Sunday, September 29, 2013

Menu Plan Monday ~ September 30

I had to buy a new crock pot last week!
Call it Pinterest Fail.  Whatever it was, it charred the heck out of my crockpot!

For what it's worth, I would not recommend making this pin.
And I was sooo looking forward to waking up on a Saturday morning to French Toast.  Maybe it was just me.  Prove me wrong.

So after the charring incident, I ran out and bought a new crock pot because I knew I would be needing one for the new soup recipe I had planned to try.

Have you seen all the latest designs for freakin' crock pots?

They come in just about every color imaginable and every design, too!  I ended up buying the black and white damask and it was all I could do not to buy the gray and white chevron design, too!!

Ya see?  Crockpots and I have a love/hate relationship.

Whoever gave Mr. Horton and I a crock pot for a wedding present nineteen years ago, I want you to know that that was the best darn crock pot in the world!  It cooked at the temperature it was suppose to cook!!

Fast forward a few years and for some stupid reason or other, I bought a new one and decided to go chef geek because I chose a "digital" crock pot. Fancy shmancy.  The thing never cooked at the right temp!!  No matter what hour increment you had the thing set at, it would cook on HIGH.  VERY HIGH! Everything I ever made in that pot burned up!!  I wanted to throw the bi-polar thing in the trash, but then there's something you need to understand about Mr. Horton!  He's one of these, save-it-you-may-need-it-one-day.  A bi-polar crockpot??? {It was the white one in the picture if you must know.}

So then I bought the stainless steel one - because I was in the "all-my-appliances-are-stainless-steel-so-all-my-kitchen-accessories-have-to-be-stainless-steel" mode and THAT's the one that charred French Toast!!  For what it's worth, the new damask pot I bought worked PERFECTLY for the soup I made last week!

Here's last week's menu:
DiGiorno's Pizza  {CHECK}

Tacos {Again!  Bleh!  But there's a reason for this!}  {CHECK}

Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup  {CHECK}
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Chicken Pockets    {CHECK}
Scalloped potatoes
Black eyed peas

Homecoming at Alise's school 

White Beans & Rice    {CHECK}

Smothered Deer Steak   {CHECK}
Mashed potatoes and gravy
Corn, okra, and rolls

Desserts for the Week:
Chocolate Cake   {CHECK}

And speaking of soup...the Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup was really good.  A 4.0 out of 5.  But something was just missing and I'm determined to play around with the recipe until I find out what it is!

But here is the best news of all: Mr. Horton tried it and LIKED IT!!  {Can you hear me shouting, "He likes it!  He likes it!"??  Ha!}  Now, it didn't rate with the Taco Soup he loves so well, but I was so proud of him for trying it and he agreed that it was missing something as well.  So not an HFF yet, but it could very well be a promising recipe!

By the way, I won't comment on how much of that chocolate cake I ate last week!

Here's this week's menu:
Leftover White Beans & Rice

Taco Soup


Leftovers - Yum!!

Baby Shower at our house

Pork tenderloin
macaroni & cheese
fried okra

Desserts for the Week:
Caramel Apple Cobbler

I kept the menu simple this week and full of family favorites.  Notice Mr. Horton's Taco Soup and Alise requested chicken and dumplings {he'll be eating leftover soup that night}.

Here are my groceries for the week {the big gap in the buggy is from Alise who decided she didn't want to be in this week's picture.  Say what?}

And here's  what I spent minus a few non-food items. The weekly total was a little over $100.
  Does candy corn count?

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I hope you have a TASTY week!


  1. Bummer about your crockpot but the new one is super cute!! Also going to try that soup, I love tomato soup and grilled cheese!!

  2. Your new crockpot is so cute! I have been thinking that it would be nice to have a second one because I plan on using a lot of crockpot meals this fall/winter.

    You are doing a great job with sticking to your plan!