Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Favorites For The Last Week Of August

Happy Friday, Peeps!

By the time some of you read this, I'll be in the doctor's office finding out if I'll be saying #byefelicia this week!  This could be the day! #fingerscrossed In the meantime, here's a few things that I'm loving on this last Friday in August!

{one.} flared jeans. I'm telling my age here, but when I was growing up, we called these jeans "bell bottoms." And every time I see someone wearing them, I think of John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever." {You young girlies will have to look that one up! I must be having a "moment," because this is the second time that I've mentioned the '70s this week!} Last Spring at Jennifer's Cabi party, she showed me these "bell bottom" jeans that she was hoping to get through her party discount.  I remember thinking, "You're wanting bell bottoms?!" She told me they were coming back in style and I was like, "Yea, we'll see." Well, seeing is believing, Girlies, and whatever you call them, flared jeans are back in style and now I officially want a pair!  The thing is, Jennifer has got about four inches on me and she can pull them off!  I'm not sure I can, but I can try and here are just a few pairs that I'm liking!

                     7 For All Mankind® A-Pocket Flare Jeans (Tried & True Blue) 7 For All Mankind® A-Pocket Flare Jeans (Lake Blue) NYDJ 'Farrah' Stretch Flare Leg Jeans (Upper Falls) (Regular & Petite)
                          7 For All Mankind            7 For All Mankind                NYDJ

The pair on the right is my favorite because they resemble the Cabi pair that's no longer available. If I were to get a pair, my sweet Mama would probably have to cut off five yards and re-hem them for me!  And let me just go ahead and say that I have rather expensive tastes when it comes to bell bottoms!

{two.} I like to share posts that I've enjoyed during the week because it gives y'all the opportunity to meet a new blogger or read a post from someone that you've never read before.  Having said that, if you like to cook as much as I do, then you should follow Mandy over at South Your Mouth.  I can't tell you how many of her recipes I've pinned and tried!  They are all wonderful!  So when Mandy posted this amazing looking Chicken Lazone recipe earlier this week, I nearly started hyperventilating!  I can not WAIT to try this recipe to get my carb fix!!

{three.} Earlier this week, Caycee posted this leopard dress on her blog and being the Leopard Queen that I am, I fell in love with it and ordered it!  I'm not sure about the turtleneck, but I'll try it and see.  Can't wait for this to come in the mail!!  I can totally see this as a dress {if it's not too short, of course!} or with leggings and boots!

{four.} mental health days. Y'all.  For the sake of my family and my own state of mind, I decided to take a mental health day from work. And when I told my wonderful boss that I was taking a day off in the middle of the week, I felt like a new woman! Just the mere THOUGHT of having an entire day to myself boosted my mood tremendously!  So after I dropped Alise off at school, I grocery shopped and had supper in the crock pot by 10:30! In the  morning! I shopped, had lunch, took a nap and read. I never turned the TV on, the house was quiet and it was absolute bliss!  Alise had cheer practice after school, so I didn't have to fight the car pick up line or the road construction in front of the school, either! Bliss, I tell ya! A wonderful day all to myself!

That's all I've got this week, peeps! We have a rather quiet weekend planned with a football game tonight and a date night for Saturday.  Alise's Big Sis from last year is staying with her while we're out and she is so pumped about Annie coming to the house. I'm also happy to report that our Alabama cousins will be visiting us over Labor Day weekend! Nothing's better than watching Bama football with our family and I can't wait for all the college games to begin!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Same weekend planned here girl. Our home opener tonight and then hubs and I have a date night too tomorrow. With your Inspo, I might wear flared jeans and a sexy leopard top!! Woohoo!! So glad you took a day for YOU!!!! Recharged woman today!!!! Happy Weekend beautiful!!!

  2. Bell bottoms, they were my favorite pair of jeans, like ever! Remember wearing them with shirts just so your belly button showed ever so slightly? Well, I'm older than you, so in my day, that is exactly how we sported them. Don't think I could sport them now if I wanted to. The "trying to be 20 in your 50's thing." I SOOOO hope you and Felicity part ways today. Anxious to hear.

  3. Everyone needs a day like that. It sounds like pure bliss. I'm glad you did it!

  4. Girl - those "A" pocket 7 for all.... are my ALL TIME FAVORITE jeans. (of course I go through periods where i can't fit into them but when i can - DENIM LOVE)!!

  5. I used to only wear flares and when skinny jeans became a thing I said I'd NEVER wear them because I have huge feet and the flares could hide it! Well now I'm all about the skinnies...and I don't know about flares again. I think they look good, but I'd have to only wear them with heels or wedges because my legs are short in proportion to my body and I don't want to look stubby!

  6. Yes, we did call them bell bottoms back in the day! I just bought my first pair at American Eagle. They were the only place in my neck of the woods I could find them. Express had them too, but they were about 4 inches too long on me…and I'm 5'7!

    1. Amy, thanks so much for telling me about American Eagle! I'll have to check them out!

  7. I too am excited for the flare jeans coming back. They are so much more flattering than the skinny jeans. And yes to mental health days. I do that. I take a vacation day when I know my kids will be in day care and take full advantage of it.

  8. Seriously those are some of the very best days ever! I need's bad when I can't find a day to pencil in for the mental health day. I agree though....a day alone at home in silence fixes me.