Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Musings

I'm having the hardest time coming up with titles for my posts these days.

Here ya go, Whitney!  Here are THE boots!  Ha!

{Gosh!  My legs & feet look HUGE in that pic!}

Bama Girl has been waiting with bated breath to see the boots I got in Texas two weeks ago.  The brand is Sam Edelman.  Now.  There's something you need to know about me.  When I find something I like - I mean, REALLY like - I buy it in every color.  Mr. Horton couldn't understand why I wanted the same pair of boots, but what can I say?  I loved them!  Like I said last week, when the shoe guy brought to my attention the "V" detail at the top, I was sold {you can see the design more in the cognac}.  I also loved the fact that they zip in the back.  And just to let you know, Mr. Horton was actually the one that insisted that I go ahead and get the second pair. He is sooo good to me!

And of course, my Mini Me wanted to try them on for size!
Speaking of Fall fashion, check out Old Navy.  I'm not really an Old Navy fan, but you HAVE to check out the hot pink puffy vest and the sequinned tank tops.  Oh-so cute!

I'm busy this week planning a baby shower for our good friends, Clay and Lauren.  Clay has been Alise's t-ball and softball coach ever since she started playing t-ball. They are wonderful friends of ours and have been praying for this sweet baby boy for a while and we, as well as some of the other ball moms, are so excited to bless them with a shower this weekend. We're planning a Southern BBQ with all the trimmings! I promise to post pics next week.

And speaking of food, have you noticed the honey crisp apples are back in the stores for Fall?  They are my favorite apples!  I was going to wait and mention this on my Monday Menu Post next week, but I made THE BEST Caramel Apple Cobbler this past weekend! And you don't even have to cut up any apples!  Who knew that apple pie filling came with caramel sauce? This recipe is delish and perfect for Fall!

Alise has decided that she wants to be Wonder Woman for Halloween this year and she's picked out this costume.  Gotta get that thing ordered! Halloween will be here before you know it!  Of course, she wants the boots, too, but we'll hafta see.  What are your munchkins going as this year?

I think I mentioned last week that Alise's Big Sis, K, made homecoming court at school.  Alise was so hoping that she would be the queen, but it just didn't happen.  I wasn't able to make the pep rally - where the girls wear their really pretty dresses - but we did go to the game and I snagged a pic of the "sisters" at the pre-game goal post line.  K was beautiful and we are SO proud of her!  She is such a sweet role model for Alise.

This week is the cheerleaders' annual cheer clinic and you-know-who is participating with bells on!  Of course, I will be at that pep rally.

One last thing.  I've shared that Alise got off to a rough start in reading in English this year.  She is so close to bringing those grades up to A's and I am SO proud of her.  But sometimes, tough love is just that. Tough.  Alise has art on Mondays and she is doing so well that her art teacher thinks it's time she transition to using acrylic paints.  The cost to me is $50.  I told Alise that if she made all A's this nine weeks, I would buy the acrylic paints for her.  Last week, I discussed with Ms. M that we were working on bringing some grades up and that if Alise did, I would buy her new paints.  Ms. M totally agreed with me, looked at Alise and said, "Sweetie, I know you don't understand right now, but your Mommie is doing the right thing.  She believes in you and knows what you're capable of.  I know what you are capable of art wise and I believe in you, too.  I know you're going to get those new paints in a few weeks!"  Needless to say, I left art class bawling and sqawling last week.  Heaven only knows what today holds!

Hope your Monday is going great!


  1. Well I was not disappointed! Love the boots!!

    I am with you on the grades for paints system - we've got a little of that happening at our house too!

    Lastly - I'm so glad I was deep in the woods during that game on Saturday - think I would have been crazy watching it! I need them to start winning like they are the BEST! UGH!!

  2. Cute boots!

    I just added the ingredients for the Caramel Apple Cobbler to my grocery list --- it looks so easy and good! Can't wait!