Wednesday, June 08, 2011


We have a problem.

Thanks to our Auburn friends, the Horton's have become lazy wops!

And I certainly mean no disrespect to my Mexican com padres!!

What I MEAN is, we are blowing our selves up on chips and salsa two times a week thanks to our friends introducing us to a Mexican restaurant close to their house. And actually, it's pretty close to our house, too, because before we had to cross the bridge to get to Wayne's ex-favorite Mexican restaurant.

I mentioned in previous posts that we are Italexican. We eat a lot of pasta dishes and even if we aren't eating Mexican out, we're eating it at home because tacos are like staples at our house. Just like flour and sugar, okay?

(So like I'm giving you background information here for the real reason for this post. Stay with me.)

So I got a hankering to make some salsa.

I've never made salsa.

Actually, the absolute best home-made salsa I've ever eaten was made by some friends of ours that eventually moved to Tennessee. So, so good! The recipe hung on the side of our refrigerator for-evah until we moved last year and now I have no idea where it is! I never made it because I just knew that I couldn't do it justice like William could.

So like I said I started craving some salsa and of course I do what everybody does when they want to know something about something, I Googled it. Long story short, I ended up on the Pioneer Woman's website and I knew if she made it, well, it's got to be good!

(Which brings me to the fact that if you haven't read her book, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, well, you are just totally missin' out!)

So the particular night I decided to try Ree's recipe was actually the American Idol Grand Finale! Who can pass up chips and salsa while watching Lauren and Scotty dual it out? Which, by the way, I was sadly disappointed that Lauren didn't win, but am I the only person who thinks something besides singing is going on between those two?

My point to this whole entire post is {I bet you thought I'd never get there!} that if you are craving some salsa and you don't want to go out to your favorite {new} Mexican restaurant because the waiters there already know you by name, then mix you up some of The Pioneer Woman's salsa and get a bowl of chips.

A big bowl.

Perferably Tostito's new corn chips made just for dipping.

And a BIG blender! {Ree didn't tell ya that little tidbit, so I'll just pass it along!}

Adios, Amigos!!


  1. I LOVE Mexican food! The hubs isn't a huge fan, though, and typically orders chicken strips.

    A girl at work said her husband knows me as the girl who cooks mexican all the time. :P

  2. We love Mexican food at our house! I'll have to try the salsa.

  3. I'm totally Italixian (or however you spelled it). My momma makes yummy salsa. I'll have to send you the recipe. Have you ever tried peach salsa?