Sunday, October 10, 2010


Happy Sunday!

I've always wanted to have a birthday or anniversary on such a fun date like 10.10.10 or 4.4.04, but it just never worked out for us. The one time we tried to "plan" Alise's birthday for 5.25.05, the Good Lord said "no" and had the nursing manager send me home from the hospital because I wasn't in active labor {although my doctor admitted me}. For some reason, God thought 5.26.05 was a much better birthday. However, it is SO confusing because now whenever someone asks me her birthday or I'm writing it down, I really have to THINK about which day it is.... "okay, let's see, we couldn't have her on the 25th, so yeah, yeah! It's the 26th!" So mind boggling.

My mother has informed me that I have become too lapsy-daisical on my blog {and sharing the above information was probably not the right thing to do...but I was making a point} so I am going to try and do a better job. I've always asked permission before posting pictures of Alise's friends and I normally only use initials for their names unless I have gotten explicit "yeses" from their parents on using their names. But honestly, I don't see what the big deal is when parents have their child's pictures flashed all over Facebook. I try not to mention school names or our plans to visit somewhere until after we've done it, but I'm sure I've messed that up, too. So anyway, I'm trying to do better. From now on, when I post pictures, Alise will be in them with her friends {no single ladies....ha!} and I will no longer use names or initials.

Friday was homecoming at Alise's school. She was so excited about giving the Homecoming Queen her drawing that she could barely sleep Thursday night. I even got her into a party dress AND tights AND shoes for the occasion. She did a fantastic job and I was so proud of her. Since I didn't sit beside her this year, I couldn't WAIT to talk to her about all the beautiful dresses. It's just one of those things we like to do; tell each other which ones are our favorites.Here she is Friday morning before the pep rally. Mrs. M insisted on taking her "little princess'" picture. I felt like an unfit mother, because I hadn't even thought about taking her picture until Mrs. M mentioned it, if you can believe that.

I made horse shoe sugar cookies with royal icing for Alise's teachers and class mates. Do two years in a row make it a tradition? Oh, well. I love doing them and she loves handing them out. The labels came from Little Beane Boutique.On Friday afternoon, Alise had a friend over and they just played and played and played.
And then a surprise on Friday night when another friend got to come over and eat supper with us!On Saturday, I helped my mother and her BFF with the garage-sale-to-end-all-garage-sales and we made over $1,800! I made the most and so now I'm going rug and bar stool shopping this week!

This afternoon, my mom, Alise and I went to see the movie, Secratariat. It was a really good movie and Alise seemed to enjoy it. My only complaint were the previews. Why in the world would you show previews for movies rated R in a PG rated movie? I nearly had to cover Alise's eyes just in the previews!! THAT, my friends, is ridiculous!!

I hope you have a wonderful Fall week!


  1. What a precious party dress for Alise. She looks beautiful for homecoming. Glad your yard sale went so well.

  2. Love the polka dots!