Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Our October Bucket List

There are SO many things I want to do for Fall this year!  So I decided to make a Fall Bucket List here.  I apologize ahead of time if our list seems more like a "to do list," rather than an actual bucket list, but it's how we're rolling these days.

1.  Visit our friends in Tuscaloosa.
2.  Go to the pumpkin patch.
3.  Baby Shower for our friends.
4.  Buy pumpkins and decorate.
5.  Try a new hearty soup recipe.
6.  Order Alise's costume.
7.  Pumpkins on Parade at Alise's school.
8.  Make our first pizza in the pizza oven.
9.  Finish our Thanksgiving Tree for November.
10.  Light our first fire of the season.
11.  Have smores in the pizza oven or fireplace.
12.  Ride bikes.
13.  Draw hand turkeys.
14.  Trick-or-Treat with our friends on Halloween.
15.  Go on a hayride.
16.  Rake {or in our case, "blow"} leaves {because we have so many of them}.
17.  Jump in a leaf pile {this usually doesn't happen until around December where we live, though}.
18.  Visit our local River Market.
19.  Carve a pumpkin.
20.  Do one special family art project.

This list will keep us PLENTY busy during October! When I showed the list to Alise, she was SO excited!!

I wanted to show you my outfit for today.  Love, love, love this dress!  And of course, the boots!  Ha!  I bought this dress half off at The Loft the weekend we went to Dallas.  Love that store!
Never thought I'd be able to pull off a striped dress, Peeps!  And seeing this picture just reminds me that I REALLY need to invest in some long necklaces!!  I think a long necklace woulda really set this outfit.  I thought about wearing a long black necklace I had, but I think silver or even gold would have worked so much better.  Call me crazy for wearing boots in 80 degree weather, but I'm soo ready for Fall to get here that I don't care.

And seeing this picture reminds me that I really need to get a hair cut!

Cold weather is headed our way this weekend! Yipee!! Well, actually, I shouldn't say, COLD, I should say, COOLER!

One more thing.  What is the "Fox Song" that everyone is talking about?


  1. Cute outfit!

    October is going to be fun for you guys! I just saw a post about a monthly bucket list link up starting next month and was thinking about what I wanted to accomplish in the month of October --- great idea!

  2. You look awesome! Love the dress, LOVE the boots and you are super, duper skinny!

  3. super fun list! Looks like Oct will be a fun month for yall

    Cute dress! I love the Loft!

  4. You look soooo cute!! I thought about making a fall list but I think it would just be for me. I might could get the boys in on making s'mores!

  5. Super cute! You have a great list of things to accomplish this month!