Thursday, November 14, 2013

Back To Reality

So I know I haven't posted in a while, but that's only because I'm still trying to thaw out from the sub-zero temperatures we experienced during our mini vacay to New Orleans earlier this week!

Mother Nature of NOLA must really not like us!

I won't gross you out to the point of no return with our last experience back in 2001 - except to say that I never thought I'd be standing in knee deep water on Canal Street, nor have I ever seen rats so big! - but no matter how many times we check the weather prior to our visit, it just doesn't work out like it's suppose to.

And then it was back home to North Louisiana to even more "sub" "sub-zero temps!"

And a Social Studies project.

And a birthday invitation to not one, but TWO, birthdays.

And a note from the school principal about head lice running rampant in the school.

And a rant from myself that we pay over $6 grand a year and we STILL have a lice problem in our school. Forgive me for thinking that we should not have a lice problem in our school.  But we should not have a lice problem in our school.

And then Mr. Horton built me a fire and I turned out all the lights in the living room and pretended that the Christmas tree was up and the lights were twinkling and the fire was crackling and all was right in the world once more.

Except our laundry from New Orleans.

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