Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You Red My Mind

As I said last week, thank you to everyone that voted in the "Should I Paint My Kitchen" poll. It was so neat to see the votes come in. Of course, I have NO idea who voted yes or no, but I would love to know everyone's reasons for why they voted the way they did. Curiosity kills the cat I guess.

So....without further adieu....HERE is our newly painted kitchen!

I am in LOOOVE!! Love, love, love my new kitchen!! When I walked in last week, my face just beamed. For the first time - through all this remodeling - I could finally call our new house "home." It is absolutely perfect!

And for those of you still confused...and wondering about that gray color from the pic I posted last week....our painter told us that you prime red walls with gray primer. Who knew? He said the white bleeds through and that gray primer works much, much better. It did for us, anyway.

I wanted to share some finds that I bought last week. I found these oh-so cute pics at a hopping store in Ruston on our way to the wedding this past weekend! I can't decide if they are going in Alise's room or bathroom. They were $6 each.
I was shopping Hobby Lobby's 80% off aisle - yes, 80% - and found this rod-iron Cinderella carriage. I'm going to paint it and put it in Alise's room. It retailed for $49.99, but I got it for $8!!
Then I went to Paul Michael's and bought a set of 3 black wood candle sticks (huge) to put on the hearth and paid only $26 for the set. I'm loving all this "bargain shopping." Honest to goodness, I have not paid full price for a single thing I've bought for the new house. Everything has been on sale. And for that, I've made my husband a very, very happy man! But, honey, those king sheets are gonna cost ya! ;)

The GOOD news is that the granite is suppose to be delivered TWO-MAH-ROW!!! Can you see me doing the happy dance?! It's all coming together and I am just THRILLED!! We're planning to move next weekend!!

Lookie what I won here!! Can't wait to give them to Alise's new teacher! But I might be inclined to give them to a some certain Pre-K4 teacher that likes to stalk our blog!! Ha!

But don't feel bad {or jealous} that you didn't win because here's another fab giveaway from one of my readers, Providence. Go here to win!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


  1. I MUST have that Cinderella carriage!!! Please tell me they have some left!! I have always loved Cinderella and I am picturing that with a pumpkin in it for Halloween! (I'm weird....I know!!!) I am headed to Hob Lob after work!!!!

  2. Love the red! It looks great.

  3. I voted for red. I love red. It think everyone should have a touch of red in their home. Guess the Razorback in me.

  4. Carrie9:56 PM

    I LOVE the red!!!! It is all looking awesome! Are you going to have an island? Email ME!!!!

  5. Red looks great! Can't wait to paint some Bama stuff for those beautiful walls. Did you hit the Beehive??:) MC loves that store!

  6. I know you are SOOOOOOOO excited! Good for you!

  7. I LOVE the red!!! I can't wait until I can have a red room in my house again. We had one in the house we owned and from that point forward it became a must to have a color on the walls. Josh already knows that when we buy our next house he will be a busy man painting!

  8. The kitchen looks fabulous! The white really makes that red pop! What color did you finally decide to go with?