Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dr. Atkins Is Putting a Cramp In My Italiexican

I do believe that is the longest title to a post I've ever written.

Seriously, my last post was written before my dear husband decided to join the Atkin's band wagon. Now I am having Mexican and Italian withdrawals. And it's not making me happy.

If you're not familiar with the Atkins diet, let me just go ahead and spell it out for ya: no carbs.

How is a woman married to a man on this diet suppose to live?

I texted Wayne last week, "I want Mexican."

He texted back, "I can't have it."

My-salsa-and-chips-lovin'-husband say what?

I wanted to text back, "Well, Alise and I will just go to the restaurant and enjoy our selves, then!"

But the Proverbs 31 woman in me over ruled and I texted back, "Okay. We'll stay home and eat chicken instead."


Boring, no salsa and chips, chicken.

I believe my world is coming to an end.


  1. Be strong!!! And... thanks so much for your sweet comments and prayers. We certainly felt them!!!

  2. What about fajitas? Wayne can eat them w/o the tortilla!

  3. Could. Never. Do. It!!! I love me some mexican food! But hey, it works I've heard, so you go girl!! :)

  4. Have to have the carbs. That is a hard diet to be on.

  5. You could put salsa on your chicken? I know not near as good but worth a try. Keep up the good work! Or you could buy some of those low carb tortillas from the store and bake them and make your own chips and have salsa that way.

  6. I agree... Put the salsa on the chicken!! It does work :)

  7. I HATE when Rhett goes on Atkins. I promise I could live on carbs!! Rhett eats taco salad without the shell.