Friday, February 05, 2016

Cajun Style Super Bowl Party

Disclaimer: In honor of SUPERBOWL WEEKEND, I've decided to repost last year's post about hosting a Cajun themed party for the big day! I hope you enjoy it!

We're kicking it up "Cajun Style" for the Super Bowl this weekend at our house!!

Normally, when we have football parties at our house, I go all out with appetizers.  I mean, all. out.  I probably make about 15 different things and most of the time, guests bring things, too, so there is always plenty of food.

THIS YEAR, Wayne and some friends of ours have gotten on a shrimp kick so they've decided we're going to have SHRIMP for the Super Bowl on Sunday. Well, last Saturday night, I'm laying in bed because I can't sleep, and this awesome idea hits me!  Why not make it a "Cajun style" party?!  Making just a handful of dishes instead of 15 different things would be SO much easier!  And then!  In the words of Emerill, BAM!  An idea was born!

Here are my five favorite Cajun Dishes for a Super Bowl party!

{one.}  Gumbo.  With lots of rice.  Maybe you'd think being from Louisiana, I would have this AWESOME gumbo recipe.  And I do!  Except it comes out of a package and I won't apologize because it's the best darn gumbo this side of NOLA in my book!  I use Black Magic gumbo mix to feed my peeps and we are known to add a little Tabasco or Tony's from time to time to give it that extra kick!!  It's SO easy!  All you have to do is add chicken and sausage.  And you don't have all that okra and tomatoes floating around!  Bleh!  Just a nice brown, Cajun roux with your choice of meat.  Perfecto!  I must say that it makes alot and that's why I like to serve it for crowds.  The three of us can have leftovers for serveral days, but most of the time, I freeze it for another meal later.

{two.}  Natchitoches Meat Pies.  You don't know what you're missing if you've never tried one!  Natchitoches Meat Pies are a staple here in Louisiana!  My favorite ones are stuffed with hamburger and sausage and lots of spices, but they come in all kinds of varieties.  And even though I've made these several times on my own, I really prefer the store bought mini meat pies, due to the time saving.  You can find them in your local freezer section.  And I highly recommend Hidden Valley Ranch's Spicy Ranch Dressing as a dipping sauce!  

{three.}  We have a thing here we call, Low Country Boil.  It consists of setting a big ol' pot on a gas or butane burner outside, filling it with water and lots and lots of cajun - creole seasoning {we call it "crab mix" where I live because there is a picture of a crab on the box}, getting the water to a RAGIN CAJUN boil and then throwing in shrimp, corn, andouille sausage, and potatoes.  I have a sneaky feeling this is what Wayne has in mind to do this weekend for the game! In the Spring, we'll do the exact same thing, only we'll use crawfish instead of shrimp.  Or maybe even both!

{picture source HERE}

{four.}  Etouffee.  One of the first recipes I ever posted on my blog was for Etouffee.  You can check out the recipe HERE.  One of my mother's friends gave her this recipe and it was a treat when Moma made it when I was growing up because it meant that "company was coming!"  She would make this and invite our neighbors down the street over and the kids would play outside till dark while the grown ups played cards inside.  Fun times!

{five.}  Every party needs something sweet and with all this good food, there's only ONE Cajun dessert that will work, and that's KING CAKE!!  Love, love, love me some King Cake!!  I've even made it before, but it's just not the same as an original cake from South Louisiana!  If you're interested in trying a low-fat version of King Cake using cinnamon rolls in a can, click HERE!  The great thing about King Cakes is that you can actually order them from bakeries in South Louisiana, but the shipping can be preeettty pricey!!  Here are some of my favorite bakeries to purchase King Cakes:

{picture source HERE}

Watch out for that baby in the cake!  Tradition says that whoever gets the baby has to make the King Cake next year!!

Happy Super Bowl Weekend!  I hope your team wins!!

P.S. I'm taking blog questions and I will answer them next week in a post! Leave me a question in the comments!


  1. Wow!! Ok so I'm not eating at all Saturday or Sunday!! I'm so excited!!

  2. My husband would love it if I made every food on your list! I'm going to look for that gumbo mix in our store. Have a fun super bowl party!

  3. Love a low country boil! And King Cake! I've ordered from Marguerite's a couple of times. I broke down and tried one from Publix a couple of weeks was actually pretty good, but they didn't have one with cream cheese!

  4. Yum....gumbo sounds so darn good to me right now with this latest cold blast. Can you believe I have never once had King Cake?!!

  5. All of these sound fantastic!

  6. All these are so foreign to me, but sound delicious!

  7. Sounds like the perfect Louisiana Super bowl menu to me. Not sure what we are doing just yet. But, will be pulling for the Broncos. :o)))

  8. Oh my heavens, yummy, I'll be down for the low country boil!! And can I have 2 pieces of King Cake??! How bout we grab forks and eat it right at the counter!! :-)