Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Awards Day

Parenting is just plain TOUGH!

You hear me?

Let me set the record straight now: We are not raising a perfect daughter. Our daughter is not perfect and neither are we.

But as her Christian parents, we do have a few dreams and expectations for her. Those include – but are not limited to – her to grow up, live her life for Christ, be a law-abiding citizen, respect her elders, and live happily ever after as a BAMA cheerleader {Yeah, I know about that last part!}.

So in order to get all that hoopla accomplished, it takes some very tiresome, grueling, and {sometimes} overbearing parenting.

From two very old parents.

Who – unlike today – have been known to want to just throw in the towel a time or two.

Or just run away.

Until today.

Today was payday!

We finally hit the jackpot!

Alise and another particular little UPS man won the “Good Citizen Award” in their class today during their school’s awards ceremony. Mr. M gave an awesome speech about respect and how proud he is of our entire student body.

I don’t think I have ever been prouder of Alise! My heart just swelled and I thought, “YES! We’ve finally done something right!! All that parenting is really working! It’s working!”

Until tonight.

When I told her that I thought it was best that she go to bed early because she is completely exhausted from all the activities we’ve had going on.

And I reminded her that we had homework.

And that I wasn’t stopping by Sonic on the way home for a slush before supper time.

So now I’m ready to run away.



  1. Way to go mom and dad!!!! Those awards and accomplishments help you get a sigh of relief.

    Way to go Alise!!!! We are so proud of her. Please give her a big hug and kiss from us. I'm so happy for y'all.

  2. Awwww...congrats to Alise! I know what you mean about wanting to throw in the towel, but those moments of pride are worth it and remind you that you've got to keep at it!

  3. Congrats Alise! I am right there with you! It is so tough being a parent. It is nice to have the blog world to talk about parenting issues and read about how other parents handled certain situations.

  4. Welcome to the next phase I parenting: where you are so proud you could just burst... And then so frustrated and exhausted that you just want to run away! So hard, but sooooooooo worth it!

    I wrote my last two posts on the subject... You may want to take a peek!