Monday, March 16, 2015

Menu Plan Monday - March 16th

If you remember last week, I had Broccoli & Beef on the menu for Sunday. And even if you don't remember, that's okay, too, but I'm reminding you that's what was on the menu. So I was kinda worried about this recipe because sometimes pictures on Pinterest can be deceiving and Pinterest and I seem to be in a lover's funk right now.

So anyway.

I made Broccoli & Beef last Sunday and it was WONDERFUL.  Bottom line. That's what I was trying to say all along.

But let's talk about what kind of meat you need to use for this recipe {I don't know why I think I've turned into the Betty Crocker of what kind of meat to use, but here's to two weeks of being sure you select the right meat for your meal. Ahem!}.  Now, this recipe calls for chuck roast or chuck steak.  I am totally against that.  When I went to the grocery, I had planned to buy flank steak, which is the more tender part of a steak and usually comes in thin flat pieces. I would ask the meat man {because really, is anyone ever called a "butcher" anymore?} to cut it in thin strips for me so all I'd have to do is throw it in the crockpot.  Y'all!  I found the perfect kind of meat, but I have no idea what it's called because I forgot to take a picture of the package to show y'all.  It wasn't flank steak, but it was very similar piece of beef and it worked PERFECT for this meal.  I highly suggest buying thin meat for this.  Ours ended up being so tender you could cut it with a fork!

One more thing about this recipe.  My gravy, sauce, whatever you want to call it, never really got thick - at least not as thick as we like it.  So next time, I will add more cornstarch and play around with the sauce a little bit more.

If you try it, let me know if you like it!

Here's our menu this week!

Sunday - Miranda Lamberts Mom's Meatloaf & scalloped potatoes, vegetable

Monday - Louisiana Crawfish Casserole & Garlic Bread

Tuesday - Taco Tuesday

Wednesday - Breakfast Buffet

Thursday - YOYO

Friday - Pork tenderloin and sides

Saturday - Daddy grills (if the weather cooperates!)

I know y'all are tired of seeing Miranda Lambert's name show up on my weekly menu, but Baby Girl is requesting meatloaf yet again!  This will probably the last time I make it for a while, because it's such a winter, comfort food to me.  Just sounds too heavy for spring and summer.

Since Tuesday is St. Patrick's Day, I really felt like I should've planned a nice beef stew or a shepherd's pie, but my bunch wouldn't eat it.  So we're staying true to our roots and going with tacos on Tuesday.

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  1. Yum. Love seeing your meal plan. Was it a skirt steak? Looks very similar to a flank steak, a bit more marbling and is very tender for dishes using strips of beef. How's Alise doing? I will get that email to you soon, promise.

    1. It may have been skirt steak, Lauren, now that you mention it. It had a little marbling to the meat, but not much. Hope you have a good week!

  2. Love your plan for Saturday!