Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wedding Weekend

My hubs was in a wedding this past weekend for a friend that he works with. And ever since he got fitted for his tux a few weeks ago and found out he would be sporting an ORANGE vest and tie, he has been giving Chad and Jannah heck about it. It was so bad that he begged Jannah to change the wedding colors! I said, "Just WHO do you think you are?"

But I must say, Mr. Horton pulled off the orange! He told me after the wedding that it was as close to Tennessee colors as he was getting! HA!The wedding was originally suppose to be outside. In Louisiana. In July. In 145% humidity. Needless to say that didn't happen because it rained nearly all day, so the wedding was moved inside the Observatory. It ended up being a very nice ceremony. Jannah didn't seem to let the weather bother her special day (I would have been a complete wreck!).
You can tell by the look of Alise's hair just how hot and humid it was!AND the only little girl I know that can sneek a peek of the groom before the wedding!One of the many fans that were greatly appreciated!!Ya'll KNOW how I love wedding cake!! Isn't it gorgeous? Well, I nearly missed getting a piece! For TWO reasons! One, with the weather and humidity, the cake actually began falling and sliding. So as soon as Chad and Jannah kissed, they had to cut the cake. Then, I got a MASSIVE migraine. It hit me so fast and so hard that I had to go to the truck and sit in the truck with the air on for the rest of the wedding! Wayne was so sweet to bring me a piece. So I ate my piece of cake inside the truck and debated on whether or not I needed to go to the ER. I missed Wayne and Alise cutting a rug on the dance floor.And here is the groom's cake in the shape of a UPS truck! So cute! I didn't get a piece of it. I thought the pic of Jannah and Chad in the UPS truck was so cute, too! Sorry, but I couldn't help but think of "King of Queens." Ha!And this is the only picture that I got of the happy couple. This was before my dash to spend the remainder of the occasion in the Tundra. You can see in this pic how the cake was "shrinking."

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  1. At the wedding I went to, they passed out bottles of water b/4 the ceremony. It WAS outside. But the quickest ceremony I've ever witnessed.

    Wayne looks sharp & at least you we representing w/ the red. Great family pic!

  2. I think the orange is quite striking on Wayne! And I love the fans but I feel soo bad for that poor bride that her cake started melting before her very eyes!

  3. I love the UPS truck cake, too cute. I really liked their wedding cake, so pretty.

    I'm sorry you had another headache. I hope you are feeling better today. Sometimes those darn migraines last forever, it seems like.

    Wayne, I thought you looked nice eventhough they were Vols colors. Shh! Don't tell Doug or he'll rag you about it.

  4. The family pic was beautiful! I wrote you a LONG reply to your email, then deleted it. I will try to remember what I said and get back to you later:)

  5. I love the UPS truck cake. I have a friend who gets migraines like that. She has to get a shot with hers. I hope you got to feeling better.

  6. What a beautiful looking family! I love weddings.