Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Texas & The Fair {But not the Texas State Fair}

Y'all, I was sitting in my seat at the GenX Arena last Friday night {I told you I was GenX!}, getting ready for the concert to start, and it was all I could do to keep from laughing.  


Remember when I told you that I googled what to wear to the Depeche Mode concert?  Well.  I was one girl among a sea of BLACK!!  Google did not steer me wrong!  I also saw plenty of black converse as well! Of course, I fit right in with my shirt and black shorts {decided not to wear the camo pants}.

The concert?  Meh.  Would I go again?  No.  I only went this time for Mr. Horton.  But I did run in to a friend from high school and got to catch up with her before the concert started.

Saturday morning, I woke up all ready to represent my favorite college team even though I wouldn't be watching the game that day!
I got soo many compliments on my dress!  It is definitely one of my favorite new game day pieces this year!  And it came from Walmart!!  In Tuscaloosa, of course.  Maybe one day I'll show you the top part of the dress.  Oh-so cute!

We shopped all day Saturday at the Galleria and Mr. Horton bought me not one, but TWO pairs of boots!! Not cowboy boots, but regular, casual, dressy boots! Swoon!!  I'm in love!!  Truth is, I really, really needed them.  The soles of my old boots are tearing up and the stitching is worn and coming apart.  Can you say, "worn out?"  I don't mind spending extra money on boots because they last me more than several years.

Ok.  I've become a Nordstrom snob.
I l.o.v.e. this upscale department store!!  I coulda stayed in that store ALL day, but alas, we had to leave!  And let me just comment on their GREAT customer service.  Everything we bought in there, we are having shipped back to our home free. of. charge. Of course, Mr. Horton says nothing in this world is free and I'm sure the hidden cost is reflected in their prices, but I don't care.  Having it shipped home also saved us on Texas state taxes.  Woohoo!  Love, love, love me some Nordstrom!

Late Sunday afternoon, we took Alise to the fair.  She hadn't been in years - we don't go every year - and so she was due an overpriced, here-take-my-money-mister adventure.

Her favorite ride was the bumper cars.  She rode them not once, not twice, but three times.

Do y'all have Elephant Ears at your local fair?  I'm just curious if they are unique to our fair only.  A local Mormon Church use to do them years ago, but I didn't look to see who did them this year.  It's just a huge piece of dough with lots and lots of cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top.  We got funnel cakes instead this year, but the Elephant Ears have always been the trademark of fair food in our town.  People will leave work to go get Elephant Ears!  I did see a sign for a fried Snickers on a stick.  I was curious just what that looked like, but decided to pass.

The biggest surprise of the night was having Alise ride with me on the Ferris Wheel.  When I was about her age, I rode with my mom for the first time, but of course, it was a different looking ferris wheel back then.  Just a seat with a pin for a lock.  Ha!  And I remember being oh-so scared to death, but I will never forget riding the ferris wheel for the first time.  I begged and Wayne finally bribed Alise to ride with me.  She wouldn't hear of it!  She would get angry and start stomping her feet when we would try to talk to her about it.  FINALLY, when she was sitting in the bumper cars for the FOURTH time, I saw her jump up, ask the man for her tickets back {SO unlike her!} and she came running up to me and said, "Mommie, I'm going to ride the ferris wheel with you!"

Can you say tears?

We were standing in line, waiting to be the next ones to get on, and Alise turned to me and said, "Mommie, my heart is about to pop out of my chest!"  I knew that feeling and I tried to calm her down.  After the first loop, she was fine.  She didn't even close her eyes like she said she was going to do!  And that's how we ended a great, fun evening and a wonderful weekend!


  1. So fun! Look at you and your sassy cowgirl boots and Bama dress! Don't you know I just hopped on walmart's site in hopes of finding it! No luck, but I did get a new shirt! Can't wait to see the Nordy boots! Love that store!

  2. Love the cowboy boots with your Bama dress. Looks like y'all had a wonderful time in TX and the fair. Hope you are having a great week.

  3. So much fun in one post! Cute game day clothes, shopping, fair food, and ferris wheels! Love it all!

  4. We are going to the fair tomorrow. I haven't had an elephant ear in years. May have to change that!!!

  5. We are going to the fair tomorrow. I haven't had an elephant ear in years. May have to change that!!!

  6. How fun! We love going to Texas too. We just went on a whirlwind trip over Labor Day weekend.