Monday, August 31, 2015

Felicia Has Left The Building

It's official!!  Felicia has said good-bye!!

I cried, y'all.  I literally. cried. 

My appointment was at 9 o'clock Friday morning, but I forgot and showed up at 8 {all of my other appointments have been at 8:15 or 8:30, so I just assumed...}.  Luckily for me, Dr. D was already in and agreed to go ahead and see me.

I was ushered in to x-ray first and while I was taking Felicia and the wrap off, I thought, "Oh my God, how much longer am I gonna hafta keep DOING this?!"  I mean, the boot dressing and velcro that goes around my calf and foot doesn't even STICK anymore!  I have to hold it in place and then tighten the velcro belts fast to get parts of the boot to stay in place. And you would think as many x-rays as I've had over the last three months, I would know how they want me to lay my foot, but I swear it's a different position every time!

Dr. D came in the exam room and asked, "How we doing?" I told him that I was doing better but that I didn't think I was quite there yet, so he suggested we look at the x-ray.

I can't even tell in the x-ray!  The one on the left is from four weeks ago.  The one the right is from Friday.  I know where Dr. D showed me the new bone growth last month, but other than my heel in the x-ray on the right looking a little "denser,"  I can't tell anything.  I guess that's why I'm not an orthopedist! He told me that I could still have some discomfort and twinges up until a year from now.  So I took him at his word and asked, "Do I have to keep wearing the boot?"  And then I held my breath for what seemed like an eternity!  But he answered, "No, you don't have to keep wearing the boot.  We're done here. Just wear the little cup I gave you last time in your shoe for more support.  You're good!"  I just looked at him.  And then he said, "But get you some leather leopard sneakers and not those things {Ok, Dr. D has NO sense of fashion, you hear me?!  He has hated every. single. shoe I've worn in his office and had something to say about nearly every outfit I've worn, too!  He's an old, nerdy guy, with NO sense of fashion sense for himself!  I swear he still wears garanimals from the 70's!  I tried explaining to him that "leopard is a neutral" and he just looked at me like I'd grown two heads!  I was wearing a leopard flat, by the way, on my left foot.}!"

So after he walked out of the exam room, I cried. 

And then I told Felicia to hit the road!  And don't cha come back no mo'!

And that's when she said, "Monstah!  You ain't gotta notha shoe so looks like you stuck with me till five o'clock today!" 

I hate it when she's right.

But y'all don't know HOW close I came to driving back home and getting my other shoe!


  1. I am so going to miss the dialogue between you two. My doctor said the same thing about my shoes too. Flip flops are the worse he'd say. But, I have to say, they are right. I've had to stop wearing backless shoes and flip flops for long periods of time because of the pain and twinges he's talking about. But, for me, my year is up and over and I have to say, it gets better. Maybe we can design leopard orothopedic shoes for the broken bone ladies like us. Bye Felicia!

    1. I'm so glad the recovery gets better and thank you for letting me know that. Most of my discomfort comes first thing in the morning or after I've been off my feet for a few hours. Those first 5-10 steps can be quite painful, still. I guess I should have told the doctor that on Friday and asked why (sometimes I think it's the tendons and ligaments that are still re-growing, too!), but I was too shocked to hear that I didn't have to wear the boot anymore to really think to ask. I'm anxious to get back to my walking/exercise - and I didn't think to ask if that was even ok, either - but Wayne told me he thinks I should hold off and wait a few more weeks before trying to get back to my 3 miles again. I think designing an oh-so cute orthopedic shoe for post-recovery would be the bomb dot com! We could be millionaires!! Hoping you have a great day today! I think I saw on IG that you're returning to the classroom today! Good luck!

  2. It's baffling how many men do not understand that leopard is a neutral. You crack me up and I'm so glad Felicia is gone. I've seen some really cute leaopard slip on sneaks. Surely those would be okay. But I'm so happy for you.

  3. Ha ha ha!! Made me laugh so hard but also jump for joy that you're FREE, woman FREE!!!

  4. Yea!! So glad this is behind you. I see a new pair of shoes in your future!

  5. So great that you're done with your boot - what progress!

  6. Well, so glad you and Felicia are parting ways. Take it easy and don't try to do too much too soon. Bet you will feel like Felicia is still attached for a few days. :o)) Happy week!