Sunday, October 06, 2013

Menu Plan Monday ~ October 7th

Hello Friends!
Welcome to Menu Plan Monday!
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Here's last week's menu:
Leftover White Beans & Rice     {CHECK}

Taco Soup    {CHECK}

Spaghetti  Leftovers!

Leftovers - Yum!!  Pink-Out Football game!

Baby Shower at our house   {CHECK}

Pork tenderloin   Hamburgers
macaroni & cheese   Leftover beans & potato salad from shower
fried okra

Desserts for the Week:
Caramel Apple Cobbler   {CHECK}

Two nice surprises from last week's menu!

The White Beans & Rice were really good {I forgot to comment about them last week}!  A great warm and hearty winter meal.  Just be sure to sprinkle some Tabasco on top.  But beware!  The recipe makes ALOT!!  We had beans for days and no one could tell me whether or not I could freeze them for later.  So after two days, we ended up throwing the rest out.  Not exactly a HFF, but definitely a recipe I would make again.

I mentioned the delicious Caramel Apple Cobbler on my blog last week HERE.  Trust me.  Just make it.  Perfect for Fall.  And potlucks, too!

And one more thing about last week's menu!

Alise has decided that she'd rather I not put chicken in the dumplings.
How do you NOT put freakin' chicken in chicken & dumplings?
But that's how she ate them this week!  She ate the dumplings and left the chicken.
I wasn't too happy about that because if I go to the trouble to boil a chicken - allbeit tenderloins, by golly you better eat that chicken, Sista!!

The Chic-fil-a cows are coming for ya!!

I've made the executive decision that we're eating out of the freezer this week.  I'm missing some tupperware bowls and found that they're all in the freezer with a mystery inside them {I'm not good with labeling}.  I also have some things that we didn't get around to eating a few weeks ago that will work this week with our schedule.

I recommend eating out of the freezer at least once a month.
This saves on the grocery bill and gives more room for more unlabeled tupperware bowls!  Ha!

Here's this week's menu:
Popcorn Chicken
French Fries

Sloppy Joes

Smothered Pork chops
Mashed potatoes
green bean bundles


Out of Town

Out of Town

Out of Town

Desserts for the Week:
Reese's Mini Cheesecakes

One more thing before I go.  I wanted to show you a pic of a dip that one of my good friends, Cammie, made for a baby shower at our house this weekend.  It was awesome and was the perfect thing for our wear-your-favorite-team-shirt Baby Shower.

Have a TASTY week!!


  1. I can hook you up with a CFA cow! Joshie was the cow at Home Depot Saturday.

    Very proud of your menu planning! You've inspired me. Sure does make the week a little easier.

  2. That dip looks so cool! How long did it take her to make?

    I have made the Reese's Mini Cheesecakes before and they are really good!

    I tried to make the Caramel Apple Cobbler but I haven't had any luck finding the Caramel Apple Pie filling. I was thinking I could just get the plain Apple Pie Filing and add my own caramel.