Friday, March 15, 2019

Friday Favorites ~ Hello DST

Did you survive Daylight Savings Time this week? I saw in the media that President Trump has agreed to make daylight savings time permanent. What do you think about that? I'm all for falling back, but don't give me that "springing forward." However, I will say that springing forward has not affected me much this week and we weren't on the struggle bus as much as some of our friends were. 

So it's Friday and that means FAVORITES!! Here are some of mine for the week!
My friend, Denise, gave me some delicious strawberries from south Louisiana earlier this week. Y'all!  They were SO good! I don't know why, but strawberries from the southern part of our state are simply the best! We had friends over Saturday night for crawfish etouffee and so I made sure they got to carry home a little bit of extra sweetness, too.  On Sunday after church, I made one of Alise's favorite desserts, Strawberry Parfaits and she and her daddy drove me nuts all afternoon asking when they would be ready to eat. I held them off as long as I could. 
So glad to have my walking partner back with me this week. Wayne took a break during Christmas and basketball season when his time for exercise just wasn't there. I'm oh-so hoping that we'll be able to get out again this weekend and enjoy some nice, sun shiny weather that's perfect for walking. He recently bought a pair of air pods (one pair for him and another pair for Alise!) and we share his while we walk and listen to podcasts that we like. We just finished Over My Dead Body, which was not one of my favorites, but we're really liking Root of Evil. I just finished Cold and really enjoyed it! Do you like podcasts? They seem to be our go to as of late. I highly recommend Dr. Death. I promise we're not morbid people, but we do like true crime and murder mysteries. There are several Christian podcasters I listen to, but I'll share those another time. I listen mostly while I'm getting dressed in the morning, on the way to work, and while I walk. 
On Tuesday, due to the meme below that I saw on social media, I realized that it's been TWENTY years THIS month that I passed the CPA exam! I've been a CPA for TWENTY years! I actually passed the exam in November 1998, but it wasn't "official" until my induction to the state society. Here I am in March 1999, accepting my certificate. 
That was a very special night for me in Shreveport with my parents and mother-in-law. I was 26 and it was the first big accomplishment of my career. To say that those years of studying were tough would be an understatement. So when this meme popped up this week, I recognized the verse more than anything and then looked up at the certificate hanging in my office, noticed the date, and knew that it was a God wink. I am so grateful that all those years ago, I decided by faith, to love the dream that HE had for me and not the dream I had for myself. God has blessed me and has been with me every step of the way. 
So did you celebrate National Pi Day yesterday with a slice of REAL PIE?! Well, of course we did! I was going to mix it up this year with a slice of banana caramel pie, but I thought the fam would revolt. They like their same ol', same ol', which is fine by me. I also celebrated yesterday by blogging about my first ever peanut butter pie! You can catch that yummy post here. 

My Mama rocks! Just saying! If you've been following my IG stories, then you know that I've been trying to put this pretty little ensemble together for the last few weeks. Mama found the ribbon and put the whole thing together for me! And just when I thought I knew where I was going to hang it, now I'm debating about a second place. I'll share pics of my final decision soon. You can check out my inspiration for this piece here. 
My friend, Lisa, over at Coast to Coast is having a giveaway this week so be sure to stop by her blog and register to WIN!  I have! 

Also, here are the prompts for April 8th's 3 Things series. Write with me!
And my friend, Shelly at The Queen In Between has her own fancy shmancy link up on the last Thursday of every month called, Throwback Thursday. Here are her prompts: 
I hope all of you have a happy weekend and a Happy St. Patrick's Day! It's going to be so nice here this weekend and I plan on taking full advantage of the sunshine!  See ya next week! 

Hi there, I'm Laura, I'm the happiest wife, the loudest cheer mom, and the craziest girlfriend you'all ever have, I'm a Southern Belle living in a Southern world!


  1. That pie.....they all look soooo yummy! Your mama slayed it with the buffalo check ribbon, it looks sooooo fab with the lambs ear! So proud of Mr. H for getting his walk on again with his lovely bride! I hope it’s the sweetest weekend my precious friend! xo

  2. Thanks for the podcast recs - I think I may try a few. Since it's staying lighter longer I want to start walking. Congrats on 20 years as a CPA! I love that meme and yes, definitely a God wink! And that pie - yum! We did not have pie yesterday but that looks so good! Your wreath is perfect, how sweet of your mama!

  3. Oh fun Laura! First off, I love your tabacco basket. It turned out fabulous. And that pick of you when you passed your CPA exam?? You haven't changed a bit. Congratulations. And how did I miss Shelly's prompt?? I got too busy around here boo! By the way, now I want some pie! Oh and I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. eheh. It's on my Friday Features. :)

  4. I want to get into listening to podcasts. So, we won't set the clocks back in the fall? That means it will stay dark super late in the winter mornings...hmm.

  5. Look at you in your pearls & shoulder pads.... haha... I love it!
    Hey - I always said I'd vote for anyone that got rid of the time change... so GO TRUMP GO (I dont say that often - that's for sure!!!)... we'll see if it really happens
    LOVING so much your wreath so much!!!! Your momma did good!!!

  6. We made a kit kat pie; something totally new I made up off the top of my head and it was soo good!

  7. Oh my goodness those pieces of pie look so yummy! Chocolate creme pie is my favorite but I haven't had any in forever! Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. What an accomplishment, getting your CPA! No small feat my dear! Happy, happy new week Laura!

  9. What a wonderful post! I love all those pies (of course I would) and I know you must have been so very, very proud when you were inducted and had that picture taken. Good for you.

    I hope you have a really great upcoming week. Hugs- Diana