Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Hello Lady Mustang!

I'm skipping out on the Christmas blog parties today to tell you about this girl!

Our first basketball game as a Lady Mustang!  Look out, y'all!

I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of this girlie!  She's always played softball, so this particular sport was new to us and I wasn't sure she would like it.  Thank God Alise inherited her Daddy's athletic gene!  She loves it! And I think the fact that Wayne is helping to coach makes it even more special! Oh, how I wish my late FIL were still alive to see his only granddaughter on the court!  He would be over the moon and probably helping to coach!  Hollis loved basketball and even coached a girls church league one time.  Or so Wayne said.  We spent many date nights during college with his parents watching BB at ULM. Anyway, this whole experience has made me miss my FIL so very much.

Here is Baby Girl with some of her team mates before the game. Our jerseys didn't come in in time, so we had to borrow the boys jerseys so that's why the girls are dressed in various t-shirts.  They wore the jerseys over their shirts.  When I told Alise last night that they would have to do that, she totally freaked out and said that she was not doing that.  I told her she had to or she wouldn't play. She said, "Okay, I guess I'll wear Brock's." So Kristen and I were both cheering for #40 tonight.  Brock is her best boy friend {they don't like each other, they're just really great friends with a love/hate relationship) but Brock was very nice about letting her borrow his jersey.

And here she is with some of her softball friends.  These girls were big helps to us in the concession stand!

Jennifer and I rocked the concession stand!  We had the first shift and NO training except for a little on the popcorn machine, which I happily took over.  Jennifer was in charge of the nachos and frito pies! Ha! We make a great team! I was so thankful that I didn't have to bust out my ten key or the calculator on my phone!

I forgot my good camera, so I had to use my cell phone and this picture was taken from across the gym. It's the only picture I got of her with the jersey on.  She's talking to the boys in her class before they played next.  Brock is the one with his arm raised. Her friends told her, "Great game, Alise!" It made her night!  Baby Girl got two rebounds, but we still got slaughtered!  The other team was HUGE! Those girls were bigger than our boys! OMG!  It was rather painful to watch.  Alise "takes the ball out."  I don't know what position that's called.  She's not the point guard, I know that, but she does an awful lot of running (of course) and I don't think she realized just how much running she would be doing!

And just when we're getting basketball under our belt, I get a message that sign ups for girls softball goes up today! How in the world am I going to handle all these sports? I'm already exhausted and we've only played one game!

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  1. You are one HOT sports Mama!! Go Alise!! So next time I wanna see you working the Frito Pies!!! ;-) Imagine having 3 in sports at once!!! Craziness, will be bittersweet when it's all over. Beauty from her mama, mad sports skills from dad, one girl with a very bright future!!! That pic with the boys is priceless!!!

  2. So glad to hear that she had a great time and that's she's athletic - it's a great thing to be!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I love that she is willing to try new things! It has been so hard after having 3 kids love sports to have Carly snub everything. Basketball is one of my favorites and I've really enjoyed watching Dillon.

  4. Way to go girl! You too mama for always supporting your girl.

  5. Love it! Hope she has a great season!!!

  6. Good for her. And, it is great for her to try new things. Good cross training, less risk of injury from repetition. She has plenty of time to decide on which one to concentrate on.