Monday, November 18, 2013

Angie Smith

So Kelly got to meet The Pioneer Woman this weekend.

And Leigh and I got to meet Angie Smith.

The bad thing is, the only picture I have to prove it is this:

Don't you just love her "T's"?  I want to start making my T's like that!

As Leigh and I were getting in the car last night to leave the event, she said, "You know we don't have a picture to prove this actually happened." And I really felt bad about it.  I wanted to run back in the church and say, "Picture, please!"  But it was weird because no one else was taking pictures and I hated to ask because if she had said, "No pictures, please," I would have been sorely disappointed.  Even more than I am that we didn't actually get a picture.

So anyhoo.

I've been reading Angie's blog since she started blogging and oh, the tears I wept when she was going through the valley of losing Audrey.  Angie was a awesome speaker!  She was so real and genuine.  If you get the opportunity to hear her at a Women of Faith conference, please do. You will be so richly blessed!

Click HERE for more information about Angie and her ministry.