Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Happy October!

Happy October, Friends!  I hope you're feeling some cooler temps where you are.  Unfortunately for us, it's still rather warm here.

We did not have a very good evening yesterday.  As soon as I published yesterday's post, I got a text from K and a call from the cheerleading sponsor at Alise's school {it's cheerleading camp this week}. She had thrown up.  Ugh.  When I spoke to the sponsor, I explained that Alise suffered from migraines so she asked Alise if her head was hurting and I heard her over the phone say, yes.

I immediately left work.  When I got to school, the sponsor met me and said that Alise was "like a young lady.  When she told me she threw up, I asked her does she get nervous and she told me, 'No, ma'am.  I have migraines."  K was carrying her and Alise was as white as a sheet.  I knew she felt bad.  I had to stop twice on the way home for Alise to be sick.  When we got home, she could not get comfortable and she was still very nauseated.  Her normal habit of falling asleep wasn't working and she just wailed that her head was hurting so bad.  She was worried because she hadn't finished her homework. Before it was all over, we were both crying. As a last resort, I gave her some medicine the doctor prescribed and Baby Girl FINALLY went to sleep.  She slept in our bed and I don't think she moved all night.  This morning, she was back to her old self.

When I was finally able to look at Alise's signed papers last night, I nearly started crying again.
THIS brought Alise's reading grade up to an A!!  I am SO proud of her!!  She has worked sooo hard to bring up that very low C on the first test.  Way to go, Alise! Last week, I attended a MMom meeting {kinda like PTO} and our principal has decided to begin having Honors Breakfasts for the first and third nine weeks. For the second and fourth nine weeks, we will have our usual awards assembly.  I know the kids will be excited about that!

For what it's worth, I think it will be raining on my Baby Shower Parade Saturday.  That's usually how my luck goes, if you must know.  I was so excited about the slightly cooler temps and having everything out by the pool.  It still may happen since the shower is later in the day, but we'll just hafta see.  It's really a rather laid back couples shower.  Everyone is suppose to wear their favorite team shirt and we'll have the football games playing on the big screen.  The kids will be running around like crazy so typical Horton-esque fashion.

I'm so jealous because it seems like everyone already has their pumpkins out but me.  Alise couldn't get over the sizes of pumpkins at Walmart this past weekend when we were grocery shopping.  I should have picked a few up then, but I remember one year growing up, my mother bought a pumpkin too early in the season and it ended up rotting.  We went away for the weekend and came back home to discover the atrocious smell!  All I can say is that a rotting pumpkin smell stays with you and so that's why I wait until a little later to buy mine usually.  But I did see on the news that our local Pumpkin Patch opened today.  I want to take Alise this year because it may be the very last time I will get pics of her in a pumpkin patch!  
I'll leave you with these two favorite pumpkin patch memories.  HERE and HERE.  My sweet Baby Girl has all grown up!


  1. So sorry to hear about Alise! I get migraines usually once a month and get really sick too :( they are no fun. Glad she's feeling better and her grades are going up!! Nice job Mama!!

  2. So sorry about the migraines. I can't even imagine that pain. Very happy about the grades (we are seeing similar improvement at our house too)! Also very jealous at the level of detail and effort it seems like her teachers put forth.