Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Great Big Christmas Book

Who remembers when the Sears & Penny's Christmas catalogs use to be THE Christmas books?

I would spend HOURS mulling over those books and circling what I wanted Santa to bring me.

Gone are the days.
Now it's Toys R Us.

Did you get your Great Big Christmas Book in the mail this week?

Alise has already circled everything PINK!

Have a Wonderful & Safe Halloween Weekend!!


  1. We have gotten some catalogs and MK has circled what she wants for Christmas. It is fun to see what she is interested in. Have a fun Halloween.

  2. The Penney's catalog was my absolute FAVE!! I gave Caroline the TRU catalog from the mail the other day...she ripped the pages apart! :) Guess she's not quite ready for catalog shopping at 26 months!

  3. I loved the Sears and Penney's catalogs. My sisters and I would get into fights because someone would turn to page too soon. We all used to have a different color of marker to circle items with so my mom could tell which one wanted what. Great memories!