting lots and lots of extra sleep has messed with my mojo.  Instead of some Tar-jay retail therapy before work this morning, I got a call from Alise at school saying that we had left her George Washington report at home.  So I had to turn around and go home to get it and take it back to school.  There went my thirty minutes of retail therapy!  Thank goodness for an easy week before TG break!  Only FOUR tests this week!