Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Decorating

I feel like I've been promising Fall decorations forever. Trust me, I feel like I've been working on them forever. But here goes!

I showed you this pic last week, but I'm showing it again because I have a GREAT story to go along with it!We had some friends over for supper on Friday night and the girls were eating at the island. When Lauren was cutting E's meat, E whispered in her ear, "Mommie, Mrs. Laura sure does have alot of dust up there!" When Lauren came back to the "grown up" table and told me, I died laughing! That was too funny!! And then a few days after I put the stuff up, Alise said, "Oh, my goodness, Mommie! Look!! A spider!!" I was like, "Alise, they aren't real." It took her three days to notice the fake spiders. Too much dust, I guess! Ha!!

This weekend, I added the witches' hats. I got them on sale at Michael's for $1.99 and bought some glittery lime green ribbon to dress them up. The hats resemble paper lanterns. Too cute!I got a little inspiration from this post, so I decided to do a little decorating on the staircase. I love everything about Decor Chick's staircase - including the pictures collage on the wall {a future idea}. However, I wasn't in to all the "rats." It was a cute idea, but if I were to put up those, I would have nightmares every night. But just an FYI for those of you that aren't rat-o-phobes, I saw some Halloween stickies at Target for $9.99. So anyhoo, this is how my staircase turned out. It looks so good and is a nice surprise when coming through the front door!I couldn't afford to do every single stair, so I decided to just do three near the bottom. I got the mums at Michael's for $3.99 a piece; the scarecrow picks at Wal-mart for $1.00 and I think all the pumpkins were a total of $8.00 from Wal-mart. Cheap decorating at it's best. Maybe next year I can do the rats. Ha!

And now to my favorite decoration of all. Ever since Leigh and I went to NY last summer and saw the play on Broadway, I've loved things that say "Wicked." And I really, really, really wanted some type of banner to go over that horrible eye sore of a fireplace we have. So....I decided to make my own! I used glittery foam sheets, purple ric-rac, pre-cut letters, and lots and lots of fabric glue. I finished the banner about two months ago and I've been dying to put it up! Since I don't have any curtains up now in the living room {because I can't find the right length}, I decided to put the banner over the window this year. I love it!!
And speaking of Leigh and "Wicked," she bought me this as a "prize."OH! And then one Wednesday night Leigh and I hung out at the soccer fields and made Halloween burlap wreaths. They turned out SO cute! I hung mine on our kitchen door and Leigh hung hers over her kitchen sink!I decorated our utility room door with paper pumpkins from the Dollar Store.
Some pumpkins on candle sticks.And now for the outside!
I just didn't have the heart to take down the red and silver mesh bunting, so I decided to leave it up for the Bama football season. I saw the ghosts on another blog that I use to read and sent the pic to a seamstress on Etsy. She made them for me. The ghosts are standing up via tomato cages and I used Christmas lights to make them "glow." I absolutely love them!!

Speaking of Bama, some of you asked what I thought about the loss to South Carolina this past weekend. I actually missed the first thirty minutes of the game because I was tied up with the garage sale and I spent the majority of the game decorating so I didn't finally settle in to watching until the 4th quarter. Of course, I was sick about it. I didn't think our guys were up for the game and I don't think they played well, either. Wayne dreaded that game because he thought SC was a team that we would struggle with because they had an off weekend prior to playing us as well as home field advantage. Our next five opponents all have the week off before they play us. Maybe loosing will spark new life into our team. We'll see this weekend when we head to T-Town to see Bama play Ole Miss. Roll Tide!!! {And I know that I just broke a blog rule about telling of "future events," but if you can find little ol' me in a sea of 90,000+ crimson wearing fans, you deserve to stalk me!}


  1. LOVE all your fall decorations! My favorites are the ghosts at your front door - TOO CUTE!

  2. Great job...especially the stairs...I so wish I had stairs to decorate!

  3. What a great job! I don't what I loved more, the "dust on the lights," the stairs, or outside. The wreath is so wicked cool.

  4. I thought of you at the end of that game! Hey what do you call that ribbon on your front door? Where did you get it?

  5. Where do you get your meshy stuff that's around your front door? I have been looking and looking for some for my little girl's birthday party to add to our front door and am coming up with nothing!!!

    tbmroberts at yahoo dot com