Thursday, November 07, 2013

Because Pinterest Told Me To

I'm a confessed Pinterest junkie.

Let me clarify.

I'm a confessed Pinterest junkie pinner.

There's a difference.

Now don't judge, but after nearly twenty years of marriage, I look forward to putting my eight year old to bed, taking a long hot bath and reading, and then joining hubs in the living room for the remainder of the evening, catching up on shows or watching whatever he wants to watch.  So if I'm reading while I'm in the tub, 95% of the time I'm sitting in my red chair "watching TV," I'm also pinning on Pinterest.

I just enjoy looking.  

And wishing I had enough money to pay all the people for all the things that I want to do!

So last night, since Alise took all the hot water because she had to wash her hair, Mr. Horton and I started on my latest Pinterest endeavor {while we watched the CMA Awards}.

Here was some of my "pinspiration:"
Bookcase updates with wrapping paper

Use tin ceiling/backsplash tiles in the back of a bookcase. Love this!

Tips for Styling Shelves

Now, I didn't purposefully set out to do chevron.  But I knew that some of the designs I wanted to use would not be available until around Christmas time.  I couldn't decide if I wanted to go with a black or red back ground, either, but since my curtains are red and close by, I decided on a black design.

Here goes:


I got a little too tired to worry last night about decorating the top shelf, so you'll have to excuse that. Besides, I plan on decorating for Christmas next week and some of my taller pieces will look GREAT on the bottom shelf!

But y'all!!  I truly LOVE it!  The pictures just do not do it justice!  That corner of the living room looks so regal and sheek now!  And someone asked me if there was always a glare like in the second or third pictures, and the answer is no.  That's just because of the flash from my cellphone.  

Love, love, love!!

For our first Pinterest Project, go HERE!

Have a Happy Weekend, Everyone!

And by all means, ROLL TIDE!!!


  1. I love it!!!! This inspires me to out some of my Pinterest pins to use!!

  2. Great job!! I LOVE me some Pinning!!